Way To Go, Girl! Cross Country Journeys A Dream Job

Two women recently returned from mega monumental cross country solo journeys, each for the fun of it. Youll be inspired when you read their stories, plus check out the stories on the other interesting women we profile, including one who gets to guide people around on a motorcycle through the Canadian Rockies.

Way To Go, Girl! Racing for a Cause

Racing for a good cause, be it a charity of for the care of your soul, is the theme of this installment of Way To Go, Girl! Read about women making a difference on their motorcycle, and meet a woman who expresses her love of motorcycling through a magazine.


Patricia DiPietro is celebrating 30 years working for the American Motorcyclist Association. In November 2005, she was promoted from chief financial officer to chief executive officer/vice president for the 260,000-member association. This is a newly created position designed to coordinate all of the AMA activities during a time of reorganization. She spoke with Genevieve Schmitt for this exclusive first interview since taking the new position.

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