MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: QLINK Legacy 250: An Automatic Motorcycle with Multiple Personalities

Which one fits you?

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor

The newest, neatest motorcycle to hit the entry-level market is the Legacy 250 from QLINK. QLINK is the U.S. importer for CF MOTO, a Chinese manufacturer of primarily scooters thats been around for several decades. QLINK is aggressively going after women knowing they are the fastest growing group among new riders.

Review QLINK Legacy 250 Riding Position
Riding position on the QLINK Legacy 250 is upright with feet right below knees with back straight.

When assessing the Legacy 250, I found it has multiple personalities. The transmission reminds me of a scooter. There are no gears so there is no clutch. Power is sent to the rear wheel through a CVT transmission (CVT stands for continuously variable transmission). CVT does not have a gearbox with interlocking toothed wheels like traditional automatic transmissions. According to the Web site “How Stuff Works,” the most common type of CVT operates on an ingenious pulley system that allows an infinite variability between highest and lowest gears with no discrete steps or shifts.

Review QLINK Legacy 250 Side View
Despite its automatic transmission, the Legacy 250 is not a scooter because it does not have the traditional scooter step through frame. Its main personality is that of a motorcycle as its built around a motorcycle frame.

The Legacy is impressive to look at in pictures and even more impressive in person leading to another one of its personalities – that of a bigger bike. When I first laid eyes on the black model I was sent to test ride, I was surprised at how large it appeared; large not in an intimidating way, but for a 250cc machine, I was expecting a lower, smaller beginner size bike. What often turns off beginners of choosing, say, the Honda Rebel 250cc as their first motorcycle is its diminutive size. The Legacy is not diminutive so riders who want a decent-sized machine without all the get-away-from-me power will find the Legacy appealing. Add the fact that theres no clutch to master, and the Legacy becomes even more attractive to some beginners.

Review QLINK Legacy 250 Cornering
Beginning rider, Denese Fisher, was impressed with the smooth ride of the Legacy.

Seat height is 27.6 inches, not on the exceptionally low side like some sub-26-inch seat height machines, but not crazy high either. Heres where the Legacy takes on the personality of a beginner bike. Its so easy to handle because its light weighing just 360 pounds without fluids, plus it has a narrow profile so no massive metal to muscle. The ergonomic set-up here is friendly and accommodating. The seat is comfortable with plenty of room for a passenger.

Review QLINK Legacy 250 Luggage Rack
A low profile passenger backrest and luggage rack are standard. Beginner riders wouldnt normally carry a passenger, but those accessories are great for bungee-ing a bag or two.

Out on the road, heres where the Legacy takes on some traits of a scooter. You simply twist the throttle on the right hand grip and the motorcycle begins to move. No clutch to engage or gears to kick through. When you want to stop, you pull in the two brake levers (front brake on the right, rear brake on the left) and the front and rear disk brakes slow down the bike. There is no neutral. Neutral is simply releasing the throttle.

WRN Editor Genevieve Schmitt stands 5 feet 7 inches with boots. She says, “I felt too big for the bike. Smaller riders will have no problem reaching the handlebars or their feet to the ground.”

All similarities with a scooter end with the gearless transmission. The Legacy has many features of a motorcycle twice its power. There are disc brakes in the front and rear. Many smaller powered bikes have a drum brake in the rear because the increased performance of a rear disc for stopping is usually not needed. I found the Legacys stopping capacity to be superb because of the disc brakes.

Review QLINK Legacy 250 Floorboards
Floorboards give the appearance the bike is more powerful than it is. Platforms for the riders feet are usually found on touring motorcycles.

Another “big” bike feature is the liquid cooled engine. Liquid cooled is a high performance feature not usually found on smaller bikes. I was impressed QLINK incorporated this technology on the Legacy ensuring increased reliability in the engine.

Review QLINK Legacy 250 Urban Riding
Around town, the Legacy has plenty of zip to weave in and out of traffic as needed making it the ideal urban motorcycle.

When engaging the throttle, the motorcycle propels you forward increasing in speed as you twist the throttle. Out on the highway, I discovered the Legacy has a top speed of 65 mph. With the throttle completely twisted toward me the bike would go no faster than 65 mph. When I descended a hill, velocity propelled the bike to register 68 mph on the speedometer, but that was as high as I saw the needle go. If I owned this bike I would not take it on highways for long periods of time. Top speed on most highways in America is 70 or 75 mph and we all know motorists usually exceed that. I wouldnt feel comfortable with cars whizzing by me while cruising along at 65 mph my hand twisting the throttle to its max.

Review QLINK Legacy 250 Riding
The Legacy appeals to veteran riders who want to commute economically on two wheels.

To its credit, the Legacy held up well on the 70mph speed limit road on which I traveled. The bike provides a solid, planted ride thanks in part to the 100mm tire on the front and the 150 in the rear. I didn’t feel vulnerable like I did the one time I rode a trimmed down 250cc scooter on that type of road. The suspension is decent with telescopic front forks and rear shocks that glide over pavement imperfections. The rear shocks have an adjustable preload allowing the rider to set the springs to adjust for additional weight.

Review QLINK Legacy 250 Dash
The analog controls include a fuel gauge (another big bike feature) and an engine temperature gauge. The black buttons control the radio and MP3 player.

The Legacy has plenty of style with a large 4.2-gallon fuel tank and a lower fairing that hides the motor. The lines on the fairing complement the rest of the bike’s sleek “in motion” appearance, which includes the large sweeping chrome exhaust pipe and cropped rear fender. Theres plenty of chrome to make you think this bike is more expensive than it is.

Review QLINK Legacy 250 Wheel
The fancy mag wheels look like something youd see on a custom motorcycle.

A cool feature to the Legacy is the built-in AM/FM radio and MP3 player. Unfortunately, where I live in a valley in Montana between two mountain ranges radio reception is terrible so all I got was static. When I tried to access the MP3 player (with external speakers) under the seat, the key lock to remove the seat was giving me a hard time. I called the dealer who loaned me the bike (Great Scoot in Kalispell, Montana) to find out what the trick was to removing the seat. I did what he said, which was to press down on the seat when turning the key to release stress off the lock, but it didnt work. Im sure theres a trick to removing the seat, but it shouldnt be that hard and I gave up. Too bad. I was anxious to find out how good the MP3 player was and pass that information along to you.

Review QLINK Legacy 250 Audio System
The winged silver emblem is actually the external speaker for the motorcycles built-in audio system. There is one on the other side, too.

With the audio system and all that bodywork and chrome, I was expecting the bike to feel heavier. Heres the big secret of the Legacy. The bodywork is mostly all plastic. The fenders, the fairing, the turn signal housings, the headlight housing, the footboards, the mirror backings and a few other cover pieces are made of plastic. I will admit I thought this cheapened the bike, but honestly, what do you expect from a motorcycle that looks this good, rides this well, but only costs $2,999. Theres a tradeoff for that price, but fortunately, it didnt come in the form of performance and handling.

Specs at a Glance: QLINK Legacy 250cc
Displacement: 250cc
Seat Height: 27.6 inches
Fuel Capacity: 4.2 gallons
Dry Weight: 260 pounds
Colors: Silver, Black, and Red
MSRP: $2,999

WRN Recommendation
The Legacy 250 fills a niche in the entry-level market by doing away with a clutch-driven transmission and appealing to beginning motorcyclists who have trouble mastering the clutch/throttle action. The Legacy is all motorcycle and a decent sized one at that. Its hard to beat the price for what you get. Plastic aside, you get a heck of an engine that should last you for years. And quite frankly, thats what counts. Im told the red color is stunning by the way.

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139 thoughts on MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: QLINK Legacy 250: An Automatic Motorcycle with Multiple Personalities

  1. Hi, I’m 68 and have ridden just about everything and now would like to ride relaxed and easy. I like the bigger wheels over most scooters, but CF Moto doesn’t make these anymore. So sad.

  2. I own a 2007 QLink Legacy and I love it, but the only thing I do not like about it is there is no place to store anything. I would like to buy storage bins for long trips or for errands and accessories made just for this motorcycle. However, I can’t find any such items for this motorcycle. Can you help me please? I have been using a backpack but I want something I can lock up and don’t have to carry in everywhere I go.

    1. We suggest you invest in a good quality tail bag that will fit securely on the luggage rack or passenger pillion. Look for one with D-rings so you can use a cable lock to lock the bag to the luggage rack and one with sturdy zippers that can be locked to each other when together.

  3. I have the 250 Legacy, which dies once it hits 45 mph or more. Not sure why this is. I am thinking of selling for another automatic with more power.

  4. I think this page is very helpful to a lot of people including myself.

  5. I have owned a QLink Legacy 2008 for the last six weeks. The previous owners converted the bike to a trike. It has been a great bike and I love it. A couple of weeks ago the drive belt on the bike broke and it has been a nightmare trying to find out information about the bike. For four weeks my husband and I called QLink at the numbers list on their site only to get voicemails each time. We leave voicemails asking to be called back and our voicemails are never returned. We have sent lots of emails to them at the email addresses listed on their site, and finally four weeks later I get an unprofessional response from QLink. Ordering a manual for the bike, QLink wants to charge $70 for the manual which I think is ludicrous.Of the authorized dealers list on QLink’s site, only one is still in business and they are just as unhelpful as QLink, claiming they don’t know anything about the bike. We have spent many hours, much frustration, and many headaches in the last four weeks searching the internet for information on bike. Outside of QLink, can anyone tell me where I can get information about specifics of the bike or locate a manual for the bike?

    1. So sorry to hear of your frustrating. QLink merged with CF Moto, I believe, so you can visit for more information on the same motorcycle, the Legacy, as it is part of the CF Moto family now.

  6. Deborah, if you still need a manual I have an electronic one for the 2013 model. Much the same as little has changed.Send me an email and I will forward you a

  7. I bought my 2009 QLink (used). I am having great difficulty finding the manual for this bike. This article is great and on point! I am a new rider and found the shifting/clutch to be difficult at the motorcycle safety class so I must say the reason I went with the QLink is because it automatic. Any help on the 2009 manual would be appreciated.

    1. Visit the website,, to find a dealer near you. They may have a manual for this bike even though it’s no longer being produced, or at least know where to find one.

  8. I have a 2006 QLink 250 that a friend of mine was getting rid of because she never rode anymore. I was surprised to find it in near perfect condition! With only 125 miles on it, I couldn’t imagine there was anything wrong with it. It’s been sitting for awhile, so I’m getting it serviced. I’ve never been a rider myself, so I’m trying to find it a good home. From the article above, it seems like this is a great beginner bike.

  9. I have had my QLink Legacy since 2010 and I ride it daily to and from work and to the store when practical (I have a Shad trunk on the back for storage). I have almost 11,000 miles on my bike and change the oil at 1,500 miles religiously (don’t need to so often but it is so easy and cheap-why not?) and it takes less than 10 minutes and 8-tenths of a liter of oil!I love this bike and really don’t need the speed and engine problems of a bigger bike. If you want a lot of fun and you don’t have an ego that requires you to ride an H-D or Gold Wing, this is a great bike. Love my radio and MP3 player also. Great sounds from this system.

  10. I was just wondering if they still make the QLink Legacy automatic motorcycles, if so how do I go about getting one.

    1. That model is no longer being made. You can certainly find used ones out there though.

  11. I bought my Legacy in 2007. I absolutely love it! Mine is red. It’s a head turner! People always ask me about it, and I love talking about it. I was 50 when I learned to ride. I haven’t looked back since. My bike just clicked 6000 miles and cranking! Happy riding everyone!

  12. Bought my 2008 model in Feb. of 2011 for $1671. Now I’m intoOctober of 2011 (8+ months). Just turned 1070 miles on it. I absolutely love the bike.

  13. I bought my CFMoto V5 several months ago and can’t believe how much fun it is and all the compliments I get on it. Yes it’s a motorcycle. Sure a 250cc, but that’s all I need as a beginner. Yes I will get a bigger bike, but I really want to stay with an automatic, if they make them.As for parts and service, my dealer bends over backwards for me. CFMoto is very lucky and I am blessed to have her as a friend. We decided to put on a rear trunk and hard saddlebags. CFMoto doesn’t make the saddlebags but when it’s finished I will send a picture of my bike in hopes that they will make them for other V5 riders. Really make the bike look so cool.

  14. I’ve ridden my CFMOTO V-5 (They make the same bike for QLINK) 2,500 miles from the Pacific to the Miss. River over the cascades and Rockies. Had a great time. A solid machine. I averaged 71 mpg, even in the mountains. This was a good review by Ms. Schmitt of a good bike.

  15. I am no rookie on two wheels and I love my 2009 C F Moto V5. This bike handles great, looks good and it’s a lot of fun. Just think — no shifting! I get more than 50 mpg; it will steady cruise at 70 mph. Being I am 5-feet-5 at 123 pounds doesn’t hurt. FY – Honda motorcycle makes a automatic transmission that is very much like the C F Moto’s should you need repair.I’d buy this bike again.

  16. I have a Harley Sportster Custom and have been riding for 38 years, my wife is very nervous riding on the back. I was thinking of the Ridley for her till I did research on it. The Ridley manufactured in Oklahoma City and is an 800 cc V-Twin with an automatic transmission, the price is $15,000 new and that is way too much money for me. My wife likes the look of the QLink V5 because it looks like a motorcycle instead of a scooter. She didn’t like the look of the V3 because it looked like a sport bike.I would love to buy her the V5 but when I did a search for a dealer, the closest one was in Wichita, Kansas, that is 500 miles from Denver so my concern would be dealer support for service and parts. Until I see a dealer in Colorado I am going to pass. My only other option is to try finding an early 80’s Hondamatic 400 on eBay or craigslist or get her a used Honda 250 Elite scooter which are more reliable and a heck of a lot easier to find.

  17. I have this QLlink 250 Legacy. It was fun for the first 3500 miles. Now it jerks from a start position every time. Can’t get any info on how to adjust the belt if it can be done.The carburetor is rough running; the headlight went out. By the way, it’s an 08. Lot of bike for the buck but can’t get parts for it. This can sink them.

  18. I looked at one of these bikes for my husband who has a left hand disability so the automatic would work great. Was a very nice looking bike but didn’t know much about it so came home to do some research. Thanks for the great information it really helped and I think it will work great for my husband so him and I can go for rides because I have a bike. But I want him to ride with me so we can spend more time with each other. Again thank you so much for the great information.

  19. Had to replace battery in three months. If you don’t start it every couple of days it will die on you.

  20. I’m looking for one of these bikes. Today my dealer quoted $2899 for it brand new. I’m looking for a better deal than that on new and would go for a used one if I can find one.

  21. I am looking for a Legacy 250. If anyone has one for sell, please email me. Thanks Maggie. Email:

  22. I got my 2008 Legacy in June as an early 50th birthday present. I ride it about four miles to work a couple times a week. It's perfect for commuting. I find myself being blown around quite a bit on the highway, but try to stay off as much as possible. It's loads of fun to drive without spending tons of money; in fact I don't feel so guilty if I choose not to drive some days. At 5 feet 2 inches, I find myself on tip-toes a lot, but it isn't any problem handling. This bike is the one to get for entry level people or if you just don't want to shift gears.

  23. I have a 2008 QLink Legacy 250 that I used for less than a year to get used to riding on two wheels. I didn't ride long before my friends talked me into a Yamaha. The legacy is much more freeing to ride because the automatic ride. Unfortunately I will now be sell my bike. If anyone is in the los angeles area looking for a legacy 250 give me a call. 281.788.4523,

  24. This bike sounds so great. I am 39 years old. I recently took and passed to MSF course and got my first motorcycle licence. Then, I went out and bought more bike then I can handle. I bought a Suzuki SV650s. I love the bike and feel in control of the size and steering but I cannot get the whole clutch thing down.

    I am leaning towards selling the sportbike and getting a QLINK. It just seems so practical and I refuse to buy a scooter just because I cannot shift worth a darn!

    There do not appear to be any dealers in Atlanta and I would love to get a used one. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  25. My Legacy 250 was delivered July 2, I love it. I have had so many compliments. It is easy to drive since there is no clutch to think about. I am 5 feet 4 inches and I am almost flat footed on it. I wear boots riding so it gives me the height to stand flat footed.

    I haven't used the mp3 player yet and not sure what to buy. I have an iPod and I have been told it doesn't work on the bike. Does anyone know if I can buy an adapter to get the iPod to play?

    I love the bike, there were a couple of issues with the crating when it was shipped. No protection between the bike and the crate so I have a few scratches on the fenders and luggage rack. So hopefully they will be replaced soon. Love the bike, buy it!

  26. I am 57 and love to ride but I have the same problem. Five feet and 110 pounds. I want the 250 Legacy but no dealer here or close by so I can see if we fit. And can this bike be lowered if need be? I have my permit and am ready to ride.

  27. I bought a Legacy 250. I am learning to ride again (it's been a few years). I was riding a short distance, stopped for about an hour at a restaurant and went out to start the bike and it would not start. Tried again in an hour, then again in another hour. It still would not start. I had to have it towed. I have only put on 22 miles. I am disappointed!

  28. I bought my 2009 Legacy in September 08 because my husband wanted me to ride with him. I am not an adventurous person but said I would give it a try. We took the local motorcycle safety course together in the hopes that it might build my confidence. I barely passed and got my license, but the only confidence I gained was going about 10 mph in an empty parking lot.

    The Legacy is very easy to handle and comfortable to ride especially considering that I am only 5 feet. I wish I could do something to gain the confidence I need but I just can't get over the fact that there is nothing between me and the pavement. So sadly I guess I will be selling mine. I only has 35 miles on it.

  29. I just purchased my 2009 V5 and I have 800 miles on it. I can run 68 mph without any problem. You can ride the freeway but stay in the lazy lane. I love it and I use it every day to work and for just cruising.

  30. I've had my Legacy 250 for more than a year now and I already have more than 13k miles on it. (My job is kind of far). I have had no mechanical problems at all. It is a great looking bike and I get compliments on it all the time. I am really glad I bought it.

    The bike is really quiet and the more you ride the more you'll notice how dangerous that is, so be careful. Don't ride in blind spots of cars and don't be afraid to use your flashers or your horn when passing. As to the freeway issue, mine does 68 mph on a flat road, but it is just a 250cc so I use highways sparingly.

  31. How is the real world fuel economy in the city? I would love to get one of these for my local commutes.

  32. As the beginner, I love this bike. It's easu to handle and don't have to worry about clutch and gear. For the other purposes, I wonder if we can modify the exhaust to get a louder rumble sound? I would love to do that. At least I feel more safe to get more notice from surround while cruising on the road. Any idea would be appreciated.

  33. Just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to read both your review of this motorcycle and the responses to the reviews. I am new to motorcycling and am 60 years old. I've always wanted a motorcycle. As soon as I get my motorcycle license, the Legacy 250 will be my choice. Thank you for such a professional treatment of this review and the subsequent responses.

  34. The sister bike of this, the QLINK Sapero 250, is here in Canada manufactured by Canadian Motor Import ( I bought a red one last year, absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it so much I've bought my spouse a silver one for this year, too. If you check out the Sapero 250 online you will see it looks a little like a Kawasaki Ninja, but you ride it like a cruiser and it's automatic.

    I currently have one of only two in Alberta and it absolutely turns heads when I ride down the road. It also has MP3 player, am/fm stereo, and a cassette deck (how quaint!). I am 51 and my spouse is 60 and these bikes are perfect for trips around town and highway travel, too. Top Gear Scooters in Edmonton can get them if anyone is interested.

  35. Let me know the nearest dealer in Philadelphia. I want one.

  36. I just bought a 150 scooter and don't really feel it is safe to ride on the highway. Although I love the bike and can handle it just fine I would like something with a little more power so I am thinking of buying the Legacy.

    I see that some of the postings here are not feeling safe with this on highways as well because the speeds are in the 70s. The highways here don't go over 55mph and very few post at 65. In your opinion would it be safe to ride on our highways?

    1. I would have no problem riding the Legacy on the highway short distances and staying in the right lane.

  37. We need a dealer badly in Calgary, Canada.

  38. After recently starting a job at a Harley- Davidson dealer, I find myself more and more intrigued about learning to ride a motorcycle; I'm in my early 40s and have only been on a bike once in my life as a passenger.

    After extensive research on the Web and talking to other women riders (mostly co-workers who ride Harleys), I was beginning to think that perhaps riding wouldn't be a good thing for me, given the handling of the heavy bike, the coordination necessary for driving a typical motorcyle, and the fact I have a metal plate in my right arm which would hinder me further.

    A trike seems better suited for someone older and a scooter just isn't the same as a motorcycle – but then I discovered automatic bikes. I've read reader reviews on the Ridley bikes (including the review posted here) and then in looking to see what other automatic bikes were out there I came across this one which you've reviewed. In your opinion which, between these two bikes, is the better bike for a first time rider — the one big drawback I see on this particular one is the speed — but other than that (and price of course) what do you see as the major differences as well as your opinion on the plus and negatives on a side-by-side scale between this bike and a Ridley. I'm very much interested in your response. Thank you.

    1. Good question. They both make great beginner bikes because of their friendly ergonomics — low seat height, handlebars that are within reach, etc. — so that aside, the big question you have to ask yourself is how much power do you want and how much can you afford. We're talking a 750cc versus a 250cc and a big price difference.

      If you plan to hold on to the bike for a long time, it's worth investing the extra money into a Ridley, but I would advise taking a demo ride on a Ridley to make sure you can handle the more powerful engine as a beginner. The QLINK Legacy 250cc makes a great beginner bike all around – but you may feel the bike is limited in power when you're ready for more. I feel, though, that when you're ready to trade up, you may just hold onto the QLINK for it's friendly “commuter factor.” So, those are two main things you need to look at, power and price.

  39. I'm a beginner rider; in fact I've Never ridden before. I'm torn between a Legacy or a Aprilia Scarabeo 200. I've sat on the Scarabeo and I can't flat-foot it. I'm only 5 feet. I'd feel more comfortable if I could put both feet down a bit more (I could touch on tippy-toes). Any words of wisdom or advice. I'd rather have a bike, but haven't a clue about shifting. I will take the Motorcycle Safety Course for sure.

    1. Take the course first before expecting yourself to decide on a bike/scooter. You will come away from the course — assuming you pass — with a whole new level of confidence, and a new level of what you expect from a motorcycle.

  40. I just purchased a new CF MOTO-V5 and I love it. I have never owned a bike before, but always wanted one. I have found it to be a perfect mode of transportation around town. I can park my Hummer and save gas. I would strongly reccomend it to anyone.

  41. For the person who is looking for a dealer in Austin, Texas, I'm going to be buying my Legacy 250 from Scooter Revolution. They are the only dealer in town.

  42. Wow, I am a very proud owner/rider of a Legacy. I am asked constantly about the bike and always get awesome feedback from many admirers. My husband doesn't even get jealous any more when they ignore his bike and always strike up a conversation about mine. In fact now he seems to enjoy bragging about the bike himself. I look forward to QLINK making a larger cc model someday.

  43. Picked up my brand new Legacy on 8.6.08 at CBXMAN in Edwardsville, PA. After mulling around with the idea of a bigger bike I finally decided I wanted to get the red, but they only had four left in stock of a new color that was shipped: Gun metal. When I got there to check it out, I was totally impressed! A scoot in a bike's body. Wow!

    At first glance, seeing it in person, I thought, “No way could I handle that big thing.” It looked so gigantic compared to what I had owned until now. I had a 50cc and bumped up to a 150cc scooter and thought that was the cat's meow. Not!

    We have a lot of hills and mountains in NE Pennsylvania and this baby can take them without hesitation! I ove the feel, the ride and being only 5 feet 1 inch, it's not too big to handle unlike a 700-plus-pound Harley!

    I must say in closing: CBXMAN is staffed with the nicest, helpful people! They are wonderful to deal with and caring, too! The bike itself has impressed everyone who has seen it and can't believe it's not a “real” motorcycle. The styling, the bigger tires make a world of difference in the ride and handling, and I love the dual disc brakes. Oh, and the sound system just blows everyone away who hears it!

    If anyone has had any doubts about making the switch, don't! Just do it. You'll thank yourself later! Thanks for the opportunity to express my joy and elation!

  44. Unbelievable. I pick up my Legacy tomorrow. I done good. Bought one before I knew how great it was. I am 68, have never ridden a motocycle before but always wanted one. A friend is going to get me started and then I will take the two-day riding school just to cover all my bases. I have no plans on getting any sleep tonight. I am so glad I decided long ago to never grow up.

  45. Is there a site to buy accessories to fit my Qlink Legacy? Would love to buy some saddlebags to fit that bike.

    1. sells QLink and may know of a place that sells accessories. You may also try visiting, the company's Web site.

  46. When are you guys going to come out with another motorcycle with more power. Would love to buy one and take it out on the highway!

  47. I would like to purchase a QLINK Legacy. I've been doing research and this is the bike for me, but I can't find a dealer in Austin. Little help?

  48. Just to update you. I went to CBXMAN in Edwardsville, Penn., to look and sit on the Legacy as you suggested (6.10.08). When I first saw it, it really looked a lot bigger then I thought it would. They were all out of brand new ones. However, the one I sat on was used (06); it looked brand new. Only 3,000 miles on it. It has some nice add-ons like a wind screen, rear bag, driving lights and Kevlar belt. Actually, it was the first Legacy sold by CBX!

    I could not pass it by and got a great deal from Steve, my salesperson, and Dennis, CBX'S owner (both great guys). A high output CDI and inignition coil are being added.

    I have to say I have been surfing all over the net and still have not found one bad thing said about this bike. Being a new rider I feel (as you previously advised me), this will be a perfect bike to “cut” my teeth on.

    Thanks for you advice. I will keep you posted on the bikes operation once I get it home.

  49. I was given a Legacy 2007 as a gift from a friend who wanted me to ride with them. They knew I could not ride a motorcycle having to use the clutch. It was the best gift I ever got. Was easy to learn and have recommended the bike to several of my friends.

  50. It is a joy to ride, but it needs more cc's. I want to get a 650 but I don't want a manual transmision. I believe if QLINK sold one with more cc's for cheap they would make a fortune. Do you think QLINK will make a 650 in the near furture?

    1. We're not privy to that kind of information, but the more people the company hears from regarding their motorcycles, the better to help them in development of future products.

  51. My husband and I bought a Legacy. Yea! A wonderful bike. Lots of fun to ride. Plenty of power for the Pittsburgh hills, and I mean hills. The people at HyPro Scootors could not have been nicer. Give them a try. I am an older woman and can handle the bike fine.

  52. I am looking to purchase one of these. I had an '81 Honda CM400A and loved it. Would like to find one of these in my area or nearby, either new or used preferably in black. Can anyone place me in the right direction and help me?

  53. I enjoyed the article a great deal. I am a beginning rider primarily for commuting. I found the article helpful. I will look at this bike comparing it to a V Star 250. My only concern is that at 6 feet 2 inches and 250 pounds, is this going to be too small for me?

    1. At your size, you may feel too big for the QLINK Legacy. Although, it would be a good confidence builder as you gain in skills. You'd have no problem feeling in control considering your size relative to the bike. I would suggest you sit on Legacy to get a real feel for it.

  54. To: Rich Banks, posted 5.16.08
    I live right by cbxman and I have been there to check them out. I am very impressed. If you are ever back this way riding let me know.

  55. Great article on a good motorcycle for in town use. Now if they would just come out with a model capable of sustaining highway speeds!

    My wife rides a Ninja 250 which is a very easy motorcycle to ride, but still has the usual clutch setup. This drives her crazy and causes several stalls on trips. That invariably leads to less and less rides. But because we do a lot of touring type rides we'll have to wait for QLINK to come out with a faster model as I agree it would be unsafe to ride for long on a highway at 10 miles slower than the posted limit. Not to mention the amount of strain holding the bike at maximum output for hundreds of miles would cause. Awesome idea though.

  56. Since I bought my QLINK, I have had nothing buy problems. It leaked oil and it needs a new muffler and a head gasket. It's been in the shop more then I have had it. It's a good bike to ride and handle, but still needs more fine tuning.

  57. I love my Legacy 250! Have had many compliments on the bike. Does not look like a 250, or a scooter.

    Had the bike three days and laid it down. Was not going very fast. I recommend the Motorcycle Safety Program. You learn on small clutch bikes. What a difference when you go to ride your bike. Every thing I learned in class transfers to riding the Legacy 250, except the clutching.

    I, too, have noticed the top speed is about 60 miles per hour.

  58. Do you need to have a motorcycle license to drive the Legacy? Where can I buy one in Ohio?

    1. Check with your state's motor vehicle office, but I'm pretty sure you need a license to ride it because it is over 50cc. Check out to find a dealer near you.

  59. To Barb in LaPorte, IN, posted 3.10.08:
    If you are still looking for a Legacy 250, Ray Pope at has a great buy on closeout. Also, he is in Indiana near Cincinnati, West Harrison I think is the name of the city. I have a 2007 for sale with only 900 miles on it, but you might want to check out Ray first as his price is unbeatable if he still has any left.

    I don't know if there's a way to be in contact through this Web, site but I will check occasionally for a response.

    1. Barb – feel free to post a response. I can put you in touch with Jim off this posting if you wish.

  60. Great bike, but not a lot of information about them on the net. Great to see this write up.

  61. We need a QLINK dealer in Canada bad.
    Preferably around Toronto.

  62. I recently purchased my new Legacy 250 and love it. I never rode anything other than a bicycle in my life and I am 54 years old. But this is great! There's nothing like the feeling I have when I'm out for a ride. Also alot of guys I work with have Harleys and every one of them say how neat this bike is. One has even said it would be nice to have and ride to save miles on his Harley. This is a great machine, fun to ride, and is very affordable. To all my fellow Northeastern Pennsylvanians visit in Edwardsville. Talk to Dennis.

  63. I just bought my 2006 with 1046 miles. Great bike, great styling and ride. I'm impressed. Look forward to many years of riding. In my sixty-first year and loving it!

  64. I did a lot of research on this bike, this article included. I just bought my Legacy a couple of days ago and absolutely love it. I am a new rider, and after my accident, was afraid to get back out there and ride. First day put 30 miles on it. I love this bike. It's so easy to ride. Thanks for the great article.

  65. I just bought a silver Legacy on Saturday. I've never rode a motorcycle before and rode it home more than 125 miles the same day with very little practice. It is very easy to handle and I'm hoping to save some gas money on my 35-mile commute to work. I would recommend this bike to anyone getting started like me.

  66. Good article. I'm a small woman (4 feet 11 inches) and wondered if the Legacy could be lowered, and when is it coming to Canada?

    1. Yes, the Legacy 250 can be lowered by adjusting the rear suspension. Check with you dealer about this. QLINK is applying for a license to sell in Canada.
      A company representative tells us it should take a couple of months.

  67. I've had my Qlink Legacy for about two years. It's a good “around town” or cruising two lane roads bike. Two drawbacks I've found are: 1. It needs a stronger/more cc's engine and 2. Riding on a windy day is not a good idea. Other than these, I really enjoy the bike, plus there is a reason somebody invented the automatic transmission. Not everybody thinks shifting is necessary on a motorcycle to be a “real” motorcycle rider.

  68. I have read so much about thsi bike and really want to purchase it. I am anxiously waiting for the Calif. “carb” approval. [CARB stands for California Air Resources Board – the governing body over emissions. – Editor] It is my understanding that Calif. has approved the bike as of 04/11/08. Now just waiting for state paperwork.

    1. Before a new motorcycle can be sold in California, it must meet the requirements set forth by CARB. These requirements are different than the 49 other states.

  69. I have always wanted a bike. Everybody around me has Harleys. I don't like to shift, but wanted to ride. So off I went to learn how. Passed the class. Two days later bought my 2007 Legacy. I love it! All I have to think about is the ride not shifting.

  70. Rode bikes for a while now and will never go back to not having an automatic. This is a awesome bike (I have CF Moto 2007). Easy to ride, I was always afraid when riding stopping at the top of a hill, I would pop my clutch and stall, now I dont have that fear at all. Some people say its only a 250 and you can only go 60-65mph, but how fast do you want to go on a bike? I know I love this bike and I was fortunite enough to have a dealer near by. Again great bike.

  71. I have a 2006 250 lagacy, I have 4000 miles on the BIKE. I say BIKE because it is a bike in everyway you want to name. Just because the trans is a CVT doesn't make it a scooter. Do you call a car with a CVT a gokart?

    I tell my buds that I will not go back to a clutch after owning this BIKE. I have bags and windshield. As long as it does not rain, I ride it winter and summer. I am 63 year old and was a big bike rider when I was youger. This bike has renewed my joy in riding

  72. I just bought my Legacy in red. Great looking bike! No longer will I be a backseat rider or better known as a backrest. The bike's a head turner.

  73. I am a 6 foot man, mid 40s and have not owned a bike in 20+ years. I was searching for something to sooth my head. I looked at all the ricers, 200-250cc, and was about to give in to a Tank or Baja or something like that. Then I came across this beautifully sculptured machine. I did not want a big, powerful, hard-ro-ride bike, since I was getting my “chops” back.

    This little bike could not be more perfect for my family. My wife is going to learn to ride because of the ease with which I promise her it will be to handle. She has never had the desire until now. My 7 year old son is getting into it, too!

    Mine is a 2006 “Baron” brand, built by CF, and it was new on the showroom floor.

    So far, I have found nothing to complain about. Oh, it's smallish, just a little underpowered, but for the money and ease of operation, I could not be happier!

  74. I am so glad I found this Web site and began to search for automatic motorcycles on the Internet because I did not know they existed. I also believe there are a lot of people unaware of automatic motorcycle existence.

    For the past week or so, I have been heavily searching and contemplating purchasing a scooter. I concluded a scooter would be the closest thing I could get to a motorcycle, which did not require shifting/clutching. You see, I purchased a Honda Shadow almost a year ago and immediately after purchasing it, determined the bike was not for me. I had a hard time grasping the full concept of shifting/clutching causing me to be impatient and impulsively get rid of the Shadow within a week after purchasing. At that time, I was completely unaware of the possibility of the bike being converted to an automatic clutch for $750.

    Anyway, long story short, I am completely interested in the Legacy 250 for multiple reasons. I was scared I was going to spend too much on a scooter and then dislike it because scooters do not look like a motorcycle enough for me. I will be checking into having this bike shipped to me or ordered for me by a local dealer.

    1. Revloc is a company manufacturing automatic clutches. The product can be installed on a clutch bike rendering it clutch-less. Visit, or call 866.859.9252

  75. I just want to say I now own a QLINK Legacy 250cc. I got it on a whim and love it totally. I am a man and I think they (CF Moto) hit a grand slam here. The bike is really easy to operate, it's light, it handles extremely well, and it gets killer mileage.

    I think all riders should look at the bike, especially females and first time riders. It's that easy to ride. The brakes are good (dual disc). I get looks all the time — the bike looks super cool the radio is excellent.

    I put a trunk and saddlebags on mine. I also have a windshield on it. Everyone (yes, even Harley riders) like the look and are blown away when they start it up and I say it is running now. The look I get is worth it when I hit the MP3 player and classic rock starts up. Every one I meet thinks it's a cool bike.

  76. My new QLINK Legacy will be ready for me to pick up at noon today after having a few accessories installed (windscreen, trunk). I am trading in my year-and-a- half old QLINK Pegasus scooter. I am buying QLINK again because of the quality and attention to detail of the first ride.

    I am a seasoned rider and used the Pegasus for getting around state parks and campgrounds when we go camping so that I do not have to unhook, re-level, and rehook my RV if I want to go somewhere after a I am settled in to my campsite.

    I found the article very informative except for naming the Legacy as a woman's bike or an entry level bike. As I said, I am a seasoned rider. My other bike is a 1991 Harley Ultra Classic Tour Glide full dresser.

    I chose the Legacy because of its quality as well as it is a heck of a lot quieter than the Harley so I do not disturb the whole campground. The Legacy is a cost effective, well built machine that in my opinion exceeds the quality of an entry level bike. The automatic transmission is a convenient and user friendly accessory for ease of getting around in campgrounds and making the required trip to the nearest Wal-mart.

    This is just an old Harley guy opinion of the QLINK Legacy I hope it is helpful to those who are doing their research before buying a first bike or looking for a quality second bike to add to their collection.

  77. Want more information on the automatic bike.

  78. I've wanted a motorcycle since my teens (am now a grandmother) and saw the Legacy my friend bought when visiting her in Pennsylvania and fell in love. I have, today, put down a deposit on a black Legacy and can hardly wait! They're shipping it fully assembled and ready to ride.

    I wish I had found this article before buying, but was really pleased to learn that I've made the right decision. The fact that it is an automatic was THE deciding factor for me as well as looking really sharp.

  79. First, let me say, this is the first time I've been to your Web site, and I love it. I was looking for a new bike and it sounds like the Legacy 250 will fit the bill.

    My last bike was a Yamaha V Star Classic. I road it for one summer and that was all. It was too big and bulky for my taste, so my ex now has it. I learned to ride on a Kawasaki 440, which was a small bike (I'm 5' 2″). Everyone had me convinced that I should move to a bigger bike. Well, I'm more comfortable on a smaller, less powerful bike. Now I just have to find a dealer near here.

  80. Great article. Looking to buy CF moto 250 V5 in two to three months. Have also looked at QLINK. This information helped me close the deal on purchasing an automatic transmission bike. Thanks.

  81. Where can I find the nearest dealer to my zip code 06281?

  82. I love my 06 Legacy but the biggest problem I have is getting it up on the center stand. Can anyone tell me the secret to getting this up without rupturing myself.

  83. I own a CF Moto V5 [CF Moto owns QLINK-Editor] and I am very pleased with the bike itself. I owned a 1978 Hondamatic before purchasing the V5, but I wanted a newer more reliable bike. I love the automatic bike but I wish the bike had more power. The best I can get is 62mph and that is full throttle with the wind at my back. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make the bike faster I would greatly appreciate the knowledge. I just can't afford a Ridley. Maybe the Legacy will be available with more power soon.

  84. Is this available anywhere in Canada, sspecially in my location. I am really interested.

    1. According to the country and dealer locator on the Web site, there are no current dealers in Canada. However, I know the company is looking to expand their dealer network. Talk to your local dealer about possibly carrying the line. They can contact QLINK if there is enough interest.

  85. I have used the bike called QLINK motorcycle since the year 2001. I had no problem on it, but I was using QLINK 125 motorcycle and now need the power which is QLINK Legacy 250, but here in Nigeria we don't have a dealers that bring it for us to buy and my concern is how will I get it. Thank you.

  86. I've had my Qlink Legacy for about a year and a half. I have no problem with the “plastics” used for everything that is for show (except the fenders-I would prefer they were metal). Everyone who sees my ride is surprised it's only a 250cc.

    I do not ride on a windy day. The given standing weight of this bike seems fairly heavy, but because much of the bike is enclosed by fairing, it has a good deal of wind resistance and a strong wind from either side pushes me around.

    I have retro fitted a Honda windshield onto my bike. It is plexiglass and I had to do some custom cutting and shaping for it to clear the gas tank when turning the forks fully left or right. CBXMan accessories now offers a custom windshield.

    I like this bike, but I went from a 1980 Honda 400 automatic down to this bike and I miss the extra power (and weight) on two-lane major roads. This is not a bike for busy, or interstate roads. Even being behind an SUV creates turbulence at highway speeds. For in town or short road commutes, this would be a great bike!

    I stand 5 feet 2 inches not counting boots and I can be flat-footed when I drop my feet to pavement. Footboards are good but I think they stick out a little too far. Best thing about buying this bike is I could pay for it. Making payments on a Ridley (overpriced, I think) didn't thrill me!

  87. I found a dealership in my home town. Went by and looked at the bike. I am 5-feet-9 and a large woman. I felt comfortable in the seat. It was definitely bigger than expected and felt like a traditional big cycle. I cannot wait to test drive one.

  88. If you do not want to pay a huge amount of money for a Ridley (never heard of them, been riding for years) there are a couple of shops out there that make automatic clutchs for almost anything. I was wanting to put my wife on a small cruiser but she hates the clutch-shift coordination. I found that EFM makes an auto-clutch for Honda Shadows for about $750 US. They said they can make one for the 600cc and up. When you count the $5000-ish price tag of a Shadow 600 plus $750 for the auto-clutch plus installation (if you don't do it yourself) you get a nice bike that will cruise safely with traffic on the freeway for about $6,000. Just thought you should know.

  89. Very interesting. I am looking for a bike for my wife without having to go for the full, massive, Ridley route. I'm a new motorcycle enthusiast, and I would like my wife to be able to enjoy the feel of riding a bike from the front. While stunningly beautiful, she is a bit on the smallish (5' 4″, full of love) side, and my Harley Sportster is too big for her. This may be a viable option for her to get comfortable to ride. Great article!

  90. The CF Moto “Legacy” by QLINK is just as she describes. The bike does need to be broken in at 45 to 50 mph until about 1000 miles until you can judge the motor and acceleration. With two riders my bike did vibrate a lot, but this diminished at about 1000 miles. The vibration comes from either the small metal bars or plastic on the lower right side. Also appeared to come form the transmission at times, but this was only when carrying two riders.

    After 1000 miles almost all vibrating noise vanished. My top speed has been 60, but throttle was not wide open. The bike was smooth at 60. Keep the bike dry, some small parts will rust. Oil is easy to change. Keep bolts tight on kick stand and center stand…they can come loose quickly. Read your manual…my dealer did not inform me of many basic features found there.

  91. There are two Legacys in our household, one silver and one red (yes, the red is stunning). I can't tell you the number of people who have stopped us to ask about these motorcycles. The selling point for us was the automatic transmission. As for comfort, I'm 5-feet-9 and my housemate is 5-feet-5 and we are more than comfortable handling these machines. Now that the break in period is up, I plan on hitting the hills of North Georgia and having some real fun!

  92. The article was great. I cant wait to go check it out. I just got my motorcycle license this past summer and have been searching for something that I can handle on the road. Not worrying about shifting is the real interest for me. I think that it would be alot easier to get used to the road being a new rider and then getting something else after learning how the road is and then adding in the extras of the shifting and working the clutch.

  93. Does the Legacy 250 sound like a motorcycle or like a scooter?

  94. I have the CF Moto V5 250 bike. [QLINK is the US Importer of CF Moto. – Editor] I love it. I bought mine in June 2006. I have about 4,800 miles on it. It is a great starter bike. I could not find a QLINK dealer less than 500 miles away from where I live, so I called the Grapevine, Texas, facility to see if they could ship me one direct. The guy I talked to was very, very nice and helpful. He told me any motorcycle dealer in my town could order one for me. I checked with the local Yamaha dealer and he happened to be a CF Moto scooter dealer. They had heard of the automatic motorcycle, but had not ordered one at that time. They ordered and sold around eight more after everyone saw mine.

    There might be a dealer in or near your town that will know it as CF Moto instead of QLINK. Make sure you get a good warranty. Our dealer only covered mine for 90 days. He said that was all his distributor covered them for. I think QLINK has a 2 year warranty. The “brain box” went out on mine at 90 days after I bought it. The dealer was real good about getting it covered. Mine was the only one he had trouble with.

    If you are looking for an automatic and don't want to pay $14,000 for a Ridley, the Legacy (or Outlaw as mine is called) is worth $3,600 (out the door). I hope this helps anyone that is looking to buy one.

  95. To Angela K, (letter dated 9.26.07): If you are serious about buying a Legacy or other CF MOTO scooter product, one option may be to visit They are dealers in Eugene, Oregon, and will send your bike, nearly completely assembled for $3,299. It costs $299 less if you buy off the showroom floor. The bikes come with two-year warranty and I liked the fellas who sold and will care for my bike in the years to come. My Legacy just turned over 750 miles and the fun continues! Best of luck

  96. I road a QLINK at a local dealership. I must say for the $3,800 the one I rode cost, I would be concerned about the longevity of the bike. It seems like a lot of plastic. Honestly, the bike rode exactly as GS wrote in her article. She did leave out one very big point (sorry, but I have to call her out on this one), the bike was really tall! Most women I know are doing everything they can to lower their bikes to be more comfortable. This bike was not very comfortable for me. I would encourage everyone to test it. It just might be your speed.

  97. I thought this article was very complete, concise and informative. I'll soon be a new rider and need all the information I can get. Learning about an automatic motorcycle is like music to my ears, especially at less than $3,000. I just need to find a local dealer in or near my city. No luck there, yet.

  98. I bought my Legacy V-5 a month ago and have put my first 650 miles on the engine. I am a female rider who has dreamt of an automatic motorcycle. When I saw this little babe online, I knew I had to own one. And boy, am I happy.

    I got the silver model, but all the other colors are sharp to look at as well. I have had no problems whatsoever, and lucky for me, the sales dealer, Bandit Motor Sports, are in my home town, Eugene, Oregon. This bike is pure fun, exception being if someone is looking for a bike to cruise the freeway, for me, it was simply too light of a bike to feel comfortable.

    I paid $2999 and Progressive will insure liability only since they consider this a scooter — I pay $75 per year. No full coverage available, however, DMV considers it an actual motorcycle. Other than the plastic painted to look like chrome on some parts, this bike is a sweetie. I am constantly being stopped on the street by people asking, “What IS that?”– so, it is also a great conversation starter! Go get one. You won't be sorry!

  99. I enjoyed the article. I'm interested in getting info regarding an automatic bike. The price is right, and the bike seems less intimidating for the novice rider (like myself).

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