MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: QLINK Legacy 250: An Automatic Motorcycle with Multiple Personalities

The newest, neatest motorcycle to hit the entry-level market is the Legacy 250 from QLINK. QLINK is the U.S. importer for CF MOTO, a Chinese manufacturer of primarily scooters thats been around for several decades. QLINK is aggressively going after women knowing they are the fastest growing group among new riders.

MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: The Simple Pleasures of the Honda 599

Before intricately painted, slammed and raked, high pricetag choppers, before heated grips, clothing and seats, there existed a time when motorcycling must have seemed, well simple. Hondas updated-for-2006 599 model hearkens to those simpler days. Check out what WRN contributor Pamela Collins thinks of the new bike.

Traveling the World by Motorcycle: Part 2

Ramona Eichhorn and her traveling partner, Uwe (Ooo-vey) Krauss are nearing the end of a five-year motorcycle journey to nearly every continent on the planet. In part two, read about the interesting details of their journey. Whats it like spending all your time with the same person? How many miles do they cover in day? Where do they stay? How do they handle breakdowns? Read about Ramonas history-making journey.

Traveling the World by Motorcycle: Part 3

For the last few months, weve brought you a fascinating conversation with 30-year-old Ramona Eichhorn about her around-the-globe motorcycle trip. We interviewed her this past summer as she was nearing the end of her five-year journey. In this, the final installment, Ramona reflects on what shes learned from the trip so far and what she plans to do with her life when she returns. She also has a message to all who are held back from pursuing their dreams in some way. This installment is a must read!

Traveling the World by Motorcycle: Part 1

For the past five years, Ramona Eichhorn has been traveling the world on a dualsport motorcycle. She was just 24 when she and her male friend Uwe Krauss, left their homes in Germany. Why did Ramona embark on such a trip and how did she mentally and physically prepare for it? Whats it like leaving family and friends for so long? What has she learned about herself and life along the way?

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