10 Motorcycles To Get Excited About in 2015!

Lightweight and low are the trend this year

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor

I’ve been writing about motorcycles for 25 years and have witnessed a lot of trends in motorcycle styles during that time. After enduring the boom of choppers with ultra fat tires and gigantic rakes in the early to mid-2000s, and then the onslaught of humongous-sized touring cruisers of the mid-to late 2000s, it’s nice to see the majority of the new motorcycles being introduced for model year 2015 come back down to human-sized proportions.

Many of the models appeal to new riders—a large percentage of readers of Women Riders Now—as well as experienced riders seeking a vintage-y experience with some models resembling those of yesteryear.

Here’s our list of motorcycles to get excited about for 2015! Wait til you see the last one, an honorable that we had to include.

10 Motorcycles Were Excited About in 2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S
2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S

The most interesting motorcycle this year is the all-new Kawasaki Vulcan S, because it takes the term “ergonomically friendly” to a whole new level. The Vulcan S is designed from the factory to accommodate a wide variety of riders sizes with its five multi-adjustable components. Seat, handlebars, and footpegs, as well as hand levers and suspension are all adjustable multiple ways. Riders under 5-feet-5 as well as those taller than that can find an adjustment to fit them.

The Vulcan S, which looks nothing like its Vulcan predecessors, has aggressive cruiser styling with a sporty edge, as it’s powered by a 649cc parallel twin engine that has sportbike-derived DNA. The fuel-injected motor has a 6-speed transmission and ABS is standard. Seat height is 27.8 inches. Price: $6,999.

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10 Motorcycles Were Excited About in 2015 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited Low
2015 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Limited Low

Harley-Davidsons big-size premium touring models are now accessible to a wider variety of people sizes as well because it slammed the suspension 1.7 inches lower to the ground for a seat height of 25.6 inches. Talk about low! Harley responded to customer input to develop a better fit for riders as short as 5 feet 5 inches on its Electra Glide Ultra Classic Low and the Electra Glide Ultra Limited Low. Plus, a new low-profile seat reduces reach to the foot controls, and premium front and rear suspension lowers the bike’s center of gravity making it easier to lift it off the side stand. Women, shorter men, and couples (guys manhandling the extra weight of a passenger) will appreciate this noticeable difference! Both new models feature Project Rushmore enhancements that were introduced in 2013. Prices start at $23,249 and $26,999.

The other Harley-Davidson model that was brand new when it was introduced for model year 2015 that fits in with our list because it follows the trend of light and low is the Street 500 and 750. Im not giving the new platform a full entry here in our list because its hard to get excited about a motorcycle in 2015 that weve been talking about since last February! Thats when this 2015 model was first announced! I wrote about this model when it started rolling into dealerships in Septemberand included it in another of our list stories. Since then other motorcycles have been announced that pushed the Street to its “half” position in our list. Didnt want you to think we overlooked it.

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10 Motorcycles Were Excited About in 2015 Honda CBR300
2015 Honda CB300F, left, and the Honda CBR300.

The 2015 Honda CBR300, announced last summer, is a redesign of the CBR250, and comes on the heels of another entry-level sportbike that upped its power from 250 to 300cc in 2013, the Kawasaki Ninja 300. While there’s a 17 percent boost in horsepower from the CBR250 to the 300, all the features that make it appealing to new sportbike riders remain. Lightweight, nimble, and narrow with a manageable seat height of 30.7 inches. Two versions of the entry-level bike give riders options: the CBR300 has a fairing, while the CB300 does not giving the bike a “streetfigher” raw look. The single-cylinder engine is ideal for beginners still learning the clutch and throttle action. Honda says the 300’s tested fuel economy was 70mpg! Price is $4,399 for the standard model; $4,899 for the ABS version.

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10 Motorcycles Were Excited About in 2015 Yamaha YZF R3
2015 Yamaha YZF-R3

Yamaha is getting in on the 300cc entry-level sportbike act by introducing the YZF-R3 for 2015. The newly developed 320cc inline two-cylinder engine is liquid cooled, fuel injected, and along with the 6 speeds give this entry-level machine big bike grit, but all in a lightweight, low seat height (30.7 inches) package that’s appealing to new riders who want to take to the twisties. Price is $4,990.

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10 Motorcycles Were Excited About in 2015 Yamaha BoltC-Spec
2015 Yamaha Bolt C-Spec

Yamaha hit a home run when it introduced the all-new 950cc Bolt in 2014, a modern day performance bobber. The Bolt was so unique when it was introduced that it was, and still is, helping to define a whole new market segment: urban riding. The Bolt R-Spec, a sportier version, rolled out a few months later, and now for 2015 Yamaha unveils the Bolt C-Spec, shown here. This café-styled Bolt features a forward riding stance with clip-on handlebars, traditional fork boots, a removable passenger seat cowl and sport café paint and graphics that tie it all together. There’s now a Bolt for every taste. Lightweight and a low seat height (27.2 inches) make it appealing to a wide variety of riders, including women who want a little sass in their ride. Price: $8,690.

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10 Motorcycles Were Excited About in 2015 Yamaha SR400
2015 Yamaha SR400

Knowing that a new generation of riders loves vintage or seemingly vintage motorcycles Yamaha brought back a classic, the SR400, a retro styled motorcycle with a single cylinder engine. Of course everything’s new on the bike, except Yamaha retained the kickstarter, the only way to get the 384-pound lightweight going. We’re told it’s not like the old days where kicking it over was dependent on the crankiness of the carbureted engine. The air-cooled 399cc engine is fuel injected and is actually fun to get started—and likely to draw attention. This compact bike has a manageable seat height of 30.9 inches. Price is $5,990.

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10 Motorcycles Were Excited About in 2015 Indian Scout
2015 Indian Motorcycle Scout

Women Riders Now was given the opportunity to have the first female journalist test ride the new 2015 Scout. Sash Walker did a super job and assessing this new classic, and judging by the comments from our readers, Indian has a winner on its hands, particularly among women. The Scout’s powerful 1100cc engine packed iinto a middleweight, easy-to-manage package has women flocking to Indian dealerships to sit on the new motorcycle. Plus, the styling is so new and exciting that visually it beckons one to see what it’s all about. Seat height is favorable 25.3 inches and price starts at $10,999. Read the WRN review here. 

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10 Motorcycles We're Excited About in 2015 BMW F 800 R
2015 BMW F 800 R

This popular “roadster” motorcycle from BMW just got better for 2015. The F 800 R now has more power, low seat options, is lighter and costs $650 less! Heated grips, so popular on the bigger bikes, are now standard equipment. Plus modified gear ratios for first and second gear mean the bike’s easier to ride at slower speeds making this ideal for riders in an urban setting, as well as those getting used to slow speed maneuvers. The F 800 R’s compact size and nimbleness make it easy for confident beginners and smaller riders to get their motorcycle mojo up to speed. Price starts at $9,950. Personally, I’m still drooling over the F 700 GS adventure bike that came out last year that my friend Estela Villaseñor bought as her first bike, below. 

10 Motorcycles To Get Excited About in 2015 BMW F 700 GS
Estela Villaseñor rides her new 2014 BMW F 700 GS in Bozeman, Mont. She’s a relatively new rider and uses this mostly for urban commuting.

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10 Motorcycles We're Excited About in 2015 CSC RX-3 Cycline
2015 CSC RX-3 Cyclone

We’re excited when a new player enters the market and CSC Motorcycles, the company we introduced to you to when I reviewed its Classic and Babydoll 150cc motorcycles, is now selling a 250cc adventure motorcycle called the RX-3 Cyclone. The adventure touring market is growing in popularity among men and women who want the ability to go off the beaten path, that is, riding on pavement and gravel. The Cyclone comes with everything you need to conquer that terrain: dual-purpose tires, engine guards, hard-sided panniers, and a windshield. A 6-speed transmission, a 4.2-gallon fuel tank, and an engine that’s watercooled, fuel injected, and counter-balanced give this new entry into the market some fight. The CSC Cyclone is the only 250cc adventure tourer out there, and with an easy-on-the-wallet $3,495 price tag anyone interested can give this kind of riding a try. 

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10 Motorcycles To Get Excited About in 2015 Ducati Scrambler
2014 Ducati Scrambler

While it’s a contemporary take on an iconic bike of the 1970s, Ducati says its new 2015 Scrambler is not a retro bike, rather “it’s intended to be just how the legendary motorcycle would be if Ducati had never stopped building it.” Light weight, low center of gravity and slightly knobby tires will keep you grounded no matter where you end up. The 800cc L-twin cylinder engine produces 75 hp, just enough to keep things fun. The low seat accessory drops you down to a manageable 30.3 inches (from 31.1 inches). The Scrambler is offered in four different urban edgy styles: the Icon, Urban Enduro, Classic, and Full Throttle; you’re bound to fall in love with one of them. Price starts at $8,499. Now it will be hard for women to choose between the Monster (I reviewed the 696 here), which many really love, and the new Scrambler!

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10 Motorcycles We're Excited About in 2015 CSC Can-Am Spyder F3
2015 Can-Am Spyder F3

What a way to end our list of motorcycles to get excited about for 2015. The Spyder F3 from Can-Am doesn’t get more exciting that this. But since technically it’s not a motorcycle, we put it in our honorable mention category. I’ve test ridden two versions of the Spyder, the RS-S sport version, and the RT touring version. This new version, the F3, puts yet another spin on the two-wheels-in-front-one-in-back three-wheeler concept. It’s a Spyder cruiser, a laid back riding style with feet kicked forward. The 1330cc engine ensures you have plenty of power and the 6-speed transmission with reverse makes it easy to back up. Price starts at $19,499. 

There you have it! Tell us what you think in the comments section, and be sure to check out our other motorcycle list stories in the Related Articles below. 

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41 thoughts on 10 Motorcycles To Get Excited About in 2015!

  1. I own the 2014 Can-Am Spyder RT – wonderful bike. I, along with three other 60 to 70-year-old gals, are flying to San Francisco to ride Can-Ams up the Pacific Coast Highway, leaving this Friday. A wonderful ride, we are sure. We are the Double Dealing – three wheeling divas!

    1. This sounds so amazing. Good for you guys! Please be sure to post photos to our Facebook page, if you can, so we can “ride” along” with you.

  2. Wonderful article. I took your advice from an earlier article and started with a small bike. After a year of riding, my husband and I each bought a BMW F 700 GS bike (less than a week ago). I bought the standard height and can’t quite “flat foot” over the bike which (to me) makes the bike feel too heavy for me. So this leads to my question: did your friend (Estela) go with a lower seat or lower suspension on her BMW F 7 00G S? I talked to the dealer and am now considering: different shocks or trading for the F 800 R (which is lower and has a lower center of gravity). He recommends against the lower seat option based upon customer feedback.Of course I test road both models before purchasing, and there were more things I liked about the GS than the R, so I went with the GS. (I’m 5 feet 6 inches with an inseam around 32).Thanks for your help!

    1. My friend Estela went with the lower seat option and is very happy with it. Thanks for your feedback. Very valuable.

  3. Wonderful article. I took your advice from an earlier article and started with a small bike. After a year of riding, my husband and I each bought a BMW F700GS bike (less than a week ago). I bought the standard height and can’t quite “flat foot” over the bike which (to me) makes the bike feel too heavy for me. So this leads to my question: did your friend (Estela) go with a lower seat or lower suspension on her BMW F 700GS? I talked to the dealer and am now considering: different shocks or trading for the F800R (which is lower and has a lower center of gravity). He recommens against the lower seat option based upon customer feedback.Of course I test road both models before purchasing, and there were more things I liked about the GS than the R, so I went with the GS. (I’m 5’6″ with an inseam around 32).Thanks for your help!

  4. Hello. I am curious as to why there are no review of the Yamaha FZ07 2015. Such an awesome bike for a woman. I am 5 feet 4 inches and 120 pounds — on my third riding season only and bought this model last fall after riding my first bike for two years (a Honda CBR 250) I am just in awe about the FZ 07 because it’s compact, low seating, perfect for small riders, upright seating position, so really comfortable, nimble. Why is it not shortlisted?

    1. Thanks for your question. Yes, that motorcycle is favorable to women, but part of our criteria for this list were motorcycles that the manufacturers were targeting to women and Yamaha unfortunately has not reached out to us to test ride this motorcycle nor have they featured any women riding it in their publicity materials, which is where the majority of these images came from. When a manufacturer takes the time to a) invite a magazine that caters to women like WRN to their press launch for the bike and/or b) features a woman riding the bike in their marketing materials for the bike, this shows us a commitment by the manufacturer that they are interested in reaching women. That’s the business side of it. That said, you’re not the first person who’s mentioned that this motorcycle has all the features women deem favorable, so because of that we will be running a review of the bike in the near future. Thanks again for your feedback.

  5. WOW! Thanks Genevieve. Awesome list. I am technically in the market, actually have been for several years, but have not been finding a good fit. I made 25 years riding this month, March! Yea! Definitely some new models not even on my radar I just might have to look at!Thanks for all you do for this industry!

  6. Why no Honda CTX700? Lightweight, plenty of power at 700cc, beautiful full fairing model with stock hardbags available. I’d waited many years for a sport-touring model to come out on which I could put both feet down. CTX700 has a 28.2-inch seat height, as well as fuel injection and liquid cooling. Reports are common of 60+ mpg highway. I think we missed a perfect motorcycle for many women by failing to including the CTX700.

    1. The Honda CTX700 was not a new motorcycle for model year 2015 therefore it did not meet our criteria for this particular list.

  7. Great choices! The new Kawasaki Vulcan S and the Yamaha R3 have me quite excited, can’t wait to check them out! I am alse excited about the 2015 Moto Guzzi V7 and the new changes they have done. Can’t wait to read some reviews on that one. I sure hope they let you test ride one!

  8. What a great list! Thank so much for all this work, because now I don’t have to do it. I have wanted to try a few more bikes, but didn’t want to dedicate the time to researching. It’s nice to have a few narrowed down for me. I especially like that there are motorcycles I’ve not seen before now. I’m going to go do some more test rides. I would like to respond to a previous comment by Edith Smith. “Why does a ‘girls bike’ have to equate to low power?” Edith, there is nothing “low power” about the Indian Scout. Nothing. That motorcycle is so fast, so strong, it will blow your clothes off! Oh, and I’m 4 feet 11 inches, so I know “height challenged” intimately. Again, great article!

  9. I just bought the HD Ultra Limited Low and love it. I have been wanting a large touring bike for quite some time now but couldn’t justify all the changes I would have had to make to make it fit my 5-feet 4-inch height. The Ultra Limited Low took care of all my issues and now I am riding the bike of my dreams! Thanks for including my bike. Women don’t need to be intimidated about it being a big bike. It handles better than my previous bike, Heritage Softail. It corners better and rides smoother. Good for long trips! I can’t wait for some warmer weather to get out and do some riding.

    1. Thanks for sharing that with us Sharon. You are exactly the kind of person Harley-Davidson was targeting when it developed this all new model. Glad to see it resonating with women like yourself. You’re right — women can ride the bigger motorcycles, but it sure is nice when a manufacturer develops the bike to accommodate a wider variety of sized riders, like Harley did by lowering the seat height.

  10. Very good list. I was hoping you’d added the new Indian Scout as I looked at this bike. It was the one that most caught my eye at the Calgary Motorcycle Show last week. I always enjoy your articles. Keep em coming!

  11. I hope that I am still in this business when the average woman rider is proficient enough to enjoy some of the taller motorcycles out there. (Notice I did not write anything about women actually being taller.)That said, this is a very good list for the average woman rider, and I agree with your choices, and am excited about a couple of these bikes, too.However, for more proficient women riders, there are plenty of new releases to get our blood pumping, too.As some of your readers mentioned, the Kawasaki Versys 1000 LT is an exciting new bike for 2015, and I fully expect it to be as successful as the Versys 650 has been.The BMW S 1000 XR is a new adventure bike that utilizes a version of the company’s Moto GP-winning engine. Now that’s exciting!Yamaha’s new FJ-09 looks to have some resemblance to the super-comfy sport touring FJ09, but is equipped with the FZ-09’s crossplane concept inline triple 847cc engine.By the way, it’s not a new release, but Yamaha’s 2015 FZ-07 is a bike I would love to see more women give some attention to. It also uses the crossplane concept triple engine in a smaller displacement, but offers a unique character and torque that gets very high marks from me.There are so many exciting motorcycles coming out, I am beside myself. There’s the KTM 390 Duke, the Aprilia Tunono V4 1100, Suzuki GSX-S750 and 2016 Suzuki GSX-S1000, and the Kawasaki Ninja H2 and H2R (not that anyone will be able to test ride those models)… I could go on, but I think you get the point.

    1. Thanks for your insight Tricia. As one of the very few women out there who test rides motorcycles for a living, your knowledge is very valuable here.

  12. I don’t understand why “people” have to get “razzed” over an article and automatically go on the defensive. Read the article first. I am 5 feet 4 inches and I ride a 2014 Heritage Softail. My feet are flat on the ground. Someone else my height may not be able to ride it because of the length of their legs, not overall height. The article was as the publisher stated “showing the new models.” I thought it was an excellent article, showing new bikes women could check out if they are having a hard time finding a bike that fits them.

  13. Great selection but I don’t see my bike: Honda CTX700. It’s a great and fun bike, with ride all day comfort, reliable, etc. It comes in either naked or faired, and full manual or DCT. Don’t knock DCT till you try it. Low, stable, easy handling, six-speed with a cruiser positioning. Can more than keep up with the crowd.

    1. Thanks for mentioning the CTX700 Michele. Yes, great motorcycle that does deserve attention among the female rider crowd so thank you for that. However, it was not a new model in 2015.

  14. Great article. I am pleased to have this information as a MSF Rider Coach. The women in my training classes are always asking for a list of recommended motorcycles. Women also share with me that their number one concern is “confidence.” When you drill down on what “confidence” means to them, the majority respond with “only if the height of the motorcycle could be lowered” and/or “only if the motorcycle could be lighter in case I dump it.” So the industry has responded – THANK YOU! Now companies will see sales increase and women involvement skyrocket even more so!P.S. I love the concept of the H-D Ultra Lows! However, being 5 feet 11 inches it does not matter to me. I do not fit into the “average” category of anything! My next motorcycle will be the H-D Ultra Class CVO or maybe that big new Indian I saw the other day!

  15. Great article, however, it really razzes me that every article out there is for a smaller lighter bike so a “woman” can handle it. Excuse me, if you want to be put in a corner, fine, I don’t. I do not let that dictate to me what bikes out there are good for woman. Did you forget to mention the 2015 HD Street Glide? Perfect for woman of all shapes and sizes and heights! It’s got everything a woman wants in a bike, including not being put in a corner and told this is what you can handle and this is what you should ride. Whatever, you tell me I should go low and light; I’m gonna go bigger and faster and better and ride it better than you! Let’s stop stereotyping woman. The only thing riding has to do with is the brain that sits in your head and if you use it to learn the skill to ride!

    1. OK, LA — the person who writes a very opinionated response and doesn’t sign a name to it! Nowhere in this article do I say these are motorcycles I recommend for women. Gosh sakes! The criteria was new 2015 motorcycles we were excited about that followed the trend of low and light for 2015. Did you not read the headline? The Street Glide, which I personally own and ride by the way, was not a new model in 2015, so it’s not on our list.What we’re excited about here at WRN is that the motorcycle industry is finally recognizing that the fastest growing segment of new riders are women, and new female riders nine times out 10 choose low and light as their first and sometimes second motorcycle — so by the industry introducing an overwhelming number of new low and light motorcycles (they’re not all low cc’s either!) this shows a “nod” toward women as a viable market segment. As I stated in a previous response, if there were some interesting larger and higher powered motorcycles that were brand new for 2015 and that I felt would be of interest to the majority of women, I would have included them, but there were not. And in fact, I did include the Harley Ultra Lows — brand new models for 2015, because I believe a lot of women who are intimidated by not reaching the ground on these big baggers, will now be able to. I’m going to guess you missed that one.

  16. Thanks for finally recognizing that there are bikes out there for women that are not cruisers. BMW and some of the Japanese companies have been making bikes that could easily be lowered or otherwise ergonomically adapted for years. So I hope women who read this article will give them a try and expand their mindset beyond cruisers.

  17. PS. 5 feet 4 inches (my height) is the average height of women in the U.S

  18. Why does a “girls bike” have to equate to low power? Why can’t we have a light weight, low seat height, fuel injected, fluid cooled, sporty bike with more than 300cc so that it is capable of touring. Oh wait, I have one, its my SV650 with most of the foam taken out of the seat.Regards, your experienced but height-challenged follower, Edy

  19. Great article. It’s really amazing how bikes have gotten lighter and lower in just the last 10 years. Women now have an incredible selection of makes and models. I looked and looked and finally bought my dream bike. I took a leap and bought more muscle because the bike fit me so well. It was as if the HD Switchback was custom built just for me. Once she’s in motion, she’s all “butta.”

  20. Great list of bikes. I have noticed a trend of bikes being lowered. I wonder if we are all getting shorter. Anyway, to the Editor, I wish to pose a quick question: What are your thoughts on the Polaris 2015 Slingshot?

  21. Great article, right on the money regarding the welcome return to more reasonably-sized motorcycles. As an MSF RiderCoach, I regularly see both men and women buy bikes that are way too heavy and/or powerful for their first bike, and end up not having any fun. Even as an experienced rider, I really enjoy getting on something that I can flick around, pick up if I drop it, and back out of the garage. Good choices!

  22. Great article! I recently picked up a 2014 Harley-Davidson Street Bob and have to say I love it! At 5 feet 4 inches, it was surprisingly comfortable and required no adjustments to fit me. It has a super low center of gravity and is just a blast to ride. And while people (men) have insisted on telling me what bikes I should be riding I find I am still thrilled with my Bob. I’ve also heard that you can’t take a Dyna on the long hauls but I have covered up to 900 miles in a single trip and did just fine which brings me to the conclusion that the men are just wimps.

  23. Having owned big, small and in-between motorcycles, I liked your choices in the top 10. Plus, I know plenty of guys who also don’t think bigger is always better too! HONEST!The number of cc’s on a motorcycle does not tell the whole story. There’s the power to weight ratio, the motor’s configuration and how much horsepower and torque it is built to deliver.While serving as a ride escort for a charity ride with a bunch of riding with Harley guys in Galveston, Texas, I had no problem keeping up with them on my Kawasaki 650 Versys, a fuel injected twin. And, these guys had to admit they were impressed by my bike’s performance too.An inline 600 cc sport bike can deliver 140 plus horse power and I could literally go around the world on my Yamaha WR 250r fuel-injected dual sport machine. Finally, having tested the new HD Street 750, I was very impressed by its off the block acceleration.

  24. This season I’m excited about the Indian Chief Vintage. It has the iconic look of a cruise, and with a seat height of 26 inches. I can easily flat-foot it. It has a 111 cubic inch engine (1819 cc) so it can probably pass most things on the road. Weight to engine size, it’s more powerful than my car! I REALLY want one for my solo trips across the U.S.

  25. Like Doni I want the bigger bikes. At 5 feet 4 inches and 62 years, I ride a Victory Vision for touring and have gone across country five times solo. Can’t imagine doing that on a low cc bike. Victory does have the new Slingshot for 2015, since you’re including the Spyder!

  26. There are some beautiful bikes on your list, but nothing on it even comes close to making me change my mind. After test driving a Harley-Davidson Street Glide in 2012 I had to have one. I had it lowered an inch and bought a seat that lowers me another inch and it drives like a dream. I absolutely love this bike. I started riding after my daughter was killed in a car accident. Riding has literally saved my life. I let the wind blow away my pain. Women should know they don’t have to settle for lower cc’s. I am 51, a little over 5 feet 5 inches and I ride a big bike. Men make me laugh all of the time when I’m gassing up my bike. I can’t tell you how many have said, “That’s what I ride. You are bad ass.”

  27. Thank goodness I’m not as vertically challenged as a lot of women. The 2015 model that has my interest is Kawasaki’s Versys 1000. I’ve already been pestering my local dealer about when he’s going to get one in that I can look at. I do like the look of the new Ducati Scrambler and would love to see one, either the Icon or Classic, in person. I like that Ducati has a line of accessories to personalize it and add a little practicality with bespoke luggage.

  28. I just looked at your 10 motorcycles list and to my surprise is the last one, a Can-Am Spyder. I have a 2014 and love it. I rode for a charity in Calgary last August. We have a group of 150 riders and I was the only Spyder rider. I sure had fun and and no problem doing what they all where doing. Sure got a lot of attention. I had a 250 Honda Elite scooter and a Honda Martin 400, but now at 75 years young, the Can-Am Spyder is just what I like now.

  29. Just wondering why many of the motorcycles listed for women on many of the lists I read about are really low cc’s like 300s and some ranging up to 800s. A few of the ones on your list were 900 and 1000, women bikes sizable to us but do not always want to give up the power to keep up with the guys.

    1. This list encompasses new motorcycles for 2015. There were no really big cruisers that were new that excited us, other than the Harley Ultras, which we listed. That is why. Good question.

  30. I loved reading this. I have bought two Harleys used and got some good deals. My 2005 Sporty — I love it better than the 1990 I had for eight years. Kept falling apart until I got a hell of a deal on the 2005 for only $5,500 with only 17,000 miles on it (bought it in 2010)! But it’s heavy on me. Bigger gas tank and a expensive higher seat (comfortable though) just makes me ride high, and I have fallen over. If I was richer I would buy a low riding Harley with my choice of color — red! But I am retired now, poorer and 65 but love my riding. Much needed to keep me alive and happy. Thanks for letting me see the new bikes that fit woman.

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