David Uhls Latest Release

“Ruth” by David Uhl.

Celebrated licensed Harley-Davidson fine artist, David Uhl, has just released the latest painting in his “Women of Harley” series this one entitled Ruth. Its been almost two years since his last “Women of Harley” painting, Rose, was introduced. Ruth comes after much anticipation and is now part of the exclusive collection consisting of Ruby, Betty, Pearl, and Rose.

“Ruth” is based on an artistic interpretation of a real person named Ruth Helm, a WASP (Womens Airforce Service Pilots), who lived through those war years and is still around to talk about it. This 1943 rendition of a scene with her on Avenger field in Sweetwater, Texas, depicts her just after landing her war bird and preparing for a scoot on her terrestrial thrill machine, a 1940 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead EL bobber. The P-51 Mustang represents one of the many WW II airplanes she is qualified to pilot and “Its About Time” inscribed on the plane reflects the long-awaited recognition of the WASP for their contribution to the war effort.

In Davids words: “I have been waiting several years to get all the pieces of this puzzle together to create the painting I have envisioned for so long. I am extremely proud to have the privilege of doing an artistic tribute to all those courageous women. Having the motorcycle be such an important transition vehicle to all those war vets coming out of fighters and bombers after the war, I thought it appropriate to describe the even more unusual female version of that same relationship.” Visit EXTERNALwww.art-inc.biz for more information.

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