Heat Shields for Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes

Protect boots and legs from heat and burns

Most exhaust pipes on a motorcycle run along or near the rider’s legs and boots. The proximity of the exhaust system is often closer for women riders as they typically have shorter legs. If you've ridden for any length of time mostly likely you've either burned a leg, burned a boot heel, or have experienced the excessive heat from your hot exhaust pipes.
Heat Shields for your Exhaust Pipes Bikers Stopped At Light
Think about the last time you were stuck at a stop light in summer and you were counting the seconds until the light turned green because your bike was roasting your leg. Even through your riding pants!

DEI’s ONYX Series Flexible Heat Shields offer the best solution to this consistent problem of hot pipes. Traditional heat shields are made from pre-formed metal and cover the bare exhaust pipes.

Heat Shields for your Exhaust Pipes Metal
This a metal heat shield. Metal is a conductor of heat so this type of shield simply transfers heat from the exhaust pipe to the metal shield and is not as effective as a textile one.
Heat Shields for your Exhaust Pipes
DEIs ONYX Series flexible textile heat shield is 8 inches long and 4 inches across. Its placed on the pipe where you need protection most.

The DEI shield (DEI stands for Design Engineering, Inc.) is made up of advanced textiles that offer better insulation and will retain less heat than metal shields. The result is a shield that blocks more heat and cools off quicker.

The flexible design of DEI’s heat shield allows it to fit on different sized exhaust systems. Installation is simple: just a couple of clamps and a screwdriver will get the job done.
The heat shields come in a 4-inch by 8-inch size and are made in the USA. They can be used in conjunction with an exhaust wrap designed for hot pipes or as a stand-alone shield. There is no other heat shield like this on the market.
For more info and to order online, visit Design Engineering’s website at deipowersports.com, or call them at 800.264.9472 to discuss how their shield can fit your motorcycles exhaust system. Price is $44.95. Tell them WRN sent you!

And congratulations to the Design Engineering team and its ONYX Series Flexible Heat Shield for being named one of the 2015 Nifty 50 Award winners, a prestigious motorcycle industry award competition that spotlights innovative aftermarket accessories.

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5 thoughts on Heat Shields for Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes

  1. I REALLY need your product, but I have a lot of chrome on my bike, and feel the black would take away from the look. I have a metal guard, could I put that over your product (it would be raised above, and not literally laying on it) for the look of chrome? And can you put more than one of your products on my pipes? I would want one at the curve of my pipes that hit my thigh, and one on the lower pipe by my ankle. Thank you for your time.Here’s a picture of my pipes and the cover I would like to put over to disguise the black attached.

    1. Hi. Please contact the company directly about your inquiry. You can find the link to their web site at the end of the article. Thanks for reading!

  2. I’ve been looking for this forever! I never dared to dream that something like this existed! We just got a new bike and it is so hot I feel like I’m being blown by a blow torch! Is the safe for the pipes? My husband said there was some wrap you can use but it was bad for the pipes and the cycle, just don’t wanna hurt the bike!

    1. Please check with the manufacturer, but this product appears to work no differently than heat shields that come on most mufflers, so it shouldn’t hurt the motorcycle at all.

  3. I bought these shields for my pipes. They are great on my Sportster 1200, especially if you are as short legged as I am. What’s also great is when I gas up my bike I tend to lean against the pipe side to fill up the tank. The shields further protect my shins. They are very well made; easy to install — I used two. I recommend them highly.

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