Review: REV’IT! Levante Jacket for Women Riders

Mesh, waterproof and warmth all in one

By Genevieve Schmitt

I test ride a lot different style of motorcycles and review so many different kinds of riding gearthat sometimes I mix up the styles, like I did here when I tested the REV’IT Levante mesh, waterproof textile riding jacket. But who says you can’t wear a touring motorcycle jacket on a cruiser or on a sportbike, as I am here on this Ducati 696?

Review REVIT! Levante Jacket for Women Riders Ducati
I’m more concerned that my colors match rather than that I’m wearing a touring jacket on a sportbike. Who cares! The Levante women’s jacket from REV’IT! comes in this white polyester textile with silver mesh (listed as silver) and all black. I love that the Levante covers my back when I lean forward on the Ducati; you won’t get that with a shorty sportbike type jacket.

Review REVIT! Levante Jacket for Women Riders Genevieve Schmitt
The Levante is a top-of-the-line all-season jacket that sells for $299.99, an incredible price considering all the features. This is the first textile jacket I’ve tested in years that feels so good to wear. Its not stiff or bulky. With the cushy liner in, I feel like I’m encased in a soft pillow. I know that’s sounds corny, but that’s how comfortable this jacket is!

The shell of the Levante is part mesh, part textile so it’s breathable and works as a summer mesh jacket when the liner’s removed. With the full-sleeve slightly insulated liner inside the jacket, you now have a waterproof jacket that’s also warm.

Review REVIT! Levante Jacket for Women Riders liner
The liner is thinly insulated and works as a standalone jacket, very comfortable and, I think, stylish for a liner. It’s been treated with a Hydratex brand coating to make it waterproof. It has its own pockets as well.

Review REVIT! Levante Jacket for Women Riders liner zipper
The main zipper of the liner has waterproof seams and is hidden behind a waterproof flap to ensure no seepage.

Review REVIT! Levante Jacket for Women Riders pocket tab
All the pockets of the liner have turquoise blue tabs and zippers so they’re easy to find; plus it provides a nice accent color to an all-black liner.

Review REVIT! Levante Jacket for Women Riders zip pocket liner
This zippered pocket on the liner is on the inside left side and presumably if you’re reaching that far into the jacket you’re not wearing your gloves because you’ll have a hard time gripping the tiny blue zipper tab with gloved fingers.

Review REVIT! Levante Jacket for Women Riders liner pocket tab
With the liner removed, a blue tab opens the hook-and-loop fastened pocket. The insider of the main jacket is this silky mesh.

Review REVIT! Levante Jacket for Women Riders back
A pocket in the jacket is big enough to store the liner so it’s with you at all times. I put my maps in there. You can also see the outline of the foam back protector that comes with it. The shoulders and elbow come equipped with CE-approved lightweight armor that’s comfortable to wear and non-restricting.

Review REVIT! Levante Jacket for Women Riders collar
A unique feature of the Levante jacket is this flexible snap collar that let’s you adjust where you want the snap depending on the size of your neck and how much air flow you want.

Review REVIT! Levante Jacket for Women Riders sleeve
Two places on the sleeve, adjustable snaps on the lower arm and a adjustable strap on the upper arm, allow you to cinch the sleeve tighter (or loser) depending on your comfort level, and to hold the armor securely in place.

Where some lower priced jackets come up short, the Levante shines making it worth its $300 price tag. There are lots of roomy pockets with secure closers, soft no-scratch fabric or tags on the neck area, large reflective panels for night riding and an ultra thin laminated closer tab at the wrist that allows the wearer to tuck the sleeve under the cuff of a glove smoothly.

I wore the jacket in a light rain shower and stayed dry. I’ve not worn it in a downpour where I’m riding for hours; I’ll update this article on how the jacket performs when that happens. Because this is mesh, I don’t recommend wearing this in colder weather; it’s a summer jacket that is able to take you into cooler nights.

Review REVIT! Levante Jacket for Women Riders front
The size 36, what I normally wear in women’s jackets, fits me perfectly. Sizes range from 34 to 46.

While I know this jacket doesn’t match my brown Harley-Davidson Street Glide, I love it so much that I plan to wear it when I’m touring all summer because after all, this is a touring jacket. To learn more and to find a dealer near you visit

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