Motorcycle Themed Wedding Cake Toppers

Brides and grooms on bikes

Its that time of year…wedding season! Brides and grooms everywhere are in the thick of planning their upcoming nuptials. Whether youre planning it yourself or working with a wedding planner, everyone is looking for that special something to make their wedding not only notable, but memorable. For biker brides and grooms seeking a personalized touch that incorporates their love of motorcycle riding—look no further than these custom wedding cake toppers.

motorcycle themed wedding cake toppers
Each wedding cake topper is custom designed using information and photos provided by the couple to match their tastes, style and look.

Sculptor Hunter Vaughn has been hand crafting these creative motorcycle wedding cake toppers for more than 30 years. Each topper is a permanent miniature piece of art. The sculptures are made from clay and kiln fired to 2000 degrees. This firing process ensures that the piece can withstand the test of time, making it a true collectable art piece.

motorcycle themed wedding cake toppers sculptures family
Vaughn and his family hand-craft each personalized sculpture.

Vaughn, along with his wife and son, use photos and and special information about the bride and groom (occupation, hobby, sports, favorite food) to make each topper as unique as the couple. Together, this family crafts the ultimate wedding keepsake. And they arent just for weddings! Pieces can be created for whatever event is being celebrated: birthday, retirement, graduations and the list goes on.

motorcycle themed wedding cake toppers woman man sportbikes
Get your order in! Each piece takes between three to five months to create.

With women being the fastest growing segment of motorcycle riders, its no wonder Vaughn has had orders for couples with women riding their own motorcycles.

motorcycle themed wedding cake toppers Harley-Davidson
You can even have a little fun with your wedding cake topper. Here Renee is riding David on their Harley-Davidson dresser!
motorcycle themed wedding cake toppers Ducati beach cat dog
Any kind of motorcycle can be created. Here the couples dog and cat join them!

motorcycle themed wedding cake toppers beach
Randy and Wandas custom wedding cake topper is very personalized using a beach theme, a family photo and a suitcase with their honeymoon destination.

These custom motorcycle wedding cake toppers can be the hit of the wedding! They can be as creative as you can imagine. The cost of the piece can vary on the size and complexity of the subject matter, but the average price is around $250. The simple online order form makes sharing information and images of the bride and groom a snap! To view cake toppers or place an order visit

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  1. Great idea – love it! if I ever get married again, I’ll be picking up one of these

  2. Cute as can be! Have several people that this would be appropriate for. Can’t wait to see this on a cake!

  3. Really cool!!

  4. Great article and line of products. Is there a tradition involved in the relative L-R positions of the bride and groom?I was told that a “gentleman” took the outside so as to protect the lady from horses, and that when riding alongside again a ‘gentleman’ takes the left for protection.This is no big deal, just a fun little thought regarding so-called “proprieties” that popped into mind while looking at all the great cake toppings!

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