Aerostich Now Making Women’s Riding Suits

Popular one-piece riding garment now cut for women

The Roadcrafter from Aerostich is one of motorcyclings oldest and most popular riding suits. Developed in 1984, the Roadcrafter has been the suit of choice for thousands of riders heading out on world tours, as it offers the ultimate all-weather and performance protection for crossing multiple ecological and time zones in one trip. Now Aerostich is following the lead of many major motorcycle apparel manufacturers and making sizes cut specifically for women riders. Thats right, female motorcyclists—you no longer have to try and make a boxy “unisex” riding suit fit your curves.
WRN contributor Tricia Szulewski is one of the women cheering the introduction of the womens Roadcrafter. Shes currently putting the suit through its paces, so stay tuned for a full review!

Four new women’s sizes—8, 10, 12, and 14—are now available off the rack. Aerostich Roadcrafter suits are made from 500 Denier Cordura GORE-TEX fabric. According to Aerostitch, sleeve length, shoulder width, and “a thousand other dimensions” have been subtly redesigned to provide a fit designed for a woman’s body.

Women-specific updates include a smaller neck, narrower shoulders, a more defined waist and extra hip room.

Each Roadcrafter suit is loaded with features offering the best possible protection for riders. Here are just a few of those features:

  • High-visibility Scotchlite reflective material
  • Nine strategically placed external pockets
  • Provisions for removable arm and thigh map window pockets
  • Hip pads and a back pad
  • Underarm and back vents
  • Side zippers for access to your street pants
  • A comfortable snap-down, ultra-suede collar lining
  • A variety of adjustable tabs and zippers that allow you to fine-tune the fit
The suit is available in a variety of colors, including gray (shown here), hi-viz yellow (shown in the first photo), red, blue, black, and a number of custom colors.

We’ve known riders to have their Roadcrafter suit for life—that is, unless it’s torn apart in an accident. Even then, the high-quality Cordura fabric is abrasion resistant, so it’s designed to protect you should you take a spill on the pavement.Riders who engage in extensive touring and/or commuting know the value of quality riding gear that protects in all kinds of conditions.Keep that in mind when considering the price of this one-piece suit, which is $897. A two-piece option (with separate jacket and pants) is also available. Look for Tricia’s full review on Women Riders Now (WRN) in the coming months. Visit to learn more.

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10 thoughts on Aerostich Now Making Women’s Riding Suits

  1. I’ve been waiting for these suits for a long time. Now that they are here, I’m certain that I’ll need to visit the shop for a fitting. If other moto gear is any indication, those sizes are going to be way too large for me. I do hope to make it to the shop some day. The way these suits are said to perform, I really want to invest in one. Adding up the jacket and pants combos I’ve purchased for different seasons, I could have afforded one Aerostich instead of the mesh and non-mesh pants and jackets that currently fill my closet.I can’t wait for the full review!

  2. I just got my Aerostich catalog and they are going up to size 20 now. The “pulling” another reader noted is from the armor in the shoulders. I am not a small person myself, and not small “chested” either. I did not feel “smooshed.” The Roadcrafter goes over your street clothes, so is not ever going to be form fitting. I was fitted for the male version years ago and found that there is a huge difference in the amount of fabric under the arms, the shoulders fit better and the neck doesn’t feel like I am looking out from a hole. I wear full zip together leathers for every ride, and I am looking forward to the convenience of riding to hike, to run with friends and other places that leathers are a pain in the backside to get in and out of.

  3. I have to agree with the reviewers, what curves? My girls won’t fit in there and I have broad shoulders and muscles in my arms from taking care of horses and the barn for years. I find that a lot of the women’s motorcycle jackets don’t accommodate me at all. Come on…we have curves! Let’s get with it! I think they need a woman to design something for women.

  4. I’m not seeing any difference between the look of the Roadcrafter on the two women pictured than I have on prior photos of women wearing the men’s one. The upper arms and chest look just as over-big, boxy and masculine. The front pockets look like they’re placed over the sitting lap crease, which is bulky and unusable. I’m not feeling it, and I really would like to. I love the idea of these suits.

  5. The pic of the yellow one shows it pulling across the chest, and both pics show no darts or princess seaming or anything for shaping it so curvy American gals can both zip up and breath (with many riding suits, that is an ‘OR’ option.)

  6. What curves? That woman looks like a robot! Where are her curves? The bike has more curves than she does! Dang! That is one sexy bike!

  7. After buying pretty much every other kind of gear, I finally paid the big $$ to get a Roadcrafter. The wonderful customer service at Aerostich allowed me to get a suit that was almost custom made for not much more than the off-the-rack price. I was delighted with my suit in all but the hottest of weather. It’s perfect for commuting, even worn over a (hitched up) skirt and hose. I love how quick and easy it is to get on and off. Less than half a minute, even if you’re clumsy. The sales video shows 10 seconds.My suit gave its life to save mine last year. It was cut off me by paramedics on the freeway but other than that, it was barely marked after a freeway speed accident. My skin was not marked at all. Since then I’ve replaced it with another Roadcrafter which I hope to wear for many years.

  8. Seriously! Only to a size 14!Why bother?!

  9. Got mine fitted at the San Francisco “pop up” store and I am looking forward to mine in few weeks. The female cut is quite different and while will never be “fashion” it fits nicely and doesn’t give the “sta-puff” marshmallow look.

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