Beginners Guide: Where Do I Start?

Steps to take to get started with motorcycling

For years now, you've been dreaming of what it would be like to ride a motorcycle. You can picture yourself on a sportbike or cruiser of your own, but you're just not sure how to get started. Well, you've come to the right place. We've outlined the steps you should take to go from dreaming about riding to becoming a true motorcycle rider. With some time, commitment and a little help from the stories below, you can be in the saddle of your own motorcycle before you know it.

Aspiring women riders have been successfully using our 10-step guide to get into motorcycling for more than a decade. Following these steps is a sure-fire way to end up confidently and safely in the driver's seat of your very own motorcycle.
There's no better way to learn to ride safely and effectively than taking a training course. This article includes information on the most popular and widely available motorcycle training courses in the United States, including those offered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF).
Ready to get started but feel like something is holding you back? Whether your concerns are financial, social or something else entirely, you're not alone. Read our list of common obstacles to getting into motorcycling and why you shouldn't let any of them stop you from pursuing your dreams.
Life-altering experiences, including divorce and cancer, led these women to reassess their goals—and realize that riding a motorcycle was one of them. Read how these aspiring riders took the leap and achieved the dream of riding their own.

Looking for more information on how to get started?  Return to the WRN Beginner's Guide.

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