Reader Story: A New Adrenaline Rush

My dad was in prison when I was born and my mom had fire under her feet. We moved from the tiny town I was born in when I was 4 days old and kept moving. With no dad and no siblings that meant for an extremely lonely life for me. That extremely lonely life, always being the new kid in town, never having any roots, mom working 10-hour days waiting tables meant two things: drugs and men.

Reader Story: Relieving Stress at 50

I just celebrated my 50th birthday and recently have had a lot of stress in my life. I was thinking, “What would put a smile back on my face?” I realized I had always wanted to ride a motorcycle and never did. The reason I havent is that I have three boys and I didnt want to influence them into getting a bike and killing themselves.

Reader Story: Doing It For Herself

I never thought riding would become the way I de-stress. Riding found me when I needed it most. I am a 46-year-old mother of 11 children all mine, ages 4 to 24. Ive been married to the same man for 26 years. I have been home schooling for 15 years and will probably continue doing so for the next 18 years as well. Life can get pretty hectic!

“Everybody Has a Story” September Contest Winner

Nothing makes me feel better, mentally or physically, than riding a motorcycle. I learned how to ride when I was 18. Had a Yamaha RD200 for a whole year. Didnt know much about maintenance. Basically just kept her clean and full of gas. I loved riding that bike.

“Everybody Has a Story” July Contest Winner

I am a child psychologist and a fairly new rider of a year and a half. My life has been spent advocating for childrens rights and raising my family to the best of my ability. I became interested in motorcycles through an Internet friend of mine in Australia who I owe much thanks and gratitude to for introducing me to this life changing activity.

“Everybody Has a Story” June Contest Winner

It seems like Ive always had a motorcycle in my life in one way or another. My brother had a bike when I was little and one of my sisters boyfriends rode a bike and would take me on rides. When I started dating, I was attracted to guys who rode, and eventually married a motorcyclist.

“Everybody Has a Story” May Contest Winner

When I rode the Pony Express Relay for the Susan G. Komen Foundation in 2003, I had no idea where it would go. I had just bought my new Harley-Davidson Deuce in Henderson, Nevada, and rode her into California across the Mojave Desert. I planned to ride the relay solo in a group. Now that may sound odd, but I think a lot of you have ridden that way, too.

“Everybody Has a Story” May Honorable Mention

I have wanted to ride and own my own motorcycle all my life. Getting married right out of high school and having a family put things on a back burner for me for quite some time (like 30 years). When I was nearly 50 years old with three grown children all married and grandchildren I got my first motorcycle, a Suzuki 125.

“Everbody Has a Story” April Contest Honorable Mention #1

I learned to ride as a child and my sole transportation during my later teen years was a bike. My boyfriend and I rode together, with a shared love for the road. Some 20 or so years later, we were a boring, old married couple. The kids were all grown and too cool to be seen with Ma and Pa. I had a new career after years of being a stay-at-home mom.

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