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I just celebrated my 50th birthday and recently have had a lot of stress in my life. I was thinking, “What would put a smile back on my face?” I realized I had always wanted to ride a motorcycle and never did. The reason I havent is that I have three boys and I didnt want to influence them into getting a bike and killing themselves. They are grown men now and my oldest recently took up the sport. I figured that let me off the hook. If my other two get a bike it will be because their big brother did.

Kristie with her Yamaha Virago 250.

My husband tried to talk me out of it for fear of me getting hurt, but wasnt able to. I took the motorcycle safety class to make sure I wasnt a wimp and that I could handle it. My husband took the course as well. We were both immediately hooked. Soon after, we both purchased 250cc cruisers. I have a Yamaha Virago and he bought a Honda Rebel. We have been having a blast!

My friends and family all think I have gone completely mad. I have been street riding for about a month now. All I have to do is think about riding and a big grin appears across my face. I am anxious to join a group to ride with in the San Francisco Bay Area while I continue to improve my skills. Heres praying for many sunny days to come!

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