New Leather and Textile Gear for a New Riding Season

A new riding season is a good reason for women riders to clean out their closets and invest in some new gear. Now that the cold weathers on its way out, we’ve got some great new jacket and pant options from several trusted (and new!) names in motorcycle apparel.

Gear Guide for Big Girls: Textile Jackets and Pants

Textile motorcycle riding gear was once worn only by adventure-touring and off-road riders. Now these abrasion-resistant fabric jackets and pants are nearly as popular as leather gear among the mainstream street-riding population. Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen major advances in fabric versatility, as well as in style and sizing. You asked, and designers listened.

Gear Guide for Big Girls: Leather Jackets

Even just a few years ago, a woman who was tall, large or curvy—or any combination of the three—had a difficult time finding riding gear that would fit well, protect and help her look good while riding a motorcycle. And if she wanted a choice of styles? Forget it. Like me, many women have stuffed themselves into mens gear for years just to be protected or ride in gear that just doesn’t fit quite right.

REVIEW: Firstgear TPG Monarch Jacket and Escape Pants

Its the kind of rainy, blustery weather in San Francisco that I never, ever ride in if I can help it but its the perfect day for a thorough test of my new Firstgear wardrobe: the Monarch jacket and Escape pants. Im very cozy with the liners zipped in and vents zipped up when I go outside to start my bike. “Whatsamatter?” yells my neighbor across the street. “Did your truck die?”

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