New Helmets, Accessories and More

A quick roundup from the 2011 Indianapolis Dealer Expo

by Alisa Clickenger
Excitement was high at this years Indianapolis Dealer Expo in February, where motorcycle dealers shop for new products to put in their stores. Even though the uncertain economy kept a lot of exhibitors from attending, there were still plenty of new products to look at. The good news is that the marketplace seems to be responding to the increasing number of female motorcycle riders, and our choices in quality riding gear continue to expand. Heres a sample of some new products from some familiar and some not-so-familiar companies.
Rebel Girl
Rebel Girl was the darling of the show. The maker of womens gear and accessories took the main stage at the fashion show, which was standing room only thanks to its gorgeous models and fun fashion wear. I got to meet Cher, the founder of Rebel Girl, who is truly an inspiration. Visit
Rebel Girls leather bustiers were a big hit, as were its tattoo-inspired designs.
Rebel Girl items include leather jackets, feminine tees, hoodies, sweatshirts and sunglasses.
VaVaVrooms accessories are for sophisticated, adventurous and confident riders just like VaVaVroom Founder Denise Maple. The online retailer has something for every style of rider, including T-shirts, hoodies and tanks with sexy burnout designs. Visit
With its wide selection of plus sizes, the VaVaVroom collection has something for women riders of all sizes.
I’ve wanted to meet VaVaVrooms founder, Denise Maple (on right), for quite some time now, and I was ecstatic to finally do so at Indy.
GoGo Gear
GoGo Gear rocked the show with its fashionable, fun and fully protective motorcycle and scooter wear. Featuring waterproof fabrics, abrasion-resistant materials, and CE-approved armor in all the right places, GoGo Gear is one of the first “motoclothes” companies to factor in haute fashion as well as function. Visit
Too new to be listed on its Web site is GoGo Gears Windstopper Suit, designed to be worn under riding gear.
Clever zippers at the top and bottom of the Windstopper Suit keep all your valuables close and secure.
Cinches at the bottoms of the pant legs keep wind from riding up inside when your feet are up on the highway pegs.


New on the scene this year is BikaChik Wear, whose motto is “Look Hot, Ride Hard.” The company’s designer incorporates Swarovski crystals into many of the designs for a unique look. BikaChik also offers custom design work for its customers. Visit Update: 4/1/20: The website is no longer working, and a Google search shows no results so we assume this company is out of business.
BikaChik was started by friends Eidy Diaz and Haydee Farradas. Their goal is to provide gals with stylish, affordable clothing.
Check out this sweet tasseled, braided and embroidered motorcycle jacket. What fun!
European helmet brand Schuberth is back in the United States with a strong line of products. The C3W helmet is shaped specifically for the female face. It also has an integrated flip-down sun visor, and is available in white, silver, gloss black and matte black. Visit
The C3W is a flip-up helmet that’s operable with one hand. The lid has lots of venting for a cooler ride, along with “turbolators” that reduce helmet noise.
While Shoei’s Qwest Goddess helmet was actually introduced in the fall, this was my first up-close look at the 2011 helmet. Wow! Love that hibiscus! Designed for touring and adventure, the Qwest Goddess comes in three colors: blue, white and pink. Available sizes are XXS-XXL. Visit
The Qwest Goddess helmet is designed to reduce noise, with vents high up on the back for even better ventilation. The rider’s field of vision from the upper helmet has been increased, as has the rider’s peripheral vision.
Forcefield Performance
Forcefield makes innovative protective gear, and new this season is a woman-specific back protector. To purchase, visit
To accommodate a woman’s shape, the women’s back protector is made with waist straps that are 2 inches higher than on the mens size small.
Lightweight, breathable and flexible, the back protector molds to your shape and is fully adjustable.
EC3D debuted its technical garments to the motorcycle market at the show this year. EC3D makes medical-grade garments with strategically placed compression panels. The products claim to improve blood circulation, reduce lactic acid buildup, increase oxygen delivery to muscles, and assist with better posture and balance. For women, the company offers a sports bra, a camisole bra and compression bottoms. Visit
Made from 70-percent polypropylene and 30-percent spandex, EC3D’s garments are anti-microbial.
EC3D claims its garments will keep riders more comfortable in the saddle for longer periods of time. Some road racers are already using them.

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  1. I just got a new Schuberth C3W helmet and am looking forward to putting many miles in with it on my head. I got to test is out this past Sunday for a short 70-mile ride in somewhat cool conditions (40 degrees). I installed the included fog shield and it worked like a dream. I really noticed how neutral it is in the windstream. Even when I turned my head sideways there is no wind drag and it is much quieter than my older Schuberth Concept helmet. I’m sure the integral sun shield is going to be very nice too. This is a real quality piece of riding gear I am glad to have!

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