Updated for 2014! New Colors for Honda Rebel

More options for entry-level motorcycle

Update for Honda Rebel 2014 model year:
Honda is offering the same color options for the Rebel in 2014 that it had in 2013, Black and Candy Red. Price for 2014 model starts at $4,190. It continues to be an ideal beginner motorcycle, with plenty of used ones on the market.

Honda Rebel Color Options 2014 Black
Black is a color option for 2014.
Honda Rebel Color Options 2014 Red
This iteration of Candy Red is a color option for the Honda Rebel for 2014.

This Candy Red is slightly different than in years past, notably the 2012 option pictured below. This latest iteration is brighter and appears shinier. Over the years Honda has come out with different versions of red as it is a popular color for motorcycle owners.

This part of the story originally posted on 7/18/11:

The Honda Rebel is a popular choice among entry-level street riders because it’s a highly manageable 250cc motorcycle with classic cruiser styling that has enduring appeal. The bike is also comfortable, light in weight and easy to maneuver—that’s why it’s the ride of choice for many motorcycle-training facilities across the United States.

For 2012, Honda is introducing two new colors, Matte Silver and Candy Red, to give buyers more options.
Honda Rebel Color Options 2012 Silver
The silver is actually a matte-charcoal-type color for model year 2012.
Honda Rebel Color Options 2012 red
The red is a deep candy red for model year 2012.
Besides being an able-bodied motorcycle for beginners, the Rebel is ideal for quick hops around town, like running errands or heading down to your favorite hangout
Honda introduced the Rebel in 1985 as a way to attract younger riders to motorcycling. Now the motorcycle is a big attraction for women getting into motorcycling because it’s so easy to handle. The light weight of just 331 pounds and the 26.6-inch seat height ensure that even the shortest of riders can touch their feet on the ground.
Honda Rebel Color Options 2009 blue
The last time a new color was introduced for the Rebel was in 2009, when this blue color was released. The 2009 model was also available in black.

The Rebel, which goes by the model designation CMX250, has five speeds and is powered by a 234cc air-cooled parallel twin engine. It has a single disc brake in the front with twin piston calipers and a drum brake in the rear. Fuel capacity is 2.6 gallons with an estimated fuel economy of 84 mpg, according to Honda’s spec sheet.

The price for the 2012 model had not been issued as of press time, but the 2009 MSRP is $3,999. Because the Rebel has been around for more than 25 years, there are plenty of used ones on the market.
From 1986 to 1987, Honda manufactured the Rebel 450 with a 6-speed transmission. That model is a bit harder to find on the used market, but if you do find one, the bike will likely be in pretty good shape because they spent only two years on the market and are therefore rare.
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3 thoughts on Updated for 2014! New Colors for Honda Rebel

  1. I looked at a lot of different bikes. I liked the weight and looks of the Honda Rebel so I bought a 2015 in black. It’s really sharp with all the chrome. The bike’s easy to handle and pretty quick for a 250, plus I love the 80 mpg!

  2. Would love to have either. They are beautiful! Thanks for showing the new colors.

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