Beginners Guide: Sportbikes & Dirt Bikes

Getting started in the world of racing

Cruising on the pavement is great fun, but sometimes its just not enough to satisfy a riders need for speed. If your interest in motorcycling involves getting down and dirty on the motocross track or fast and furious on the racetrack, then these articles are for you. Click on the pictures below to visit WRNs articles about getting started in the world of sportbikes and dirt bikes.


WRNs section for all things sportbike related, including new gear reviews and feature articles about women who race.
Steps to take for moving from the street to the track.
Gear youll need to stay safe and protected on the racetrack.
Our list of track days, track schools and racing schools.

Dirt Bikes

Our list of tips and advice on how to get started with dirt bike riding and racing.
What to consider when youre ready to invest in your first dirt bike.
A list of the staples youll need to get started.
Everything you need to know about competing with your dirt bike.

Looking for more information on how to get started?  Return to the WRN Beginner's Guide.

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