PRODUCT REVIEW: Waterproof Riding Boots from Harley-Davidson

No matter how you slice it, women riders are still motorcycling underdogs. For years, I wore men’s boots because women’s styles just weren’t available. I’m talking about real riding boots with reinforced and sturdy waterproof material, ankle protection, and nonskid soles. All I found on the women’s shelves were boots with ridiculously high heels and frilly adornments.

REVIEW: TCX Womens Sunray Gore-Tex Boots

I recently tested a pair of TCX Sunray Gore-Tex womens boots and reach for them now every time I hop on a motorcycle. The Sunray boots arent just smaller-sized mens boots. TCX engineers designed them specifically for a womans foot using a specially designed last, or foot shaped mold, that reproduces the differences in the instep, heel, and metatarsal zones naturally found in womens feet.

Waterproof Leather Outfit

If you keep up with the leather and textile jacket offerings from Harley-Davidson, youve heard of the FXRG line, the Motor Companys functional riding gear (thats what FXRG stand for). Ive worn both the FXRG leather jacket and pants and the textile riding outfit when they first came out and found them to be top notch in protection and comfort.

Hot New Gear: Bringing Power to Women Riders

This 2008 Powersports Dealer Expo in Indianapolis was larger than life, bursting at the seams of the downtown convention center. Much to our excitement, this years Expo catered to female riders more than ever before, giving women the power of choice, self-expression, independence, and protection. We spoke with a few well-known brands to get the inside scoop on what theyre doing for todays women on two wheels.

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