New Indian Motorcycle First Look: Scout Rogue and Scout Rogue Sixty

The newest bobber goes rogue, combining modern style with edgy attitude

By Tricia Szulewski, Editor

Indian Motorcycle's Scout

Women riders and those who ride with them have been big fans of the Scout since the new Indian Motorcycle was revived in 2015 which we first reviewed on (WRN) here. The Scout’s classic but modern sporty cruiser design, confidence-inspiring handling, low seat height, manageable wheelbase, and low center of gravity appeals to riders of various abilities. Since its debut, Indian has released a number of versions based on the original 1133cc, $11,999 Scout platform, including the 999cc Scout Sixty ($9,999), Scout Bobber ($10,999), Scout Bobber Sixty ($8,999), and Scout Bobber Twenty ($11,999).

For 2022, Indian Motorcycle has unleashed the most aggressive iteration of its Scout, adding two new models to its cruiser lineup—the Scout Rogue and Scout Rogue Sixty. With edgy looks and performance-minded features, Scout Rogue exudes attitude in an aggressive bobber style.

Indian Scout Rogue
While the Indian Scout’s liquid-cooled 1133cc V-twin motor and the Sixty’s 999cc engines are both a bit powerful for beginning riders, their easy handling characteristics and comfortable riding position that fits many sized riders make all Scouts viable options for confident riders of various skill levels. The new Rogue and Rogue Sixty embrace a new aggressive style, but carry on the Scout’s lineage of being user-friendly with very manageable power.
Indian rogue
The Indian Scout Rogue starts at $11,499 and gets the same liquid-cooled 1133cc V-twin as its Scout siblings.
Indian motorcycle rogue sixty
Starting at $9,999, the Scout Rogue Sixty gets Indian’s liquid cooled, 999cc V-twin motor.

Scout Rogue Versus Scout Rogue Sixty

Like all the Scouts and their Sixty siblings, visual differences between the two Rogue models are subtle and barely noticeable. Most buyers will make the choice between the two based on cost versus desired power. The Rogue Sixty’s smaller bore offers a bit less horsepower than its big sister (78 hp versus 100 hp). That additional muscle costs about $1,500 but you also get a sixth gear with the bigger bike, while the Sixty has a five gear transmission.

Indian rogue bar end mirrors
The Scout Rogue can be identified with its bar end mirrors. The Rogue Sixty has traditional mirrors that stick up.

Available in six options, the $11,999 Scout Rogue base model is Black Metallic and the only version without ABS. Black Metallic with ABS is $12,399, Black Smoke, Sagebrush Smoke, and Storm Blue are $12,899, and Stealth Gray is $13,399.

indian motorcycle rogue blue woman rider
We love the Storm Blue color on the Scout Rogue. This model retails for $12,899.

The Scout Rogue Sixty is offered in four options. Again, Black Metallic is the only one without ABS and costs $9,999. Black Metallic with ABS is $10,899, and Bronze Smoke and Titanium Smoke are $11,399.

Indian Versus Harley

We can’t help but notice the Scout Rogue styling cues that resemble Harley-Davidson’s Iron 1200 Sportster, including a blacked-out design, mini-apehanger handlebar, sporty solo seat, mini fairing, 19 inch front wheel, and bobbed fenders. Incidentally, Harley has discontinued the Iron 1200 for 2022, as the Motor Company is moving its Sportsters toward modern performance and technology, introducing the Sportster S we reviewed here in 2021. Riders who are disappointed to see this style of motorcycle disappear from H-D dealership floors may find solace over at its competitor now with the introduction of the Scout Rogue.

Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 1200 women riders now
The Indian Scout Rogue uses many of the same styling cues as Harley-Davidson’s Sportster Iron 1200 shown here. The Indian, however, has a much lower meaner stance than the Sporty.

Scout Rogue Accessories

Customize your Scout Rogue with a catalog of optional accessories for the Rogue and Rogue Sixty. Choose from a two-into-one exhaust, increased travel suspension, comfort seat, luggage rack, bags, adaptive LED headlight, and more. Indian also has a new line of Scout Rogue lifestyle apparel and accessories ready to go.

indian motorcycle rogue accessories
Indian’s optional accessories for the Rogue include performance, style, comfort, and lighting upgrades.
indian motorcycle rogue piggyback shock
Upgrading to Indian’s adjustable piggyback rear shocks will give Rogue riders a more comfortable ride than the 2 inches of rear travel the stock shocks offer. Riders can easily dial-in their compression and rebound damping settings with twist knobs (no tools).
indian motorcycle rogue quarter fairing sport screen
The new quarter fairing that comes standard on the Rogue and Rogue sixty can be ordered as an accessory and color matched to other Scout and Scout Bobber models.
indian motorcycle rogue tach
The optional auxiliary tach with a shift light looks cool and adds to the edgy performance look of the Scout Rogue.
indian motorcycle waxed canvas backpack bag rogue
This Indian waxed canvas backpack ($129.99) complements the styling of the Rogue and lets you bring along whatever you need that you can’t fit on the bike.

Expect to find Scout Rogue and Scout Rogue Sixty at Indian Motorcycle dealerships early this spring. For more information, visit

Specs At A Glance: 2022 Indian Motorcycle Rogue / Rogue Sixty
Engine Size: 1133cc / 999cc
Seat Height: 25.6 inches
Fuel Capacity: 3.3 gallons
Dry Weight: 520 pounds / 525 pounds
Colors/MSRP: (Rogue) Black Metallic $11,499; Black Metallic ABS $12,399; Black Smoke, Sagebrush Smoke, and Storm Blue $12,899; Stealth Gray $13,399; (Rogue Sixty) Black Metallic $9,999; Black Metallic ABS $10,899; Bronze Smoke, Titanium Smoke $11,399.

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