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Beginner’s Guide to Getting Into Motorcycling

Now more than any other time in history, women are taking up motorcycle riding in record numbers. If you’ve found your way to this page because youre a woman thinking of getting into the sport, youre certainly not alone—one in four motorcycle riders on the road today is a woman!

Beginners Guide: What to Wear on the Track

The motorcycle gear you use is just as important as the motorcycle you race—it could be the difference between a bruise and a break. For racing, youll need all the usual suspects, like a helmet and a pair of good boots, but there may be a few items you havent thought of. Heres our breakdown of the most important gear youll need to get out on the track.

Beginners Guide: Getting Started with Road Racing

If riding on the street doesnt satisfy your need for speed, then youve probably thought about racing on a track. The main benefit to riding on a track is the controlled environment—everyone is riding in the same direction, the condition of the pavement is predictable and there are no unexpected obstacles. Heres how to get started.

Beginners Guide: So You Want to Ride a Dirt Bike?

At its most basic, dirt bike riding falls into two categories: motocross track riding and trail riding. Whichever type of riding you choose (and hopefully youll try both), its important to remember that riding a dirt bike is very different than riding a street bike.

Beginner’s Guide: What It’s Going to Cost

There’s a misconception that getting into the sport of motorcycling is a costly endeavor. In reality, it’s no more costly than any other sport or activity that requires special equipment or gear. Like most other sports, with motorcycling you can get by just fine in the beginning with used equipment and gear.

Beginners Guide: What to Wear While Riding a Dirt Bike

When youre first venturing into dirt bike riding, figuring out what riding gear to invest in can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are only a few staples youll need to get started. As you delve more into the sport, you may want to begin to accessorize and add more gear, but below weve listed just the essential items youll need to get out in the dirt.

Beginners Guide: How to Start Racing with a Dirt Bike

Youve got your bike, youve taken the MSF dirt bike course and youre all geared up—now what? Well, if your goal with dirt bike riding is to race, then its time to get started. Here are the steps you should take and the information you need to get your adrenaline pumping out on the track.

Beginners Guide: Sportbikes & Dirt Bikes

Cruising on the pavement is great fun, but sometimes its just not enough to satisfy a riders need for speed. If your interest in motorcycling involves getting down and dirty on the motocross track or fast and furious on the racetrack, then these articles are for you.

Beginners Guide: Safety & Technique

One of the best things about a riding a motorcycle is embracing new experiences and watching yourself become a better rider. WRNs Riding Right section is devoted to helping you learn new skills so youll ride more proficiently. If youre just getting into motorcycling, its worthwhile to check out these articles written by Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) instructors on how to improve your riding skills.

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