“Everbody Has a Story” April Contest Honorable Mention #1

I learned to ride as a child and my sole transportation during my later teen years was a bike. My boyfriend and I rode together, with a shared love for the road. Some 20 or so years later, we were a boring, old married couple. The kids were all grown and too cool to be seen with Ma and Pa. I had a new career after years of being a stay-at-home mom.

“Everybody Has a Story” April Contest Winner

Why do you ride motorcycles? Arent you scared? Dont you ever worry about being alone on the road? What on earth made you want to travel alone on a motorcycle? Is that big motorcycle yours? If you are a woman who rides, I am sure you may have heard any or all of the above questions at any given time.

“Everybody Has a Story” Contest

From April through September 2006, we ran a contest entitled “Everybody Has A Story,” sponsored by SS Cycle, a leader in performance products for American V-twins. We gave away a prize each month to a reader who submitted a motorcycle story that most touched our hearts and made us feel some emotion.

Reader Story: Making the Dream Come True

My best friend, Ron, who is also my fella, has been riding Harley-Davidsons and Gold Wings for years. He encouraged me to take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Class in November of 2004. I thought, “Just do something you have wanted to do all your life…ride!”

Reader Story: Craving that Motorcycle-Riding Feeling

Im 20 years old, a senior at Washington State University and have loved motorcycles my whole life. I love the adventures they took me on, the challenges, the thrill of testing my skill, reflexes, and strength against the trail, the road, the occasional hill climb. When I left for college I couldnt bring that with me. The time for riding and fixing was gone, school and work took over over and I had to be responsible.

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