New Motorcycle Shipping Service

Harley-Davidson Motor Company announces a new motorcycle shipping service available to riders of all brands. Harley-Davidson Shipping allows motorcyclists to explore locations throughout North America who may otherwise be limited by insufficient vacation time or inclement weather.

V-Twin Expo Report – Part 3

Plenty of clothing companies were eager to show off their new womens line. We also visited with a saddlebag company making some new designs especially for women.

V-Twin Expo Report – Part 2

Part 2 of our V-Twin Show report looks at more custom motorcycle companies and what theyre doing to attract women to their brand. Plus, Genevieve Schmitts female rider forcast: what will women be buying?

Alaska Rider Tours Announces Ladies Ride

Experience the last frontier on a motorcycle on an exclusive women riders tour put on by Alaska Rider Tours. The Alaskan tour is broken up into two stages for riders whod rather do a shorter tour, or the tours can combined for a 9-day riding adventure. This tour travels on paved roads only.

Rider Training by Ducati

Ducati is aggressively going after new riders by providing its own rider training courses, including a class for women only. You have to travel to Italy to take part in it, though. Could be a good excuse for a vacation. The rider training is called Ducati Riding Experience (DRE) and has been going on for the last few years. Its aimed at those who want learn how to ride a motorcycle or improve their street or track skills.

Those Making a Difference

2INTERNAL;ArticleID=39Kathleen is responsible for all the communication efforts at Harley-Davidson. In August, she celebrates 35 years with the Motor Company. She is one of a few female vice presidents at a major motorcycle manufacturer. Find …

Those Making a Difference

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