Gear Review: SHOEI RF-1400 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Why this premium quality skid lid is the editor’s choice

By Tricia Szulewski, Editor

SHOEI RF-1400 Motorcycle Helmet

SHOEI RF-1400 motorcycle helmet woman rider
Well-made, well-fitting, comfortable, quiet, and lightweight are words I’d use to describe my favorite full-faced helmet, the SHOEI RF-1400. This Matte Blue Metallic retails for $579.99.

I was very happy to be on the list to receive the newest version of SHOEI’s popular sport-touring RF series, the SHOEI RF-1400 helmet, when it was introduced in 2020. If you are a regular (WRN) reader, you may have noticed the matte blue RF-1400 in many of my photos and articles, like the BMW R 18 B and Transcontinental reviewed here. I’ve literally worn it for hundreds of hours on half a dozen different bikes since receiving it three years ago. And even with a closet full of great lids to choose from, I almost always reach for the RF-1400.

SHOEI RF-1400 helmet
I wore the RF-1400 on last summer’s super-hot Chix on 66 AMCA ride. I appreciate this helmet’s superior venting and lightweight comfort—even after wearing it for 14 consecutive days of 8 to 10 hours of riding in temperatures that exceeded 3 digits! Eventually I swapped the clear shield with SHOEI’s dark smoke visor ($69.99) to help with the sun glare through the bright Midwest plains.

Sized Just Right

I’ve tested a half dozen SHOEI helmets and have always been a big fan of how well they fit my intermediate oval head shape—the most common U.S. head shape. The RF-1400 helmet offers the same excellent fit I’m used to.

The SHOEI RF-1400 helmet is offered in five shell sizes for a more customized fit. Shell #1 fits XS–S; #2 fits M; #3 fits L, #4 fits XL–2XL; and #5 fits 3XL.

SHOEI RF-1400 motorcycle helmet
Developed in SHOEI’s own wind tunnel, the RF-1400’s aerodynamic shape reduces drag and contributes to the lightweight feel.
SHOEI RF-1400 motorcycle helmet padding
The RF-1400’s removable washable comfort padding is super plush and designed to dissipate sweat quickly. The red tab allows emergency responders to remove the padding and helmet without pulling on the neck or head.

Lightweight and Aerodynamic SHOEI RF-1400 helmet

Ever feel like you can’t wait to get to your destination so you can take that heavy helmet off your head? Not the case with this full face helmet. The RF-1400 is DOT and SNELL M2020 certified and at just 3.62 pounds is the lightest and most compact of SHOEI’s lineup. Made up of multiple layers of strong lightweight composites, even the spoiler is integrated into the shell, ensuring the helmet’s integrity throughout.

SHOEI RF-1400 motorcycle helmet Vortex
“Vortex Generators” on the sides of the visor reduces wind turbulence.

The RF-1400 uses a “gasket” of sorts to keep noise and the elements out when the shield is down. I usually prefer to keep the shield cracked open for extra air, but with this helmet’s excellent venting system, it’s really not necessary.

SHOEI RF-1400 shield visor seal
An all-new airtight seal has been developed to keep wind and water out when the shield is down.
SHOEI RF-1400 motorcycle helmet visor open
The tab to open the visor is centralized, making it easy to find and use with either hand.
SHOEI RF-1400 Motorcycle helmet Pinlock face shield visor fog free
Included with the RF-1400 is the fog-preventing Pinlock EVO, a chin curtain and breath guard. Each item works to keep the elements out and your vision clear.

Excellent Venting

The RF-1400 is vented well with large intakes and channels built in, helping keep your head from overheating while riding. There are three-position front lower air intakes, four front upper intakes, and four exhaust vents integrated into the rear spoiler.

SHOEI RF-1400 Motorcycle helmet rear spoiler vent
The rear spoiler is integrated nicely into the helmet’s design. Here you can see the extra-large rear vent.

Opening and closing the vents is easier than ever. No searching for tiny tabs with a gloved hand like some other helmets have. The top vents slide forward and back and the large lower tab moves up and down. It’s easy to feel even with gloves on.

This Helmet is Quiet!

The last RF SHOEI I tested (RF-1100) many years ago had plenty of air vents for cooling, but those air channels attributed to noisy whistling that drove me crazy. Well, that is a thing of the past. Years of development and refinement have steadily improved SHOEI helmets. The RF-1400 is definitely one of the quietest helmets I’ve ever tested.

If you are wondering about being able to hear what you need to hear, well, that will never be an issue with any helmet. Even with earplugs in, you can hear sirens and sounds you want to hear.

Speaking of listening pleasure, I installed a Cardo Bluetooth PackTalk Bold on the SHOEI with absolutely no problem so I could talk to my other Chix. The RF-1400 has removable ear pads for room to install helmet speakers. It was also easy to route the wiring and slip on the mount.

SHOEI RF-1400 motorcycle helmet Sena Prism video mount
I also installed the mount for my Sena Prism video camera on the RF-1400. Again, it was as easy as slipping the mount between the shell and the inner liner.

Lots of Colors and Graphics

The RF-1400 is available in 25 different color and graphics options, some matte finish, others glossy. Yes, that is a lot to choose from! Prices are currently $579.99 for solids and $679.99 for graphics.

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