A Motorcycle Miracle, Part 3

It came as no surprise to me when I called Greg Hart, Riveras producer of 20 years, that I would once again hear an emphatic, “Sure, well help.” There was no doubt Id once again stumbled onto more “really nice guys.”

Motorcycling as a Marketing Tool

Motorcyclists are a passionate breed. They love their motorcycles, they love to ride and they enjoy hanging out with other motorcyclists. So, when Armanda Squadrilli purchased the late 1880s historic Glens Falls Inn in Glens Falls, New York, she knew she had a built-in market—motorcyclists—because shes one herself.

A Photographic History of Women In Motorcycling

The museum itself is magical and appeals to all, but for women riders the new exhibit, “The Girls: A Photographic History of Women In Motorcycling” is the crowning jewel. Curator Dale Walksler has assembled a historical perspective through the lenses of unknown photographers with memories and memorabilia of the women who made history on, and with, their motorcycles.

Motorcycles As Art? We Already Knew That!

Degas, Van Gogh, Matisse world-famous artists. Ducati, Vincent, Mosley world-famous motorcycle manufacturers. Their commonality? Members of the first group have long had their masterpieces admired in art museums around the world. Now, members of the second group have ridden into that artistic realm as well.

Two Girls. Two Bikes. Two Weeks. Part 2

With the morning heat already reaching 85 degrees, the cool mountain air was refreshing. I motioned to Robin that I wanted to get off the main highway and take a detour through the Klickitat Valley. Beautiful twisties wind along the gorgeous Klickitat River, definitely one of my favorites in Washington. We were in high desert country and the weather was perfect.

Two Girls. Two Bikes. Two Weeks. Part 3

In the morning we hit the road veering off towards Crater Lake. The weather was turning grim. The clouds were looming by the mountains and the desert sky was full of black rain clouds. We laid low by the side of the road watching a groovy wind thing happen in a field. It looked like a small tornado. The weather system didnt seem to be passing us, so after a couple of hours we got back on our bikes. Well, we must have ridden right into the heart of the storm.

The Ultimate Motorcycle Vacation Part 2

Ann reiterated that the best part of their journey was the unknown of each day. “What are we going to see today? Whos out there? Who are we going to meet?” When they left in May the weather was warming up, so they stayed in campgrounds half the time and moteled it or stayed with friends the other half. Progressing north and east, less time was spent in tents.

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