Backroads With Betsy: Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

Good times at the Laughlin River Run

By Betsy Huelskamp

I know, I know, Ive ragged on how bad the Laughlin River Run in Laughlin, Nev., has gotten in the past few years. And even when it was in its heyday, a gambling town in the middle of the desert is at the bottom of my bucket list for places to be. But the rally does fall in the spring, after weve been cooped up all winter just chomping at the bit to get out and ride. OK, OK, I know winter in Los Angeles only consists of a couple of months where it rains intermittently and is cloudy and in the 60s instead of the 80s, but to us L.A.-liens, thats winter. And it seems long! So year after year, by the time April rolls around we are all darn excited to get on our bikes and roll out to the River Run. I am never really sure why I go. What is there for a girl who doesn’t drink, smoke, gamble, or do drugs, to do in a row of casinos in the middle of nowhere?

Well, this year I had lots of girlfriends join in for the fun. editor and my best buddy Genevieve Schmitt came with me for the first time in many years. She flew to L.A., and got a press bike from Harley-Davidson, a 2009 Heritage Softail Deluxe, and the two of us had a beautiful, lonesome ride out together on Thursday. There werent many bikers out riding yet, and we were in no hurry to get there so we just took our own sweet time. We dined at the fine Subway sandwich establishment in Barstow, stopped along the road to take scenic pictures, and got back into the sync of riding together after so many years of living apart from each other. She and I havent done a road trip together since gosh the 90s!

Genevieve packing her Softail Deluxe for the ride.
We pulled over in the late afternoon when the sunlight of the desert was golden. I think I over-packed for a weekend poolside.
Me and Genevieve and the Big Dog Coyote she also test rode over the weekend.

We stayed at our favorite hotel in Laughlin, the Golden Nugget, which is always problem free. The secure parking area for the bikes at the Nugget takes the worry out of leaving our bike unattended for periods of time. There are actually attendants watching the secured bike area 24 hours a day, and after going there so many years, the ladies know me and remember my bike so they take good care of us. We had perfect weather the entire weekend, and spent time with old friends from years gone by, and met a whole slew of new people as well.

Me with my old and new friends at the Golden Nugget. From left to right: Katrina, Cherish, me, Qian (pronounced Chin) and Gevin.
Here#39;s Cherish harassing this man who was trying to focus on playing the piano for the lobby goers. (It#39;s a statue if you can#39;t tell.)

We spent a good large of time riding as Genevieve had another press bike waiting for her to test ride in Laughlin, this one from Big Dog Motorcycles, and she had to give the motorcycle some road time. So a group of us did the token ride to the old ghost town of Oatman. My riding partner in crime, Gevin Fax, stays in a friends vacant house in Oatman every year so we visited with her and the 50 wild donkeys that hover around town hoping and waiting for handouts of carrots available in every store there for $1 a bag. The streets of Oatman are always packed with Laughlin rally goers, and this year was no exception. I ate a cherry slushy and a hot pretzel, and then we headed home the back way out of Oatman.

New friends and old ones: Genevieve, Will, Me, Dave and Grayson.
I love feeding the ornery donkeys. The minute you stop feeding them, they will nip you from behind to suggest you go buy more carrots.
We found my friend and honorary Oatman resident, Gevin Fax.

Its been years since I have ridden down the backside of Oatman, and I forgot just how beautiful that road is. We flew through the hairpin turns, and took time to enjoy the vistas and take group pictures. It was a warm, windy, and visually delicious afternoon!

Me, Genevieve, and our group riding out of Oatman.
Me and Genevieve with Will and Dave, friends we met in Laughlin a decade ago, stopping to enjoy an awesome view.
Me and Genevieve at an old gas station along Route 66.

We didnt spend as much time at the vendors as usual on account of the fact that no one has a dime to spend this year. Qian and Cherish rode in on Saturday, and we did shop for a few necessities, but gone are mine and Qians days of power shopping our way around the world. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Instead we worked out in the mornings at the hotel gym, and laid poolside in the afternoons. In the late day we walked around the vendor areas, mostly just to people-watch and visit with old friends. We rode the ferry on the nearby Colorado River, a more scenic and less tiring way to get from hotel to hotel, and feasted on a different buffet every night. This year we agreed Harrahs has the best buffet.

Genevieve and me model diva sunglasses from Team Diva.
Qian and Cherish were picture perfect in pink hats!
Cherish gave this pole dancer at one of the vendors her version of a tip!
Riding the ferry to the buffet at Harrah#39;s. Gevin, Cherish, me and Qian.

We roamed the casinos and listened to music until our feet couldnt stand being in our high-heeled cowboy boots any longer! We even found an all girl band to dance the nights away to. They rocked old 1970s cover songs from Kiss and Aerosmith; they were great entertainers as well as singers. It was actually a super fun rally as it was mostly about friends, and laughing, and riding, which is exactly as it should be.

We#39;re all smiles after pigging out at the buffet: me, Gevin, Qian, and Cherish.
My friend Kent found himself the perfect woman. He says she never talks back!

Like many rallies this year, attendance was down. Colors (guys wearing club vests, i.e. motorcycle gangs) are still not welcome in the casinos because of the famous gang shoot out years ago at Harrahs, so they were practically invisible at the rally this year. And Im sure the vendors were feeling the obvious lack of money in circulation. Very few bike builders were set up.

The good news for riders is that rooms were available and rates were down, and law enforcement seems to have lightened up. What was once a pretty wild and chaotic event seemed to go off with little madness. Perhaps that seems a little less exciting, but Im getting too old for some of that drama like the year Qian and I were arrested for J-walking! Or when Genevieve and I were stuck in lock down in our hotel room because the Hells Angels and the Mongols had played Bonnie and Clyde the night before in the lobby downstairs in that famous shoot out. I didnt even see any arrests this year. We had no break downs, break ups, or melt downs just good old fashioned girlfriend fun. I did run into my “Cheeky Chaps” girlfriends at the Aquarius Bar, and they seem to spice up the party no matter where it is.

Laura and the “Cheeky Chaps” girls!
My friend Herman had no complaints when we left him with the “Cheeky Chaps” girls.

We all got up early and rode home in a group together, and for the first time ever we beat the traffic. Our group split off at Victorville with Gevin, Cherish and Qian going one way while Genevieve and I cruised down our last stretch on Highway 138 stopping to poke in and out of every antique store, trading post, and fruit stand. It was just like old times, and we got home just in time for the sun to set. I still love riding with just my girlfriends!

The ride home: Gevin, me, Genevieve and Cherish (Qian#39;s behind the camera) stop along the road for a group photo.

A lot of elements of riding, rallies, and of the industry has changed over the years, but what hasnt changed is that feeling you get when you are riding with your best pal and you are both in the zone. You blow past a cool old antique store out in the middle of nowhere and you both slow down to look at each other. With a smile, you simultaneously U-turn back around and go see what old leather junk you can buy and bungee somewhere to your already packed bike.

Gas and potty break: Genevieve, Gevin, Cherish, me and Qian.

Its a great lifestyle, isnt it? Sharing the sky and the wind and the road with your friends. A lazy day or weekend just being a part of the landscape, and being one with all that surrounds you. Sometimes we get so caught up in life, our busy lives, and our crazy routines where we try to keep up, do better, do more, and be more and then we get out on a quiet road and surround ourselves with silence. And at least for that brief period of time, just being being you, being alive, being nowhere is enough.

Me riding down a road in the desert.

Sturgis Ride
I know I have people to connect with about our upcoming Sturgis ride plans. I am refining the details, and promise to be in touch in the days to come with everyone who has shown interest. Its going to be an awesome summer on the backroads!

Me at the old gas station. See you this summer!

As always, ride wild, ride free, and stay safe!

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17 thoughts on Backroads With Betsy: Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

  1. Betsy,
    Your bike is gorgeous! Absolutely love it!

  2. You gals are living my dream. I want to be there next year with you. Looked like a blast and you all look so damn cool!

  3. More, more, more backroads adventures please. Backroads with Betsy is one of my faves!

  4. Thanks for the great article and fun pictures. You women are really inspirational and your trip looked like alot of fun! I love seeing women out having fun riding together – and you all are gorgeous to boot!

  5. One benefit to the economic downturn is the “room to roam” effect at all the biker rallies. Unfortunately, it seems to be killing off some of the long standing ones like Hollister. I hope all the biker sisters will be at the AMA Women & Motorcycling Conference in Keystone, Co. Aug. 17th-22nd. Let's not lose this one, too!

  6. Great article and looks like you had a great time!

  7. Loved the story. I'm still a novice and reading this motivated me to keep getting out there. One day I'll do a road trip like this one. And, by the way, love your bike! How did you come by it? Did you build it?

    1. Betsy's bike started out as a early 1990s Softail and over the years she has changed out parts and customized it to her match her style and personality. The rusted tank she literally rusted out herself — but we don't recommend doing that yourself. She had the front end raked and had much of the chrome pieces blacked out. A brown leather seat, a custom sissy bar and lots of custom pieces have been added over the almost 20 years of she's owned this bike.

  8. I have enjoyed following Betsy's exploits since watching her on Discovery Channel's “Motorcycle Women” a few years back. I also was lucky enough to meet her personally last year in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, at the S&S 50th Anniversary Celebration.

    I admire Betsy's biker lifestyle. She has got it figured out! Also, I enjoy her articles very much. She is a constant reminder to me why we ride and what other things are important in life!

  9. I just love your stories of those rides. Our time to be free and ride is coming up here in Canada. Hope to see your neck of the woods one day.

  10. What a great article. I felt like I was there with all the girls. There is a group of us girls that meet every couple of months and ride a little, eat a lot, shop a lot and tell a bunch of lies. It's always a wonderful weekend. Thanks for sharing your ride.

  11. The article was very interesting, the photos were fantastic, and was inspirational to a “newbie rider” such as myself. Keep up the great work!

  12. All I can say is — man, do I miss bein' on the road! Haven't been on a road trip in over a year. Thanks for reminding me why I started ridin' in the first place. I work for a mc dealership and you'd think I ride all the time. Seems like heath problems and yucky weather are all that have been coming my way in recent times. Gonna get my tushy back on my ride and, well ride! Thanks Betsy for all your articles. They make me smile!

  13. This was awesome. Thanks for sharing. Been five years since I have done the back roads solo from Laughlin. Would have been fun with more biker chicks!

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