MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: 2007 Suzuki Boulevard C50T

How'd it stack up after 3,200 miles?

By Perri Capell, Photos by Lynn Brown

Ive never wanted to own a cruiser-style motorcycle, but a 3,200-mile trip this summer on a 2007 Suzuki Boulevard C50T may have changed all that. This model is identical to Suzukis popular C50 classic cruiser but comes with extras like a windshield, saddlebag and backrest to make it a tourer. I found the bike extremely comfortable, easy to handle at low and high speeds, smooth through the gears, trouble-free mechanically and good looking to boot.

The C50T is the 800cc motorcycle with touring accessories as standard equipment. A comparable bike in its class is the Kawasaki Vulcan Classic LT, a 900cc bike with standard touring accessories.

Until now, my steeds have been tall dirt-and-pavement (dual sport) bikes with narrow hard seats and thumpy transmissions. I was so pleased with this Suzuki that Im now wondering which motorcycle in my garage to sell so I can buy a cruiser.

The first thing I noticed about the C50T was how easy it is to maneuver at slow speeds. It took corners well in low gear and parked easily. One reason the C50T is so easy to handle is that the seat height is 27.6 inches, which allows 5-foot-6-inch me to be flat-footed with my knees bent. In this position, I can support the bike securely when stopped or backing up.

Perri demonstrates how she fits on the 27.6-inch seat height. Her knees are bent providing her plenty of leg length to comfortably manuever the bike in parking lots.

We rode every day for nearly three weeks through Montana, Idaho and the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, giving me plenty of time to evaluate the Suzuki on comfort. Never once was my butt sore, even after 300-plus mile days on highways. The windshield kept me from being blown around at high speeds; I felt some vibration in the handlebars but nothing to complain about; and the leather seat curved nicely around my rear.

I had never used footboards before, and I was surprised by how much I liked them. Other bikes I ride have high ground clearances and foot pegs placed above them. When riding with my feet on the pegs, my legs are bent at a tight angle, causing pain in my arthritic right knee. But as a touring bike that isnt meant to be taken on gravel, the ground clearance on the C50T is only 5.5 inches and the footboards rest just above that. Consequently, I didnt need to bend my knees tightly or toss down Ibuprofen by the handful for knee pain. In fact, I didnt take a single pain pill for sore riding muscles while on this trip.

The C50T, like most other bikes in the middleweight class, still feature just five gears. Six gears is practically the norm now on larger 1100cc and over bikes. Instead of that sixth gear, the C50T has a higher gear ratio for fifth gear so highway cruising feels relaxed running at moderate rpms.

Besides the windshield, the tourer (thats what the T stands for) is equipped with two chrome-studded leather saddlebags and a passenger back rest. I could see over the top of the windshield as opposed to through it; its curves deflected the air nicely away from my helmet, so I didnt get the biker whiplash that Ive experienced with other windshields. The rigid leather bags were roomy enough to hold a lot of gear. The attached covers snap tightly in three places, but the leather isnt waterproof. On rainy days on our trip, water soaked through my side bags from underneath wetting the bottom layer inside. (The simple solution is to put your items in plastic bags, which you then insert in the side bags.)

The bikes V-twin engine isnt overly noisy, but it does emit a throaty rumble when accelerating. Fuel injection derived from Suzukis GSX-R sportbike line, kept the motor running smoothly. I never had a hiccup with the engine or trouble starting it. For a relatively heavy bike (567 pounds without gas in the tank), gas consumption was quite good, more than 40 mpg.

The 5-speed transmission operated smoothly, and I was able to shift through the gears and bring the bike up to highway cruising speeds quickly. In first gear, the cruiser has plenty of torque, but I also rode at slow speeds in second gear without stalling the bike.

The C50T has sufficient power for just about every situation and didnt strain when I took it up to 80 mph or higher speeds. But rolling on the throttle in 5th gear didnt give me the sudden acceleration I like when pulling out to pass cars in front of me. By downshifting to 4th, I gained the power I needed for passing. For those more familiar with a bikes displacement listed in cubic centimeters, this 50 cubic inch motor is equal to 819 cubic centimeters putting the C50 in the 800cc middleweight category.

I found the front hydraulic disc and back drum brakes very reliable during the trip. In a couple of potentially dicey traffic situations, I made several high-speed stops quickly and smoothly without the back tire locking. The suspension handled minor road bumps better than larger hurdles and holes, but again, Im used to the more resilient dual-sport suspensions.

The C50T takes middleweight cruising to the next level offering accessories not normally found on an 800cc motorcycle.

The C50Ts instrument dial has a digital indicator that provides time, mileage and two trip mileage calculators. The dial lights up at night and shows speed (in miles and kilometers, which was great for Canada), but I would have liked an tachometer (RPM) indicator as well.

After 18 days on the road, I was sad to return the Suzuki to Carls Motorcycles, the Boise, Idaho, dealer that loaned me the bike. The cruiser had exceeded my expectations and possibly changed my preferred riding style forever.

The Specs at a Glance
2007 Suzuki Boulevard C50T and C50
Displacement: 819cc V Twin (50 cubic inches)
Seat Height: 27.6 inches
Fuel Capacity: 4.1 gallons
Dry Weight: C50T, 567 lbs.; C50, 542 lbs.
Colors: C50T model: Black, Red/White; C50, Blue/Silver; Black/Gray
Price: C50T, $7,999.00; C50, $6,899

WRN Recommendation
Equipped with windshield and saddlebags, the Suzuki C50T is an excellent bike to trade up to after spending several months or a year practicing on that 250cc or 500cc learner bike. Youll get a tour-ready bike at a decent price. More experienced riders can appreciate the top notch mechanical performance, easy handling and comfort, again, at a fair price. But for those who dont expect to ride long distances often, the nearly identical C50 could be a better choice for $1,100 less.

About the Author
Perri Capell is a veteran journalist currently working as an editor and senior correspondent for Dow Jones and Co. Inc., publisher of The Wall Street Journal, for the past 18 years. Perri started riding at 49 buying her first two motorcycles via the Internet, including one through eBay. She and her husband, Lynn, own more than 20 motorcycles between them. Her favorites are her Yamaha TDM, Honda Transalp and Kawasaki KLR 650. The couple love adventure riding and travel worldwide on motorcycles. They have ridden in Oman, China and Vietnam, but Perri says nothing beats her home state of Idaho for great roads and scenery. You can reach her at

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  1. One of the best articles I have read on this bike. I just got a C50 SE, my second one. I have been riding for more than 50 years and need a lower bike. I had a DR650 and loved it but wanted more touring. All together I’ve owned more than 12 bikes of all types. I love the C50 SE but the width the windshield it blows my beard in my face over my eyes, so might have to remove it.

  2. Great article couldn’t agree more. These bikes are fabulous, a lot of value for the money. Very easy to ride and live with. Highly recommend them!!Got a 2012 C50T and a 2009 M50, love em’.

  3. I have been riding my bike for about a month now. Love it. It is my first bike and my only complaint is the lack of “pick up and go.” Just looking into how I can increase this, cause otherwise I wouldn’t change a thing.

  4. I have a Suzuki C50 Boulevard 800cc. It’sone of the most beautiful bikes I have ridden — very comfortable, maintenance free — 140,00 km trouble free.

  5. I am looking at a 2008 C50T with 22K miles on it. It comes with a 90 day warranty and the dealer says it checks out perfectly. Do you think this is too many miles for a 2008?

  6. I really enjoyed reading this review. I have been anticipating buying a used C50T Suzuki and a lot of the questions I had were answered here. Thanks for your help.

  7. Great article and great reader / rider reviews. I only wish I had seen this a month ago! I had never ridden before and went out and bought a V Star 250 as a starter bike. I took the MSF course and two weeks later I didn’t like my little V Star anymore. Needless to say I was pretty much buried in it financially, but I went out yesterday and managed to trade up to a 2011S Suzuki Boulevard C50T. I was a little afraid to bring it home since the roads were wet and I also had to ride the highway home, but I did it! I already love this bike and can’t see any reason why I will out grow it! Love the low seat height since I am 5 feet 4 inches. It looks like a much bigger, heavier bike than it is. I rode it to work this morning and had it parked out in the small parking lot and I had two customers ask me if it was a Harley!

  8. I bought a 2007 C50 with 3,900 miles on it about seven months ago and have put 1000+ miles on it since then. Everything I’ve read in this review I agree with. It is a very nice balance of power, comfort, looks and above all, so much fun to ride. Easy to handle at fast and slow speeds, not like wrestling an 850-pound “hawg” around a parking lot. Have windshield and saddlebags. Stock seat is comfortable to me for up to about three hours. My wife rides a V Star 650 which is a top quality bike, however my fuel injection makes my bike so much quicker to start and warm up than her choke and carb. No regrets. If anyone is looking for a lightweight fun cruiser, you can’t go wrong.

  9. I just purchased a 2007 C50T with 3k original miles. I’m 58 and this is my first bike; I’ve ridden about 200 miles on a permit and will be taking the BRC this coming weekend. I am very pleased with the ease of use and the great handling. Looks like a big bike and handles like a small bike…I couldn’t be more pleased!

  10. Passed the MSF course in July and bought a C50T shortly after. Having no experience on bikes prior to the MSF course and being 67 and 6 feet 4 inches meant doing some serious research prior to buying — but sitting on the bikes was the key. Long legs, big feet aren’t just a problem on airplanes. After suffering on the little 250cc used in the course, I knew a bigger bike was needed to comfortably ride. At my age, being doubled over on a sport bike isn’t in the picture. After figuring that the Suzuki/Honda/Kawasaki models would be more or less equal in performance and reliability, comfortable fit is what I bought. As a newbie, it was a bit intimidating the first couple of times out but over the last few months, I’ve gradually built confidence and skill to a level that makes the runs along the Blue Ridge very enjoyable. Enjoy the Web site. Good balanced content with a minimum of motorcycle jargon, which I’m also gradually learning. The C50 isn’t just for women and the vertically challenged!

  11. I purchased 2009 C50t last year. Got it tricked out by the dealer. It’s a fantastic machine and since I read your article, I’ll plan on doing some cross-country myself. Fantastic article.

  12. I am a 56 year old female. After a heart attack in 2009 I decided to treat myself in 2010 and purchased a Boulevard C50. In early June of 2010 I took off on the bike along with my sister (who bought a Honda Shadow) and we did 10,000 miles in 10 weeks. We did Montana to Florida up to Maine (with lots of fun in between) and north along the Canadian border over to Michigan and down and back over to Florida. My bike went without incident (except for other people’s stupidity on the road). My sister had some issues but nothing that couldn’t be fixed. I love my bike and am wondering since I am just 5-feet-1 and at about 135 pounds if I could handle a C90.

    1. You might want to also post this question on the WRN Forum listed under the “It’s All About You” section.

  13. I’m with Kristi! Please give me a 6th gear! I’d buy an aftermarket tranny if I could find one that would fit properly. If anyone knows where I can find a 6-speed tranny for a 2008 C50T please let me know. Thank You

  14. Like the feedback. We bought a used 2006 Limited Edition C50 with 8,500 miles. It came with added windshield, saddlebags, OEM lights and exhaust. Got it for the wife, (5-feet-2) but she is not quite ready. Dropped it first try.

    After her initial “feel bad” stopped hurting, we rode home. She has been a trooper ever since and can't wait to hop on back. Riding course is set for May 1st.

    We are buying her a used 250 Virago (with custom flames on tank) this weekend. Confidence building trainer.

    Oh, we have put almost 1k on “Sally” already despite the cold and rain. (Bought it February 2010). Love the smooth power, good throttle, would like a sixth gear.

    Have faith that the wife will ride this yet. May get bigger crash bars. Meanwhile I am enjoying the heck out of “her” bike.

  15. To all reading this article,
    I love this bike, but I have had nothing but problems with it as soon as I hit about 25k miles. I ended up taking it back to the dealer and all they told me was that I shouldn't be having the problems I have been having. It was smoking badly and cutting out constantly and adjusting the valves and the fuel injectors didn't help. Finally when I got the money I took it in to the dealer and told them I wanted it taken apart and fixed. What I found out was that the dealer told me that Suzuki manufactured the piston rings with faulty tolerances and were going to fail after 20 – 30k miles. I don't know if it is isolated to the 2006 C50T which is the one that I have.

    After they rebuilt the engine, the stator failed and shortly thereafter the clutch went out, although I am told I was lucky the clutch didn't fail at 40k. My bike now has almost 70k miles on it and the engine still needs to be rebuilt…again; the work wasn't done right the first time and I am still having problems and took it back to the dealer about a week after I got it back from them. I just now was able to convince the service manager he needed to rework the bike at their own expense, of course they are not going to want to redo the work.

    For my first motorcycle I have had a lot of good times with this bike and have learned how to ride on it, but I will never buy another Suzuki as long as I live. You should all be carefull of your engines right around 20 – 30k miles. If you start having problems, you'll know why.

  16. My last bike was a GSX-R 750 in 1986. I'm a bit older now and just bought a C50 with 28,000 km on it. Has all the accessories from the owner who spent about $2,000 — foot plates, side bags, windscreen. I enjoy the torque and power and not having to jump between gears like a super bike, which is part of the reason I went this way. In my early days riding this bike I have already bumped the foot plates on a corner, which I felt I took moderately, so I have some concerns here. Just to need learn my leaning degrees. Otherwise it's smooth ,cool and fast enough for me.

  17. After riding two-up with my husband for a while, I decided I just couldn't handle the “big black orb” in my face anymore so my husband bought me my own bike, a 2007 C50T. Since I haven't ridden in 30 years, I'm really enjoying how forgiving this big-little bike is. It's easy to handle on country roads, it has a smooth, comfy ride and I especially love the lower seat, the floorboards and windshield. I'm not having any trouble keeping up with my husband as he rides his 1300 V Star but a 6th gear would make my bike perfect!

  18. I bought a stock 2008 C50, my first street bike. Have been riding dirt bikes for years. I like the styling and the bike is very easy to ride. The low center of gravity and low seat height makes the bike corner really well at slow and higher speeds. The stock seat could be more plush as riding 250-plus miles gives the need to get off of it for a short time. And due to it being an 800cc it really needs a 6th gear.

    At 70mph the revs are a little too high. The brakes are very good and feel confident in being able to stop when I need to. The bike does need a tach tough, just so you know where the power band starts.

    One big note about the floor boards: be very careful when cornering. I've touched the ground with them twice while cornering, just barely — but it let's you know their there. They should have been placed more forward and higher up. Thinking of buying a sport-touring bike.

  19. Have had my '08 M50 (same mechanicals as C50) for a couple months. Liked the C50, but wanted the cast wheels and lighter fenders. Great bike, fun to ride, plenty of power. Added the windshield and bags. Have put on 2,000 miles. The buffers accessory looks like a great idea.

  20. I have enjoyed reading all the reviews on Suzuki C50 bikes. I bought a new 2007 C50, cherry and black, last April (08) and have enjoyed many hours and miles on it since. No problems or regrets. My two best friends ride Harleys and we go somewhere every weekend often doing 250 to 350 miles a day. They are super impressed with my bike. I have taken my time in adding on things and now have it up to a C50T except for the cast wheels. I have Vance & Hines Cruser pipes and a Fuel Commander lll installed. I also added chrome neck covers, swing arm covers, side covers, drive shaft cover and a light bar. With the Leather studded bolt on bags and a leather studded seat I really get a lot of great comments on the bike. I have 8,400+ miles on it and have had no problems. Runs like a dream.

  21. Little known fact: You are able to replace your spoke wheels and whitewall tires with spokeless wheels and tubeless tires. Suzuki has made “Limited” editions of the C50 model with tubeless tires. We changed the wheels out on our 2006 C50T through our Suzuki dealer. It's worth the change.

  22. I am a very experienced rider. I have been riding since I was 10; am now 48. I had this bike (2007 C50T) purchased for me by my wife. I was accustomed to four cylinder Japanese bikes. My only rides on V-twins were all Harleys and I did not like the “classic” shake. I was pleasantly surprised by the smoothness of the Suzuki. This is enhanced by switching to full synthetic motor oil after break-in. I am proud to say that I have accrued more than 13,000 miles with no mechanical problems and am just now replacing the factory tires. I love the white walls but am tired of having to remove red Magalia dirt from them constantly.

  23. Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of my first ride on any motorcycle in 20 years, a 2008 C50T. This bike is by far the finest I have ever ridden. I have owned a 1984 Harley FLHTC and a Yamaha 650 special, not to mention all the bikes I've ridden but didn't own.

  24. I just purchased a 2005 C50T with 16K on it. I was bent on getting a H-D Sportster until I rode the C50T. This bike feels more like a larger H-D without all the maintenance problems. I am going to install Cobra Street Rod exhaust next week as well as an FI2000 fuel management kit. I will make another comment once I have ridden for a few days. So far I love this bike.

    1. Not sure what maintenance problems you're talking about with a Sportster. Harley-Davidsons are pretty maintenance free these days.

  25. This is for James, as Bob K. never answered his question. (posted 3/14/09)
    I have one of these bikes, a 2008 C50T, and love it. The lowers really help a lot. I bought mine at They were very easy to deal with and delivery was quick.

  26. I am looking at a 2008 C50 with 8000 km. The article and all the comments are really helpful. Thanks everyone.

  27. I am 60 years old. The 2007 C50 is my second bike. I get lots of respect with this one. I don't know if they think it's a Harley or if they are C50 fans like me. Just this morning a truck driver gave me the thumbs up. I gave it back and pulled off and gave him a show. Oh the thrills.

  28. Thanks, all for some great insights and opinions. My last bike was a 2004 Triumph T-Bird Sport and I put about 10k on it the first year. Carb problems, etc., and rough ride caused me to sell.

    This 'Zuki looks as though it might be an answer to my needs for another ride. Don't like the comments about the 70+ mph vibration since in our part of Texas that's a crusing speed.

    I'm looking at a used 2007 with 1300 miles on it tomorrow morning, but I'm wondering why the last owner sold it with such low mileage. Thoughts?

  29. Last year for my 64th birthday I bought a new 07 C50C Limited Edition (so I could have the cast wheels with tubeless tires). I have since loaded it with all the C50T components plus Cobra crash bars and an OEM Light Bar so I can be seen. I also added 2 inch risers to the handle bars. They really helped the comfort level. I drilled out the baffel plates with several 3/4 holes. That helped the exhaust tone quite a bit. I'm reluctant to put Cobra or other aftermarket exhausts on; think they might be too loud for me.

    So far I have 2,000 miles with no problems and am looking forward to some longer trips this summer. Also looked at Harley Road King and Electra Glide Standard (their the same bike with different wind screens). Liked them a lot but not worth the price difference, and I felt Suzuki will be more reliable, run smoother, and handle better. Great bike!

  30. I am a new rider, and bought my first bike in 2007. It is a 2007 red and black C50. I love it. Plenty of power and comfort. This bike turns heads every time I ride. Lots of chrome from the factory, plus all the extra that is available online. (Cruiser Great prices.

  31. This is for Bob K., Gastonia, NC, (posted 3/1/09): Where did you buy the lowers from and how much?

  32. I bought a new 08 C50T, black, in August 08 and love it. I started with a Honda Rebel 250 CMX for a few months due to my age (72) and saw I could be a regular rider, so I moved up. It is so very beautiful to look at. It runs great. Gas mileage is quite good and has been above 50 on some longer slower rides. There was very substantial vibration and wind buffeting at speeds above 55 so I ordered “lowers” (wind deflectors) to mount on each front fork. These add ons are amazing. The buffeting disappeared. This is an all-around great bike.

  33. We bought a 2008 C50T red and white. We got it in July and before we parked it for the winter, we put almost 3000 miles on it. I rode Harleys most of my life. When we got this bike, I found I love it and will never go back to a Harley. This is the most comfortable bike I have ever ridden.

  34. I have owned four of these bikes. They evolved from the Volusia. My current 2006 C50T has 7000 miles on it with no problems. What no one else mentioned is the ease of maintenance. The earlier models had some bugs but the C50T has got everything right.

  35. I love my C50T! She handles like a dream and has the power to get me out of a tricky situation if the need arises. It has a low center of gravity and a very comfortable seat. The clutch is smooth and the torque is great! I've gone on out-of-state trips and never felt like I was being jarred around, and I had very little rider fatigue. I also love the way she looks. Mine is crimson and cream with white-wall tires. Many riders have commented that it has a retro look: like a '57 Chevy. I would recommend the C50T to anyone who loves riding with power and “class.”

  36. I bought a C50 today and I have to say that after trying to choose between it and a Yamaha V star, I'm glad of the choice I made.

  37. I seem to differ from the other comments on my satisfaction level with my 2006 C50T. Earlier this year I went on a 6200 mile tour of Canada. After having it serviced half way, I noticed with about 600 miles left that it was starting to get louder, sounding like not enough oil getting to the head. I continued home and took it to my local dealer on the 21st of June, and have not seen it since (as of October 6th). The dealer sent the parts to the Canadian Head Office. I'm very dissappointed with the time and the results. I was told that I would be responsible to pay the labor and that Suzuki would pay for the parts, I guess I should consider myself lucky, but the warranty was up approximately two weeks before.

    The overall lack of communication from the dealer and Suzuki, has left a bad taste in my mouth. I suppose I should consider myself lucky, the bike was a great ride, but this whole experience as left me with a down with Suzuki attitude.

  38. I bought a new C50T in 2006. I love it. I am getting 50 mpg riding one up. I lose just a little bit with my wife and some luggage aboard. But she now has a bike of her own and does not ride with me much anymore. But even with her on we had lots of power.

    I am thinking of putting a Mustang seat on it for a little extra comfort on long rides. I also ut driving lights on because I didn't like the way the original headlights shine on the road at night. But with the driving lights on it made a world of differance. I have about 14,000 miles on it. (would have more but I had my arm operated on in June), but you can bet next year I will be making up the miles I lost this year. I love this bike.

  39. What is considered high mileage for a Suzuki C50? I'm looking at a 2006 model that has 9,800 miles on it. The bike looks and sounds great. Should I worry about the mileage? I'm a very casual rider. It will probably take me four years to put on another 9,800 miles.

  40. What can I say? Great bike. I love everything about it. I got mine a week ago and have not stopped riding it yet. Took my wife for a ride and she loved it. Great power and plenty of room on this bike. I would tell everyone to buy this bike. Forget Harley. For $10,000 less, I got a great bike. Would like to get a cup holder for the bike.

  41. I have a C50 I've had for about two months. I bought it with .7 miles on it and now it has about 2000. I love it. It's fun on curves and easy to ride at slow or fast speed. I am a 5-feet-4 female and it fits perfect.

  42. I've had my 2008 C50T about a month now (Aug 08). I bought it locally; it was used with 3300 miles on it, off Craigslist. Mine is candy apple red and white. Previous owner added numerous accessories. I think it's drop dead beautiful! Worthy of being parked in my living room!

    I've ridden it more than 500 miles now. One day I went on a 300-mile ride with three others into the mountains of Col. I found it has a great amount of torque at low RPMs. It's a real stump puller! No lack of power for this old boy!

    I like everything about the bike except for one thing. Vibration eminates above 70 mph. Ride it for an hour above 70 and my feet begin to go numb. The vibes are not present in the handebar as you can see things in the mirrors, but very noticeable in your feet. I was hoping for it to be much smoother from all the reports I had read, but I guess I should have known that's a V-twin for ya. It's tollerable, but not pleasant. Other than that I'm pleased with my purchase.

  43. I purchased almost exactly a year ago a 2007 C50 Limited Edition and have had zero regrets since. I learned to ride on a 1980 Honda CB650C several years ago, so this is my second bike. have been nothing but pleased with its performance, handling, and its look. I sat on many different bikes — Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and H-D's. I was trying to find a good balance between price, comfort, and style and the C50 satisfied all three for me. I'm 6 feet and this was the most comfortable bike of its class that I sat on.

    Here it is only a year later and I already have a little over 12,000 miles on it. I ride it to work every day it doesn't rain, and even some days when it does, and rode all winter long. I have also since added all the features of the C50T and then some — light bar, windshield, crash bar, radiator cover, deluxe suzuki bags, and passenger backrest. Currently on order are a set of Cobra streetrod slashdown pipes, as the factory pipes are on the wimpy side of the audible range.

  44. Recently purchased a C50T and was a little apprehensive at first. I was used to my old 750 Intruder, but after a few miles felt right at home riding it. It is a great bike. The little lady and I really enjoy riding it. She likes the nice ride it gives with the wider seat.

  45. I'm 43 years old. Bought my first bike two weeks ago – a black C50. The reviews from this Web site convienced me to purchase the Suzuki. Thanks.

    I have 585 miles on it and love it. I'm 6-foot-4 and find it big enough to ride with ease.

  46. I wholeheartedly agree with the author. This bike has plenty of power, handles well, and is very nicely priced. With 1200 miles on my 2008 C50T, my only concern is the overly loud engine noise –sounds like a bunch of marbles rattling around in there. Brakes are OK, but a pair of discs up front would be nice.

    Instrumentation is very nice. The clock is an added bonus, and in no time you forget all about the missing tachometer. The seating and positioning are right on for me (I'm 5-feet-10, 180 pounds) –very, very comfortable.

    The quality and fit of parts looks to be up to Suzuki standards –excellent. If you're in the market for an affordable tourer, check this bike out!

  47. I love this bike. I have a 1977
    CB750A Hondamatic and soon I will be upgrading to a C50. I love the way it rides and handles and the apperance is just awesome! If I was to give someone info on a good motorcycle, it would have to be a Boulevard. It's cheap on gas and the price is just unbelievable. It basically pays for itself in the long term with gas prices.

  48. I just bought my 2008 Suzuki C50, and I'm loving it. I haven't had a bike since I left California 13 years ago. I had a Suzuki 650 back in California, and never had a problem with it, so I bought Suzuki again. I thought this was a bike I could pull up along side anyone, and be proud of. I certainly can, too! It's quick on the acceleration, and handles the corners great!

    I'm 5-feet-8 and stand flat footed when sitting on the seat, and can easily handle the weight distribution of the bike. I was happily surprised of how well it handles, and for a cruiser type, not being heavy at all to turn. It's a lot of bike for your money, and at 46 years old, I think I'm good to go for a while. It's extremely smooth at high speeds, and just rides wonderfully!

  49. My husband has this bike and I am taking the BRC for my endorsement. I am 5 feet 9 inches and am wondering if this bike will be too much for me. He is giving me this one and getting a bigger Boulevard. I will be testing on a 250. I'm a little nervous to practice on his because IF I dump it, he WILL go through the roof. Any thoughts?

    1. Well, there's a chance you may dump it since you're a beginner rider. If he will go through the roof, I advise you to find a smaller bike to practice on for six months, then move up to the C50T. No need to start on something with negatives thoughts swirling about. You're destined to drop it with that attitude and fear of dropping it in the air — and then where will you be when he chews you out for dropping it? Down and discouraged. Not a way to start your motorcycle adventure.

  50. I am looking at buying my first bike in more than 25 years and I was just gandering at a Suzuki C50 a few hours ago. Now that I've read all these experienced riders comments I can't wait to get that bike and ride! I've been concerned about mileage and comfort but I see both can be good on this machine. Am looking forward to my first visit to my Dad in Colorado. Will he be surprised!

  51. I bought my red and white 2008 C50T yesterday June 20, 2008. I moved up from a S40 and love the smooth ride this gives me. I also like the feel of the seat on my bottom although I have not yet taken it on a long ride. That comes tomorrow leaving early with my son who will be riding his newly acquired Honda Spirit.

    I am 69 and want to retire from our family business and riding longer distances on a smooth motorcycle seems like a fun way to retire.

    I have ordered a head light modulator as did a previous writer and think my next addition will be a drivers seat back rest to add to my comfort.

  52. I retired in December 2007 from a 60-year-old family business. Decided to buy a bike and just go for it. Have been riding off and on all my life. Shopped around and feel in love with the C50T. Can't say enough good about it. Not only does it preform good, but looks awsome. Added louder pipes because of the traffic in Houston. Want to be sure people know I'm there.

  53. Great information in your review. We were in the market for a new “cruiser” style motorcycle after a lot of internet research, dealer tire kicking we bought a 2008 Suzuki C50C. We love it! Our main comments are the easy starting and comfortable ride. Thanks!

  54. I concur with everyone on the nice ride and ease of handling on the C50. I have a 2006 C50 and love the way it just “walks” out of a parking lot.
    However, has anyone looked at their front hub on the front wheel for any cracks? I have seven in mine. Factory rep looked at mine last week and would not exchange it out. My one-year warranty had expired. I'd suggest everyone check the hub for poor forging cracks. Don't know if this compromises my safety ornot.

  55. All the reviews I have read on the C50 have been good. I will be taking my riding course this weekend and have already ordered my bike. It's a 2007 (new) C50C. It comes with the aluminum rims, metalic gray paint, windshield, saddlebags and passenger backrest. I wanted the black but it sold before I made my decision. I weigh 170 pounds and this will be my first bike. I think I will take it slow at first until I'm comfortable. I can't wait.

  56. The C50T is a great bike to ride, especially for us “short” people (under 5 feet 7 inches). My only complaint is the helmet lock is in the wrong place on the bike. You can't use it, because it is covered up by the left side bag.

  57. The C50T is the best bike I have ever owned and I have owned a lot of them. Not only does it handle like a pro but it's fast — and not shabby for an 800cc. Even when I got my lady on the back it can snap your head if your not careful. But the best feature of it all is having all the Harley riders that come up to you and admire your ride. It's great! Thank you Suzuki for making such a nice an affordable piece of machinery.

  58. Shortly after taking the MSF course for an Internet purchased scooter, I developed a hankering for a cruiser. I soon found the prices for used Harleys discouraging, and pretty much dismissed the notion until a neighbor put a beautiful white and silver bike in his front yard with a sign on it. A complete lack of badging brought me closer to it, but the minute I sat and started it, I knew it was something special.

    It is an '07 C50 and, although I have only owned it for three days, riding this bike on open country roads is a religious experience. My shifting was a bit rusty, but the ease of changing cogs on this bike made me proficient in just a few hours. I obviously don't know much about other bikes, but I know this one has the balance, power, sound, comfort, and reliability of what a cruiser should be. This is something that will be in my garage my entire life.

  59. I love my C50T. I've removed the sissy bar and pillion seat and it looks more sleek. I've added spot lights and the modulating head lamp wafer from Kuryakyn for safety against little old ladies pulling out of driveways in front of me. I've also added engine guards, and replaced the original seat with a gel seat, which really makes the bike more comfortable to ride. I've added risers to the bars and now I don't have to lean forward as before.

    The only complaint is the engine noise. It sounds like something banging around in the engine or something going on with the valves. Otherwise she is beautiful to ride even through the twisties although the foot boards are nearly ground off from scraping the road.

  60. I've been riding everything from dirt bikes to cruisers for more than 40 years. I presently own several bikes. My C50T is the favorite for everyday use, commuting, and just relaxation when I just want to ride without hassle. It has been my choice to take to Sturgis for the last three years because of its comfort, light weight, and reliability. It has no problem keeping up with bigger bikes, and is a lot easier to handle. And it will run off and hide from bigger, heavier bikes in the twisties.

    My only complaints on this bike are the difficulty in adjusting the valves, and I wish the bike had an option to replace the spoked wheels with mags so you could use a tubeless tire. Easy to ride, easy to maintain, and darn good looking. This bike is a winner.

  61. I love the look of the C50T except one thing – the studs all over. This is the one thing keeping me from buying this bike. Why can't it be an option?

  62. I am a licensed driver, but have not ridden a motorcycle since 1982. I am registered for a safety class, and plan on purchasing the Suzuki C50T 2009. The reason I can't purchase the 2008 C50T is because they are all sold out according to my local Suzuki dealers. The C50T is always the first motorcycle to be sold out. The C50T gives the buyer the most motorcycle for the money. Dealers have no information about the 2009 C50T. The only thing they know is they will be on sale August 1, 2008.

  63. I absolutely love my 2008 C50T. I was intimidated a bit at first by the big looks of the bike, but it was a pussy cat to ride. I am 5 feet 3 inches, and the bike is great, rides and handles smoothly. My boyfriend, Greggy, and I doubled up for a weekend cruise and it was very comfortable. Now I would like to add passenger floorboards. I fully recommend this bike to any one. She is a beauty at a great price!

  64. I bought a C50T in March 2006. The ride is excellent. I can ride all day long with the big boys, and not get tired and use less gas than the big bikes. The room is great for two or just one, lots of stretch.

    However, I have noticed a problem with my engine. There is a bad clicking noise when cold in the crank area of the engine. I tried to adjust my valves. Ha, ha good luck! They are in a terrible arrangement above the engine and no room for hands or tools even. I swear they lower the engine from the frame to do the valves. That is the ultimate crappy thing I've seen.

    But the ride and smoothness of this bike keeps me from trading it in on something else. I am going to the bike shop on this noise in the crank. I have seen lots of good reviews from this bike in the past two years. I may have just gotten a rotten engine? I hope the bike shop provides me with good service. That is hard to find anymore.

  65. Having ridden most brands of motorcycles for 40 years, now 56 years old, I really love my C50T. I ride 450 miles a week to work and this is the best highway cruiser I have ever had, even surpassing the Harley Heritage Classic.

    This is a very sexy bike- – excuse me ladies — the whitewall tires, studded seats, I feel like a millionaire at a fraction of the cost. Would recommend this bike to anyone!

  66. I purchased my 2007 C50 last June, two weeks after completing my safety course. I didn't ride any motorcycles prior to this. Some people may have purchased something smaller for their first bike but I didn't want to buy one bike then upgrade after I got comfortable riding. I did drop the bike once, due to inexperience. I still have the duct tape on the turn signal. I consider it my badge of honor.

    I'm only 5-feet-3 so my husband changed out the dog bones to drop it 2 inches. Now I can flat foot it. We've taken some day trips and I've had no mechanical problems at all and am able to hold my own with others in the group (Honda Gold Wing, Harley Softail Deluxe and Honda VTX riders). I love this bike and feel very comfortable on it. I'm sure I'll have it for quite some time.

  67. I have ridden motorcycles since 1973 and have gone through about as many different brands and types as you can imagine. My primary touring bike for the last eight years has been a BMW R 1100 R. I have always preferred a “straight up” sitting position which is a more proper orthopedic position.

    However, a buddy and I (he rides a Harley Electra Glide) bought two C50s and shipped them to Calif. into storage so that all we have to do is fly out to Calif. from Indiana and hop on our C50s and ride. We've done that twice now and absolutely love the Suzukis! I immediately put a windshield (which works wonderfully) and a driver backrest on which I highly recommend.

    I have come to like riding the C50 as much as the BMW. They are eacg a very different experience. Love the C50's fuel injection (I got used to it on the BMW) and its comfortable seat and foot pads. These are better than the BMW. We are certainly experienced riders and have nothing but great things to say about this bike. It is truly a bike that is appropriate for new and experienced riders.

  68. I bought my 2006 C50T after my motorcyle training class. I started out on 250 Honda Rebel, put on 5000 miles on that and moved up to the C50T and have never looked back. It is such an easy bike to ride. I put on 14,000 miles the first summer and had not one problem. I get lots of compliments on her; she looks great and rides even better.

    Took it to Nashville with friends on Harleys and had no problem keeping up and looked every bit as good. (Most folks think it is a Harley!) I love this bike and I don't plan to get rid of it anytime soon. It's all I'll ever need.

  69. Follow up on “Albert Bee, Santa Clara, CA, 1/14/2008” article: C50 vs. M50 vs. Kawasaki Vulcan 900

    I purchased the 2008 M50. The bike handles as well as what other satisfied riders have experienced. Of the (subtle) gripes on other forums, I do find the pipes to be on the quiet side and the rear drum brakes a bit soft. However, my bike is currently at the shop for its 600-mile service, and have addressed the brake issue to the service writer.

    As for the pipes, I'll wait after the warranty period, and do a bit more research before considering any modification to the exhaust system.

    The M50 is my first bike, ever! It handles surprisingly well. and it certainly loves cornering. I ride it whenever the chance presents itself. In the morning, I can't wait to get on the bike just to ride to work (how many people can say that sitting in a car in commuter traffic?).

    So far, I am getting 44+ miles to a gallon…this is not an average.

    For those considering the C50 or M50, the engines are, pretty much, identical. Although, the aesthetics may appear to be a bit different, the engine is basically the same. It just boils down as to whether your preference is the classic or muscle cruiser. Either way, you've made
    great choice.

  70. In my early years I used to race motocross and enjoyed it for a couple of years until I had a bad crash coming of a jump. I have never had a road bike and did not get the bug again until a couple of years ago. I was 51 when I got my first cruiser. I spent a lot of time researching motorcycles before making a purchase and I could not find a bad article on the Suzuki C50. In 2006 Suzuki came out with the custom version (C50C) and I fell in love with the looks. I have driven it to work and have taken many rides with my friends and love this motorcycle.

    I ride with with a group of Harley bikers and when we stop my bike gets all the attention from onlookers. I have added a shield and bags along with a few other items and I will NEVER sell this bike. It rides like a dream, feels great on the long rides and is easy to handle for the trips through the city. I have never had any problems with this bike. I would recommend the C50, any version, to any level rider. I honestly believe this is the best all around motorcycle on the road. Thanks Suzuki for delivering a wonderful product.

  71. I have an '05 C50T and absolutely love it. I have been riding for about 40 years and have owned just about every make of motorcycle. The C50T is in a class all its own. It has strong acceleration, throaty exhaust and handles perfectly. Suzuki has a winner with this bike.

  72. Your article was “right on” about the C50. I was a first time (as in never before) rider and didn't know what I should get. My husband rides a Honda, so he encouraged me to sit on an Aero 750. It didn't feel right, but as soon as I set on the C50 I knew that was the bike for me; it just felt right.

    I now have more than 30,000 miles on it and no problems at all. I get comments everywhere I go and people are suprised that it is an 800cc and as light as it is. On cold mornings my husband has to go out and “warm up” the carburator Honda, and then it sputters for a while going down the road, but my fuel-injected Suzuki cranks right up and pulls out as smooth as butter. I love it, and if I ever decide to trade it'll be another C50 for me!

  73. I own a C50T. My husband bought it for me in June of 07. I am 5 feet 6 inches and this bike is totally awesome. Great look, even better to handle! I absolutely love it. I get so many compliments on its look – it is unbelievable. My response is, “You should feel how she handles.” My husband likes my bike better than his own and rides it every chance he gets. Between me and my husband we put more than 1,000 miles on her in two months. She is my baby!

    Looking for a great bike, this is the one. Price, value, look, you just can't beat her. I am planning on adding some custom paint this summer. LOVE HER, LOVE HER, LOVE HER!

  74. First let me say, great article. I've been researching the whole motorcycling world since about 08/07, I've always wanted to ride and figured I'd just go for it. I plan on buying my first ride this summer (after taking the MSF course).

    The C50T was the first bike that caught my eye and got me pumped up to ride, and knew I wanted it but I still looked around, but I kept coming back to the C50T. Thanks to your article (which answered every question/concern I had about starting out on such a bike), I'm firmly convinced this bike is for me.

    By far the best and most honest review I've read, and all the readers comments are very helpful as well. Seems like everyone is in complete agreement. Thanks to everyone.

  75. My wife bought hers last September, and I must say, it's a great bike, especially for solo use. The only weak spot is valve adjustment – I do all my own work, and this one wasn't fun. Other than that, I live in the best of two words — wifey can't ride it to work, so I get to.

    Normally I'm on an 07 Sportster 1200R, but I DO have to exercise Ms. Suzy periodically 🙂 The C50 is smoother and quieter than the Sporty (which is like a '57 Chevy with no oil leaks), and light on its feet. We're looking forward to some very long rides this year. Great choice!

  76. Was looking a buying a new Honda VTX 1300 but after reading this article and several others I am set that the C50T is the one for me. I haven't found anyone who has said anything bad about this bike after riding it. Thanks for the info!

  77. I bought a 2007 C50 after coming down from a Suzuki Intruder 1500 because I wanted a brand new bike.

    I was worried the C50 would seem small after the 1500, and although it doesn't have the highway power or the taller gears of the bigger bike, I am more than satisfied. It has as much power as I need to cruise, and is much more maneuverable in tight conditions.

    I love the fuel injection. No more starting worries, even on cold mornings. Something I could't say for the 1500.

    I've added saddlebags and am adding lowers because of the updraft. I'm confident that will eliminate the problem; my jacket billows at high speeds.

    I'm also going to add aftermarket pipes to get the sound of my 1500, not to mention more performance. Air kit, too. I see myself keeping this bike at least a couple of years before I go bigger — if I go bigger. It has enough power without the cumbersome weight of the biger cruisers. I'm getting 50 mpg. Nice!

  78. I have owned my C50 since 2006. It was my first bike. I bought it right after my motorcycle safety course. I used to ride dirt bikes in my youth, but mostly I was a newbie rider to the street bike at 45 years young.

    The review of this bike is right on the money! I love my bike and have really tricked it out. I have more than 16K trouble free miles on my bike now and it has changed my life so much that I have decided to live the passion I have for motorcycles by enrolling in MMI to become a Suzuki tech.

  79. I am 58 years old and just started to ride a bike. I just got my license two months ago. I rode a motorbike twice when I was 21 years old. Since then, it has been my obsession, but I could not afford financially.

    Now I have a 225 Yamaha Scorpio I'm using for my learners permit. I am now looking for a middle size cruiser. The article and the comments from your readers has given light to narrow down my choice between Honda VT750 and C50. Thank you.

    I found freedom and enjoyment riding a motorbike which you will never experience driving a car. Age shouldn't deter anyone from pursuing one's own obsession.

  80. Thanks so much for the info on the Suzuki C50. I had looked at it but was scared that it would be too much to handle. After not riding for 17 years(husband wouldn't let me), I bought a Suzuki S40. It is a great bike to learn on again, and to run around town, but not for long trips, and I was looking to upgrade. Now I can't wait to go out and trade for the C50.

  81. Great article! Forgetting that this is mainly a women's biking site, I believe the comments and feedback of information from both male and female riders are invaluable.

    As with NK, from India (11/22/07), I, too, am split between three bikes: Suzuki C50, Suzuki M50 and the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic. The M50 first caught my eye. Great looks, impressive handling, comfort, standard equipment and specs, features and price point. As a matter of fact, the M50 shares some of C50's attributes in regards to standard equipment, specs, comfort, handling and features.

    I, then, ran across an (archive) comparison article from It featured the C50 vs. the V900 Classic. The comparison tests between the C50 and the V900 was, pretty much, a stalemate. Even the test riders could not pick an outstanding winner.

    I have had the opportunity to personally sit on all three bikes; all are comfortable and affordable with great features and are neck-to-neck in regards to specs. It now comes down to standard equipment and features: 4.1 gal, vs. 5.3? Rear disk vs. drum? Belt vs. shaft? I believe you get my point and can appreciate my conundrum.

    Has anyone experienced riding the C50 and V900 Classic? Your thoughts, please.

    1. Visitors please feel free to respond to this posting and we'll post the reponses as we get them.

      Also, we're glad you, a male, see value in what we offer. While we have “women” in the name, the content is geared towards ALL riders. I'm glad you see that.

  82. Thank you! I have been toying with the idea of learning to ride for sometime. I am a Registered Nurse and mother of four, married 15 years to a wonderful man. After reading your article, he went out and bought me a 2008 Suzuki Boulevard C50! I will take the safety class next week. I am pretty excited.

    I was apprehensive but I feel better now. Your review gave me the confidence to try a bigger bike rather than the 250 I was initially attracted to. I am a bigger girl – 5'7″ and 180 lbs. so I think I would have wanted something bigger later. My husband says it is a very smooth ride and he is confident I can do it! Your article really gave me a boost!

  83. Just picked up my C50 on Thursday. Gave it a quick ride in the neighborhood that evening. Wow! I cannot tell you how awesome she is: comfy, smooth and easy to handle. Great choice for me and I highly recommend it!

  84. I purchased the C50T in Febuary 2007 and have put 8,000 miles on her, trouble free. I've found the bike controls well at high speed or low speed. The bike has a low center of gravity, which is always a plus for us smaller statured people. It makes it a lot easier to handle. I have had many other bikes, but this was my first new one. I must say that it has been a great choice for me. I really do think Suzuki got it right with this one. Really think you've done a great job on the review.

  85. I have ridden my 2007 C50T for about 1,000 miles. It is one of the best bikes in its class, bar none. Easy to ride and maintain. What really got me was the looks. It's classic looks and state of the art operation, lots of add-ons and a bargain of a price. That spells HOME RUN for Suzuki.

  86. I simply love my 2007 C50 and have put about 6000 miles on this summer. I think you get a bunch of goodies for a good price with the T model but I wanted to make my own choices on extras.

  87. I just picked up my first cruiser: the 2008 model C50. I have always been into Suzuki's, but always trail bikes. My first was a PE400. I upgraded to the 06 DRZ400E. I decided to get a road bike tossing up between the new GSF650 sport tourer and the C50.

    I finally went for the C50 based on comfort and value for money, not to mention they hold their price better than a sport bike. I was concerned about riding a cruiser style bike but was pleasantly surprised on how easy the transition was. It was very comfortable and predictable to ride without being boring. It only took me about 20 minutes to understand how to ride safely. I am 6 feet tall and the low seating is no problem. I love riding it so much that I look for reasons to hit the road for a spin. Highly recommend this bike. I will always be into trail bikes and now always have a cruiser.

  88. Wonderful article. It was encouraging to know that others waited until their 40s to begin riding. I personally waited until 50 to take an interest. I bought a 2007 C50 to keep up with my husband and set out to learn to ride. Unfortunately, being a first time rider (as in NEVER been on a cycle), the C50 is too large for me and I had an “incident.”

    I purchased a smaller used 250cc to learn on so the C50 will sit in the garage for a bit while I learn to ride her properly. I believe she will be a fine bike. I, too, am 6-feet-5 and find that my feet will fit nicely on the ground to stabilize balance.

  89. Sounds like a lovely ride and a wonderful trip. I was tossing up between the C50 and the 900 Vulcan myself. Gave up on street bikes a long time ago, as well as recently gave up on Harleys because of reports that they tend to be cumbersome in traffic conditions and that the Japanese bikes are way above in riding comfort.

    My other choice was the 1200 Nightster from Harley. Lovely looking beast, but for the reasons above, I have decided to stick to either Suzuki or Kawasaki. I am here on a women's biking site even though I am male because women make practical choices and are not swayed by power only as many of my male colleagues and friends are. Besides where I live — India — traffic is so bad that riding anything above a 600cc is really not practical. But, there are no decent 600cc V-twin format cruisers. Suzuki addresses the closest with the C50 or M50.

    I personally think a 900cc or 800cc cruiser is very good value for money and has sufficient power and presence to be the ideal sized bike.

    Your [test] bike looks GREAT! I love the white walled tires. They look terrific. Thanks for sharing the experience.

  90. After finishing my safety course I was a little worried about getting a bike. I am 5 feet 6 inches and needed a bike that could keep up with my husband's touring bike. We purchased a 2005 Suzuki Boulevard C50T. It felt great and I did not feel overwhelmed. It had all the extras I wanted in a touring bike. I found out after purchasing it that it was also prevously owned by a woman rider. I love this bike and don't think I will feel the need to change from the model.

  91. I recently purchased a 2005 C50 and ran across your review of the C50T. It is absolutely correct! I have thoroughly enjoyed my C50 and would recommend it to anyone interested in purchasing a comfortable bike. I am 5 feet 4 inches and can stand flat-footed with my knees slightly bent, which makes a world of difference in controlling your bike. It is a great investment to anyone (especially us short people), for stability, comfort, and all-around class. Thanks for making your review!

  92. I absolutely LOVE my 2007 Suzuki C50!!!! I purchased the regular C50, not the C50T, but I am adding touring accessories as I can afford them.

    I began riding about one year ago when I took the MSF Beginner Rider Safety Class. I cannot say how much I enjoy riding motorcyles, especially my C50. I am 6 feet tall so seat height is not an issue for me, but the bike fits me great. I also like the fact that the bike is fuel injected and liquid cooled. It is very easy to handle and a blast to ride. I strongly recommend the C50!

  93. This is actually my dream bike. I didn't think about the touring edition until I read the review, but now I will. I plan on buying this model next year. My biggest concerns is how it handled in high altitudes, how comfortable it was, how reliable, and how it would fit me (I'm short). I'm very happy that a review written by a lady rider tells me that I should be very happy with this bike!

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