New Motorcycle Review: 2022 Indian Scout Rogue and Scout Rogue Sixty

Mid-sized cruiser with aggressive styling and all-around performance

By Sarah Schilke, photos by Barry Hathaway

Indian Motorcycle listens to its customers and takes cues from what they are already doing with their bikes. Following its 1100cc Indian Scout Bobber and 999cc Scout Bobber Sixty which women love, the Scout Rogue and Rogue Sixty offer new and updated features. These Indian cruisers sport a more aggressive look and expanded accessory options as we reported here in our first look article.

Indian Scout Rogue woman rider sarah schilke
A new quarter front fairing blends into the lines of the Rogue’s tank and provides some wind protection. The mini apehanger handlebar complements the aggressive look and sets the rider up with an authoritative and confidence inspiring rider position.
indian motorcycle scout rogue sixty
It is tough to tell the two models apart. The key visual differences are the Scout Rogue sports the “Scout” tank emblem and has low bar-end mirrors while the Rogue Sixty comes with standard mirrors.
Indian Scout Rogue black
As they say, “black is the new black.” To complete the aggressive cool look, Indian has blacked out the fenders, front fairing, engine, and exhaust.
Indian Scout rogue solo seat
The Rogue and Rogue Sixty’s sporty solo seat has improved padding providing more comfort and support without extra height. The new seat provides long-riding comfort, as an upraised rear lip creates a comfortable bucket that keeps riders planted during acceleration.
Indian Scout Rogue front wheel cruisetec tire
The Rogue’s 19-inch front wheel and low-profile Metzeler Cruisetec tire is a change from the Bobber’s smaller 16 inch wheel and fatter tire.
Indian Scout Rogue woman rider riding sarah schilke women riders now
This 19 inch wheel and tire combo is lighter and more responsive than the 16 inch Bobber setup and makes the Rogue look and feel lighter than its sibling.

Riding the Scout Rogue

I recently had the pleasure of testing the Rogue and Rogue Sixty on the beautiful highways near Ojai, California. Riding through urban streets, long open straights, sweepers, and tight twisties offered a real-world riding impression. I’m a big fan of Indian’s solid, modern-technology motors. The Scout wraps its liquid-cooled V-twin inside an edgy attractive package with the technical updates to make the ride fun and sporty, something I wasn’t expecting from a low-slung middleweight cruiser.

Indian Rogue woman riding
In the tight twisties, the performance is surprisingly sporty for a cruiser. My enjoyment of the spirited ride was hampered only by the limited cornering clearance, typical of cruisers and not something most cruiser riders I know are concerned about.

Rogue Performance

Both bikes perform well with consistent responsive power delivery throughout the range. This provides confident, usable throttle response whether cruising or wicking it up for spirited canyon carving.

The Scout Rogue boasts a class leading 100 hp and 6-speed transmission while the Rogue Sixty delivers 78 hp in a 5-speed package. Both bikes weigh in at 545 pounds so the main differences between the two siblings are the engine output and the price point. This relatively low weight combined with a low seat height make the bikes easy to lift off the side stand and control in low-speed maneuvers.

Indian Scout Rogue woman rider seat height sarah schilke
At 5 feet 4 inches with a 29-inch inseam, many motorcycles are uncomfortably tall for me. The Rogues both offer a low 25.6 inch seat height which allow me to easily get both feet flat on the ground with knees bent.

Make it Your Own

I was perfectly comfortable with the bike set up as it comes, but for shorter or taller riders, Indian offers accessories to customize the ergonomics: shorter and longer reach bars, footrest extenders, different seats, and adjustability options for levers.

I’m not a fan of bar end mirrors, especially drop mirrors as I find it more difficult to see. But the Scout Rogue’s large stock mirrors provide adequate visibility. The rider also has the option to install them in the up position, making it even easier to see while maintaining the stylistic effect of bar end mirrors.

Indian Scout Rogue sixty mirrors
The Rogue Sixty comes with standard top mounted mirrors, which can easily be installed on the Rogue if a rider prefers that to the bar-end mirrors.

The Rogue’s smooth manageable power and padded seat provide a comfortable ride in terms of position and maneuverability. The suspension is not adjustable and is limited to 2 inches of travel making it feel stiff, typical of bobber-style cruisers. An accessory “piggyback” shock is available allowing for adjustability in both dampening and rebound. It adds an additional inch of travel for those who want a sportier or more plush ride.

Indian Scout Rogue cockpit controls
Both bikes use a simple console with the critical basics. An accessory tachometer with shift indicator is also available.
Indian Scout Rogue fairing
The Rogue and Rogue Sixty feature the stylized, functional quarter fairing which offers some wind protection.

Indian also offers a selection of accessory luggage and comfort options. Riders can choose a tail rack and tail bag or single sided saddlebag with mount. Accessory extended reach foot rests are also available to maximize long-haul comfort.

More Accessories for Scout Rogue

Since the Rogue and Rogue Sixty are based on Scout platform, right off the bat there are almost 300 accessory and customizing options available to modify the style, comfort, or performance to exactly the way you want it. In addition to the existing accessories, Indian is launching a number of new products this year to compliment the Rogue siblings including the piggyback shocks, a twin seat (rider and passenger) with stubby backrest, an auxiliary tachometer with shift light, and adaptive headlights that light up the direction the bike is turning.

Indian Scout Rogue accessory seat backrest
The accessory seat can accommodate a passenger or a small piece of luggage. The small backrest will provide comfort for the pillon or security for a bag.
Indian Scout rogue accessory LED
Continuing with the blacked-out, custom-inspired styling, riders can swap the amber and red turn signal lenses for smoked LED turn signals. They feature clear lenses and still provide bright, easy-to-see amber LED lighting in front and bright red LED lighting in the rear.

WRN Recommendation

The Scout Rogue and Rogue Sixty are both great options for riders in the market for a mid-sized cruiser with usable, confident power and all-around performance. The smooth power delivery and simplicity of the controls makes these great options for newer riders as well. Shorter riders will love the super low seat height, but the riding position and options for customizing the fit make it comfortable for taller riders as well. If you are looking to save some money and don’t plan long highway trips, you’ll be plenty happy with the Rogue Sixty. But if you want a 6th gear and bigger engine with more horsepower, “go Rogue.”

Specs at a Glance: 2022 Indian Scout Rogue
Engine Size: 69 cu in / 1133 cc 6-speed
Seat Height:  25.6 inches
Fuel Capacity: 3.3 gallons
Wet Weight: 545 pounds
Colors and MSRP: Black Metallic ($11,499); Black Metallic (ABS) ($12,399); Black Smoke (ABS) ($12,899); Sagebrush Smoke (ABS) ($12,899); Storm Blue (ABS) ($12,899); Stealth Gray (ABS) ($13,399)

Specs at a Glance: 2022 Indian Scout Rogue Sixty
Engine Size: 60 cu in / 999 cc 5-speed
Seat Height: 25.6 inches
Fuel Capacity: 3.3 gallons
Wet Weight: 545 pounds
Colors and MSRP: Black Metallic ($9,999); Black Metallic ABS ($10,899); Bronze Smoke ABS ($11,399); Titanium Smoke ABS ($11,399)

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