New Layering System Without the Bulk

Stay warm and still look feminine

Harley-Davidson continues to add to its line of functional riding gear by releasing a new layering system that keeps riders warm without adding all the bulk. Its a product all riders should check out, not just those who ride a Harley. The Rider Comfort System (RCS) is three-layer customizable layering system designed specifically for women.
For anyone who skis, runs outdoors year-round, or simply lives in a variable climate, the benefit of layering riding apparel is obvious. Wearing multiple layers makes riding more comfortable by allowing the rider to peel off layers as temperatures heat up and add them when temperatures cool down. And unlike traditional layers that add cumbersome bulk, the RCS is designed to fit appropriately when worn as a total riding system.
The RCS Layering Top ($65) forms the base layer of the RCS, pulling moisture away from the skin and allowing it to evaporate faster.
The RCS Vest ($95), seen here worn over the RCS Layering Top, helps the body retain heat by trapping air next to the base layer. The RCS Windproof Jacket ($150) is also available as a middle layer.
The RCS Functional Jacket ($195) protects the rider from the elements and provides additional functionality. The RCS Mesh Jacket ($125) and the RCS Waterproof Jacket ($175) are also available for the outer layer.
Whether you ride a Harley-Davidson or not, its worth checking out this innovative design in riding gear aimed at keeping riders comfortable. RCS items are available in sizes XS-3W and some Tall sizes. The Women’s MotorClothes Rider Comfort System is available now at most Harley-Davidson dealers or online at To find a dealer near you, call 800.LUV.2RIDE or visit
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2 thoughts on New Layering System Without the Bulk

  1. Although the jacket is very attractive, I too am disappointed that protection seems to take a “back seat” to appearance.

  2. It seems like such a great idea, but when I looked for info on how protective the pieces would be if you were in an accident, I was disappointed. How can anyone think they’ll be protected by polyester mesh? It’ll melt into your flesh if you skid any distance on pavement. Why can’t women have great looking, protective gear?

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