New Womens Racing Suit

Designed specifically for the female shape

Those who ride sportbikes and spend a fair amount of time on the track know that selections for one-piece racing leathers cut specifically for women are limited. One company is trying to change that by adding a new womens racing suit to its apparel line giving female riders more options.

The legendary Arlen Ness motorcycle accessory and custom motorcycle company is expanding its product line to include a new women’s racing suit aptly named The Lady.

The Lady is a one-piece suit designed to fit the curves and shape of womans body. It is made from 100 percent Brazilian leather for flexibility and protection. The patented elastic ribbing provides comfort and flexibility on the bike, while the patented knee sockets protect racers in the tight turns on the track. The suit is made to accept a back protector that must be purchased separately.

The front of the Arlen Ness women#39;s one-piece leathers shows the knee cap protection and armor there as well as the all fine detailing that make a first class racing suit.
On the back you can see the pink dragon detail and other graphic elements.

This racing suit comes in black and white leather with vibrant pink accents that the company press materials say provides “just enough of a feminine touch to let the guys know who you are as you go by.” A washable inner liner makes it easy to keep clean.

The Lady racing suit is available in sizes from XS to XXL and retails for $899.95. For more information or to find a dealer near you, visit or call 925.479.6350.

7 thoughts on New Womens Racing Suit

  1. I have been looking for a nice women's suit for about three months now and I can't seem to find anything that isn't pink or blue, or one piece. I work at the track that I ride and and don't have time to keep changing and the heat eliminates the option of just keeping the suit on. Is my only option really going to be to buy an overpriced custom suit?

  2. I ride an R1 on the track and a GSXR1000 on the street. This suit looks great, but I gotta admit, I am not a fan of pastels, and I definitely would “not” buy a pink suit riding the bikes I ride. I don't want my suit identifying me as a “lady.” I want to be seen as a good rider/racer. Drop the pink and stay away from the baby blues and I am in!!

  3. Looks great, if it weren't PINK I'd be really interested in trying one. I'm shopping for a women's suit right now and all I can find is pink or black amd white. Aside from not really needing my suit to scream “girl,” I don't ride a pink bike. It's not baby blue, either. I like Lori's idea of gold or silver accents.

  4. I went on their site and noticed that they have no size chart with size equivalencies or measurements, so I emailed them to see if they can provide that info. This would have been a nice thing to have had on the market a while back when I was looking for a suit and ended up having to have a pricey custom suit made. I just wonder if their size range will fit real women or just skinny little girls.

  5. Why oh why does pink always have to be synonymous with women's gear. Why can't it just have feminine curves to it and be cut to fit women and that be enough?

    I struggle time and time again, being in the motorcycle industry, to be considered as just another rider, not a girl. I hate the condescending remark of “you're a good rider – for a girl.”

    I would love to see manufacturers create a suit that has the same armor as the high end men's suits with a women's shape in mind and that's it.

    Let me know when that happens as I will be the first to buy one.

    Thanks for the information though, I am sure there are others who will like it.


  6. $900 is pretty steep for an “off the rack” suit. Guys suits can be found for around $600 with more protection than this one. Spend a little more ($1200) and you can get a custom suit made…perfect fit and you design it.

  7. Have always loved Arlen Ness products and would probably already have this suit if it came other than pink. I ride often, street and track, have two suits, one red/black women's Dainese and one, green/white/black Kawasaki Kusitani unisex.
    Not all girls/women are into pink. Perhaps a silver or gold metallic and we could add our own accessory colors.

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