Review: Aerostich Womens Roadcrafter Motorcycle Riding Suit

Aerostichs Roadcrafter one and two-piece riding suits have a huge following men, but among the women who love this all-over motorcycle riding protection suit, they have been relegated to wearing the men’s cut all these years. Finally, we get a women’s version. We put the suit through its paces for this thorough review.

Clothing Review: BMW TourShell Jacket and Pants

I spend a lot of time touring on my motorcycle in all kinds of weather. I live in Canada, but love riding all over the United States. My gear has to be comfortable, and keep me safe, warm and dry. While fit and function are the most important criteria, I want to get them in the fewest number of layers and pieces.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Rukka Armiina Riding Suit

I live in Idaho, and our riding season is quite short—we’re lucky if we’re able to ride seven months out of the year. But earlier this spring, I was fortunate enough to receive a Rukka Armiina riding suit to try out. The Armiina is a three-season motorcycle-riding suit intended to insulate you from the weather and give you more time on the road. I am pleased to say that I (comfortably!) started riding a month earlier than usual thanks to this suit.

Gear Guide for Big Girls: Textile Jackets and Pants

Textile motorcycle riding gear was once worn only by adventure-touring and off-road riders. Now these abrasion-resistant fabric jackets and pants are nearly as popular as leather gear among the mainstream street-riding population. Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen major advances in fabric versatility, as well as in style and sizing. You asked, and designers listened.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Olympia Moto Sports Airglide Pants and Jacket

I am riding along the spine of the Middle Atlas mountains when the electrical storm hits. Hail pelts my helmet and bolts of lightening streak horizontally across the snow-dusted road ahead of me. There’s no shelter where I can pull over to bundle up under my gear, but thankfully I’d zipped the waterproof liner in before I’d headed uphill.

New Womens Racing Suit

Those who ride sportbikes and spend a fair amount of time on the track know that selections for one-piece racing leathers cut specifically for women are limited. One company is trying to change that by adding a new womens racing suit to its apparel line giving female riders more options.

REVIEW: Firstgear TPG Monarch Jacket and Escape Pants

Its the kind of rainy, blustery weather in San Francisco that I never, ever ride in if I can help it but its the perfect day for a thorough test of my new Firstgear wardrobe: the Monarch jacket and Escape pants. Im very cozy with the liners zipped in and vents zipped up when I go outside to start my bike. “Whatsamatter?” yells my neighbor across the street. “Did your truck die?”

REVIEW: Spidi Lady Lizard Leather Tracksuit

Spidi has been involved in the manufacture of motorcycle racing products in the European market for 25 years. The companys new Lady Lizard Tracksuit provides the protection you need, with a women-specific fit that looks distinctive both on and off the track. Check out this weeks selection for the latest motorcycle product news!

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