Deals and Sales Guide of Motorcycle Inspired Items

Exclusive deals and discounts on leather vest, motorcycle skin care, accessories, headwraps, motorcycle denim jeans, motorcycle seat, luggage rack, rhinestone motorcycle pin, scooters, and more!

We love the holiday season because its our time to thank you for visiting Women Riders Now all year long. We do this by passing along special holiday deals and discounts that are only available on this site.
Each year at this time, we ask our advertisers, the companies that make it possible for me to own and manage this website full-time, to provide a holiday deal just for you. Below you’ll find what they’re offering. Just follow the instructions for each item when ordering.
If you have any issues obtaining the discounts, please email the company offering it first. Then, if youre not having success, email me. Thanks for shopping here first and sending these companies the love! Share with your friends too! Happy Holidays.

Adventuress Skin Care Items
Deal: Buy 1 Weekender Tin,
buy a second at 50% off
plus free shipping.
Promo code: None needed
Expires: 2.27.18
Order here!

2014 holiday gift guide motorcycle skin care
The Weekender is a great way to try several
of Adventuress most popular products before you
buy them individually. The sturdy “go anywhere” tin
contains 4 swipes of Naturally Liberating Cleanser,
4 swipes of Boldly Nourishing Moisturizer,
and 4 YouVee’s SPF 30 Sunscreen Swipes.
Purchase individual products, refill the travel tin
and you’re off on your next adventure!
Read the WRN review here.

Lambskin Leather Vest
30% off
Was $89.95, now $62.96

Promo code:WRNVST
Expires: 1.31.18
Order here!

2014 holiday gift guide hot leathers
This gorgeous ladies motorcycle vest, exclusively from
Hot Leathers, is made of soft black lambskin leather
with two front zip pockets, two inside pockets, satin lining,
and a front zipper closure with side lace detail. 

Adjustable Levers for Motorcycle
10% off
plus free ground shipping in U.S.
Promo code:WRN1218, must
call in order:714.842.2603
Expires: 2.27.18
Order here!

2014 Annual Holiday Gift Guide: Motorcycle Inspired Gifts adjustable levers
Hog Leverage adjustable levers are available for most
Harley-Davidsons motorcycles. Small and large hand riders
love how these levers fit them. This is the highest quality brand out there!
Read the WRN story here.

Helmet Hair Solution

Deal: Buy 1, get 1 half off
Promo Code: WRN1018
Order here!

2014 Annual Holiday Gift Guide: Motorcycle Inspired Gifts helmet liner
Originally made to solve her own issues with tangles and knots, Anna Hood, designer of the Raci-Babi helmet liner, discovered women would stop and ask how her hair looked
so good after a ride. Shes been successfully selling these since. The Diva Do is high quality that will last a long time.
Read the WRN review here.

Motorcycle Riding Jeans
That Dont Ride Up!
20% off
Expires: 1.31.18
Order here!

2015 holiday gift guide gravitate jeans
Gravitate Jeans are designed for motorcyclists with
features that make them comfortable to wear when seated
on a motorcycle. Riders and passengers love them.
These style are available for the discount:
Women: MOTO101, MOTO101 PLUS SIZE,
Men: MOTO201, MOTO202.
Read the WRN review here.

FLARE Windshield and More
20% off Klock Werks
brand items, including sale items
Promo code:20WRN
Expires: 1.15.18
Shop now!

2015 holiday gift guide flare windshield
Klock Werks, co-owned by a woman—land speed racer
and Hall of Fame inductee Laura Klock—wants buyers to “Understand the Difference,” so shes put together videos explaining why Klock Werks windshields, handlebars,
fenders, and more are “different” and why we should
buy from them. Read the WRN story to learn more.

Mustang Seat for Your Motorcycle
10% off
plus free ground shipping on
seats and accessories
Promo code:WRNGG18
Expires: 12.31.15
Shop here!

2015 holiday gift guide mustang seats
Jody Perewitz is the fastest American woman on a V-Twin pushing 200 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats. She is also a talented designer, aspiring painter and a positive role model for women riders. Jody teamed up with Mustangs RD department to develop her signature Dyna seat from scratch. Shop for these seats here.

Open Road Girl Jackets, Purses,
Signs, and more!
15% off entire order
One time use
Promo code:WRN1218
Expires: 12.31.15
Shop here!

2014 holiday gift guide open road girl jacket
Open Road Girl is a line of motorcycle clothing and
accessories that shows off your love of the open road.
These are just some of the many top quality items offered.
Visit the website to browse the hundreds of fun items that
lets you “unleash the biker within,” and take advantage
of this one-time holiday discount.

Rhinestone Motorcycle Pin
$9.99, reg $16.99 (save $7)
Promo code:WRN-MC
Expires: 1.27.18
Order here!

2015 holiday gift guide motorcycle pin
This motorcycle rhinestone pin from GoBrazen is
2-1/2 inches long. Wear it on a jacket, a vest, or a cap!
Read our story on GoBrazen here.

Motorcycle Racks Made in the USA
20% off total order
Promo code:WRN18X
Expires: 1/31/18
Shop here!

2014 holiday gift guide luggage rack made in us
The Motherwell Solo Luggage rack is available for most Harley-Davidson models. And the Solo Luggage rack is now available for the 2015 Indian Scout. Motherwell also offers detachable racks and 2-Up models. Read our story on Motherwell Products, plus a a video testimonial.

DareDevil Durags
Headwraps that Stay on Your Head
Buy 1, get second half off,
plus free shipping
Promo code:WRN-007
email order;
Expires: 1.31.18
Shop here!

2014 holiday gift guide headwraps
DareDevil Durags can be worn as a headband, ponycap,
pigtail wrap, and full coverage. Made with a soft T-shirt-like
material. Click photo to go to website to see how-to videos.
Read the WRN review here.

Biker Chix Line of Sunglasses
No special holiday deal.
We invite you to browse the collection
of quality, motorcycle sunglasses.
ShoShop here!

2015 holiday gift guide sunglasses
This Chix Rally 43023 is practical, padded and, oh so pretty. The Pearl Purple frame, gray gradient lens and wrap style comfort helps to make it one of Biker Chix’ best sellers.
Comes with its own Chix microfiber pouch. Price is $17.95. Click the photo to learn more and to order this style.


Kymco Scooters, ATVs, &
Side x Sides
No special holiday deal, but take 
advantage of an ongoing
cash-back finance offer.
Expires: 1/31/18
Details here!

2015 holiday gift guide kymco scooter
Kymco’s MyRoad 700i scooter is so powerful you’ll
feel like you’re on a motorcycle, but there’s no shifting!
And this model is actually set up for touring with a
windshield and lots of luggage space. Take advantage of
this cash-back offer and save! Read our review here.


Daytona Bike Week
77th Anniversary
No special holiday deal, but 
make plans to attend in the spring!
Learn more here!

2015 holiday gift guide daytona bike week
Daytona Bike Week celebrates 75 years March 4-13, 2016! The organizers have been supporting Women Riders Now for years because they know women hold the pursestrings and make the vacation decisions in a household. This is a rally not to be missed!


Insure with Rider Insurance
No holiday deal, but we 
encourage you to shop them first 
when insuring that two-wheeled 
“toy” you get for the holidays.
Learn more here!

2015 holiday gift guide rider insurance
You don’t get more dedicated to motorcycle insurance than Rider Insurance. This is all they insure, plus ATVs, scooters and mopeds. They’re focused on outdoor adventure!
Check them out first to see if they insure in your area
and thank them for supporting Women Riders Now all these years.

Aftermarket Clutch
That Eases the Grip
No special deal here, but the holidays
are a great time to splurge on this
must-have aftermarket part for
your motorcycle.
Order here!

2015 holiday gift guide clutch pack
Rekluse’ EXP centrifugal aftermarket clutch lets you ride a Harley-Davidson without using the clutch lever. Wow! Now’s the time to treat yourself to this “luxury” item for your motorcycle. Read our review here.


Strider Bikes for Kids
No holiday deal here, but we
encourage you to buy from this longtime 
Women Riders Now supporter 
when thinking of the perfect gift for
the little ones in your life.
Shop here!

2015 holiday gift guide strider bikes
We love these little pedal-less bicycles from Strider Bikes
that get toddlers started on two-wheels. Can you say
future motorcycle rider? Strider Bikes offers add-on skis
so kids can keep riding into winter! Makes a great gift
from motorcycle-riding grandma and grandpa. Read our story on Strider Bikes here.

High Quality Riding Gloves
No deal here, but when you think
of motorcycle gloves, we want you 
to buy from Racer Gloves.
Shop here!

2015 holiday gift guide racer gloves
The holidays are a great time to spring for those top quality gloves you’ve always wanted. We love the fit, function, and quality of these motorcycle riding gloves for women and men from Racer Gloves, a longtime Women Riders Now supporter. Read our latest story on Racer gloves.


Heat Shields for Exhaust Pipes
No deal here, but we love the
statement these heat
shields make on your motorcycle.
Shop here!

2015 holiday gift guide heat shield
That’s Brian from DEI Powersports showing off the company’s latest product at AIMExpo this year: a metal frame for
its Onyx Flexible Heat Shields. Cover those hot pipes
while giving your motorcycle a custom look.
Read our story on DEI’s heat shields explaining how they work.


Get a SPOT Device for Free
Deal: Sign up for a qualifying service
plan and get a SPOT Global Phone,
SPOT Gen3, or SPOT Trace for free
Expires: 1.31.18
Promo code: None; buy from retailer,
then download rebate form and send in.
Learn more here!

2015 holiday gift guide spot devices
SPOT devices use GPS technology to make sure you can always be found. We especially like the SPOT Gen3 that ensures you’re in touch with loved ones when out of touch on your motorcycle. This is an incredible one-time holiday deal that we encourage you to take advantage of!


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  1. Just want to let you know i purchased two heat shields from DEI Powersports for my pipes and they work great! I’m short-legged and I would burn my jeans and calves on my pipes. I put two of these shields in “strategic” places on my pipes and no more burned jeans! I highly recommend these shields. They look so much better than taping your pipes!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Fran. It’s nice to know what our readers think of the products we promote.

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