Beginners Guide: Choosing Your First Motorcycle

WRN's guide to finding the right beginner bike for you

If you're thinking about getting into motorcycling—which usually means buying your first motorcycle—you're probably wondering what motorcycle is right for you. At WRN, we know how daunting the task of choosing your first bike can seem. Whether its figuring out your ideal displacement or choosing between a new or used model, the options can seem endless.

Luckily, many women riders have come before you, and while individual preferences vary, the advice from those who've "been there, done that" is invaluable when it comes to choosing a starter bike. The information in the articles linked below will help you figure out exactly what to look for when choosing your first motorcycle—we've even compiled a comprehensive list of the makes and models that are most popular with new women riders. So before you start shopping, read through the information below. The more informed you are about what to look for in a first motorcycle, the better the chances your first set of wheels will be the right one.

A complete overview from a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) instructor on how to take aspects like size, weight, function and form into consideration when choosing your first bike.
Our collection of scenarios and solutions for the first-time motorcycle buyer, with tips geared specifically toward women riders.
Our comprehensive list of the specific motorcycle models that have proved to be the best options for new women riders.
An exploration of the pros and cons of buying a motorcycle off the used market versus right out of the crate.

Looking for more information on how to get started?  Return to the WRN Beginner's Guide.

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