“Everybody Has a Story” April Contest Honorable Mention #2

In June of 2000, at age 35, I left my last abuser for the tenth and last time. I was done having surgeries on my face. I was done being told, “Youre too ugly to be seen in public with me. And I knew if I stayed there I was going to die at the hands of this man who constantly and repeatedly told me he loved me.

“Everybody Has a Story” Contest

From April through September 2006, we ran a contest entitled “Everybody Has A Story,” sponsored by SS Cycle, a leader in performance products for American V-twins. We gave away a prize each month to a reader who submitted a motorcycle story that most touched our hearts and made us feel some emotion.

Reader Story: Making the Dream Come True

My best friend, Ron, who is also my fella, has been riding Harley-Davidsons and Gold Wings for years. He encouraged me to take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Class in November of 2004. I thought, “Just do something you have wanted to do all your life…ride!”

Reader Story: Craving that Motorcycle-Riding Feeling

Im 20 years old, a senior at Washington State University and have loved motorcycles my whole life. I love the adventures they took me on, the challenges, the thrill of testing my skill, reflexes, and strength against the trail, the road, the occasional hill climb. When I left for college I couldnt bring that with me. The time for riding and fixing was gone, school and work took over over and I had to be responsible.

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