REVIEW: Icon Hella Boot

More than just a pretty shoe

By Genevieve Schmitt

Icons Hella Boot comes on the heels of the Bombshell, Icons first mega stylish, sexy motorcycle riding boot that debuted a year ago to great reviews. Women who like to wear a fashionable high heel boot when riding couldnt rave enough about the Bombshell. Ive seen women on cruisers and sportbikes wearing the Bombshell boots.

The Hella comes up just over the ankle.
The Bombshell boot comes up over the calf.

This summer, Icon came out with a sister to the Bombshell, the Hella boot, and Ive been testing it the last few months. Icon representative Brenda Trumbo says the idea behind the Hella and the Bombshell was to target high heel wearing women and get them a “high heel” look, but safe and protective. The words “safe and protective” are relative. Obviously, these are not your typical black, steel toed, waterproof boots loaded with armor. They are, however, about as safe and protective as youll get in a boot thats this stylish. And if high heels and style are what youre after on your bike, you might consider these.

The two buckles can be tightened for a snugger fit.

Im a brown wearing woman, so I was excited when I saw Icon decided on this color. It also comes in black. While the boots look narrow, I had plenty of room in the toe area and I have a wide foot. Like the Bombshell, each Hella boot comes with an extra piece of leather reinforcement sewn in on the toe area to take the abuse the gear shifter peg does to the leather in that spot over time.

You can see the extra leather on the toe area here.

The boots are made of a premium grade cowhide leather that feels thick and sturdy. The boots are a bit stiff when new, particularly in the shin area the top edge rubbed on my shin because it didnt give but after several times of wearing the boots, that part loosened up. The boots feel most comfortable when theyre worn in a bit.

The boots are brand new in this shot. No leather crinkling from being worn in yet.

The boots slip on easily with a side zipper. The wedge heel, which is 3 inches, is what makes these boots wearable for a long period of time, longer than a normal high-heeled boot. The wedge distributes your weight so not all of the pressure is on your toes. I walked around the Sturgis rally all afternoon without my feet aching like they do when I wear a high-heeled fashion boot over a few hours.

The wedge heel is gives you a planted feeling when wearing these boots.

Icon built in some protection features. The round circle by the ankle area is a sturdy piece of padding on either side of each boot for protection there. The toe area, while not steel, is reinforced enough that I couldnt press into my toe with my thumb. The heel area is also reinforced the same way. The heel is covered in a metal plate – part style, part extra protection.

The ankle padding is shown in this picture.
The metal plate has Icon Moto etched on it.

For a woman rider, a large part of her confidence with a motorcycle comes from feeling that her feet and legs are planted enough that she can trust them with the weight of a motorcycle. I found wearing these boots when riding my big Street Glide, I had to very careful about where I stopped and do it slow and methodically because the three-inch heels are high and have a much smaller footprint than the low-heeled Frye boots I normally wear. The non-skid oil resistant rubber sole on the Hellas is a plus. I had no problem maneuvering my motorcycle around a parking lot with them.

The soles of my Hella boots before I put them through their paces.
There is a little notch between the heel and toe area specifically to rest your feet on the motorcycle foot peg.

Ive only worn these boots on short day rides when I knew I wouldnt encounter any bad weather. Theyre not waterproof so I wouldnt use these on a long trip. I treated them with a leather protector, like I do all my leathers so the boot surface resists road grime and water stains. The Hellas are so comfortable Ive worn them to social functions when I wasnt riding my bike.

The Hella boot in black.

The Hella boots sell for $140 and come in black and beretta (brown) as mentioned earlier. Visit to find a dealer near you.

Debbie Gould standing next to her new Harley Road King Motor Trike wore the Hella Boots for these photos.

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27 thoughts on REVIEW: Icon Hella Boot

  1. Thanks for the great review. Nice to have women reviewers out there. Can't wait to get these. I wasn't worried about the height since I'm used to heels, and wedges are usually easy. Want to make sure they were comfortable and not too narrow. Thanks again!

  2. I love the styling. It's about time manufacturers gave some thought to women riders. However the 3-inch heel is just too much height for many of us. Some ladies don't like to wear high heels while riding, and others simply cannot wear heels this high. The manufacturer should make this boot with a lower heel to accommodate those of us who require one. I'd definitely be the first to run out and buy a pair — or two!

  3. I am so excited to have found these boots! As a 5 foot rider with very short legs, these are perfect for me. I just bought a '09 Ninja 250R and have to have it lowered but still am not comfortable with the height. I am so happy to have these boots as they give me just enough extra height to ride comfortably. As a short woman I'm used to wearing heels. These have no effect on my riding. I think they are a godsend!I wish there were more out there.

  4. I have the Bombshell boots, and I thank God for them. I couldn't reach the ground comfortable with my other riding boots and when I got these I could finally be flat footed on my bike, which I really appreciate.

    The Bombshell boots have extra padding on the calf section and I feel offer enough protection for riding. It's not about being stylish for me, it's about being able to reach the ground fully flat footed.

  5. At 5 feet 2 inches I need extra height from my footwear when riding. Currently, I have a boot that gives me about a 2-inch heel with 1/2 inch in front. Too much sole in front then I can't shift easily. Not enough height then I can't touch the ground comfortably. And of course there's always the issue as to whether or not the sole is made for riding.

    I've got a pair of boots where the front of the boot is too big for me to shift. I have another pair that wear wonderfully but the soles aren't good for gripping the pavement when I have stop while riding. While these boots look great I would be concerned with the functionality and safety.

  6. I own two pair of the original Bombshell boots and leaped for joy when I saw the shorter version. Thank God for style and safety for these boots provide both. Excellent tough rubber sole and awesome support for ankles. I stand 6 feet 1 inch tall, ride a 2007 Suzuki 1300 Hayabusa and have absolutely no problem with these boots. In fact, these are the only boots I wear year round, on and off my bike. I beg to differ if you cannot hold your bike up wearing these. Perhaps your bike is too big for you?

  7. I would buy these boots if they had at least a 1.5-2 inch heel. Three inch is pretty steep, especially for braking, coming to a stop and trying to maintain the position of the bike. If they would make a lower heel I would definitely buy a pair.

  8. They are awfully cute, but not for riding. I'll stick to my Harley Faded Glory's, besides, I am in heels eight hours a day, five days a week. Come on. The weekends are when I can go from banker to biker, go out and play, and not have to impress anyone!

  9. I bought a pair when they first came out. I'm not a high heels gal however I found these to be surprisingly comfortable right out of the box. These are definitely more for show than performance. The heel height takes some getting used to (especially if you don't normally wear high heels). I felt a little unstable when stopping and found the soles to be somewhat slippery and thin. I wore out the heel part of the sole in no time.

    I would recommend these boots as your fun, sassy, second pair but I would not recommend them as your main, everyday pair.

  10. These are really cute, but if you are looking to take the MSF class, please do not buy these untill you know how to ride and feel comfortable on your bike. I have seen some gals come through the class and on the first day of riding they show up in the Hella boots (because they are really cute!). But when you are learning, the heel can be hard to get under the shifter of a 250cc bike and hard to balance on, even more so when you are just learning how to balance.
    Just a thought for potential new riders. But they are really cute.

  11. I was dead set against these girly looking things but I caved in because I couldn't find anything with enough height for me (5 feet 2 inches). I've been wearing the Bombshell's for about six months now. Tey are unbelievably comfortable…seriously! I actually had an inch platform added to them so I could reach the freakin' ground and have never felt more confident on my bike (Ducati 748).

    You do not feel like you're teetering at all, thanks to all the support of the wedge and the upper boot. I've worn them on long, long rides and stood around all day in them at Femmoto. I'm sure the Hella is just as comfortable (the Bombshells are way too skinny in the calf — had to have them stretched, and I'm little!).

  12. I bought the Bombshell's when they first came out, and love them! Not only are they easy to walk in, but easy to ride in, too. I ride a Harley with forward controls and find it very easy to shift, brake and balance. My husband likes the look so well, he wants me to buy the Hella's, too.

  13. Well, I agree with the “smart” women who would rather be stable and safe than stylish. I believe those boots are for the woman who sits on the back! I cannot see having a sturdy ankle in those. Those look like your ankle could break in two. I'll stick with the low to the ground sturdy boots. I value my life today.

  14. I love them. It's about time a manufacturer made a boot for ladies that didn't make us look like we were heading off to basic training or military school. I've just been waiting for a price reduction to get a couple of pairs.

  15. I would buy them if they had a much lower heel. I'm already too tall.

  16. I just can not see being confident in holding up my 900+ pound Road King with these, nor do I see myself riding and working on bikes all day long in them. Also, you go down in these, they are going to do nothing to save your feet or ankles.

  17. Don't even begin to tell me that stopping on gravel and holding up 700 pounds of a two-wheeled bike can safely be done in three-inch heels.

  18. I love riding in my heelz, now that I have a Street Glide with running boards. Big change to the better. These boots look like they have a nice rubber sole. Great to have.

  19. Not very practical looking boots. More yuppie style if you ask me.

  20. Love the looks of the boots! However, as a professional who wears heels at work nearly every day, I am not looking for more heels in my down time. I aim for comfort, reliability and stability especially during stops when my feet have to be on the pavement. The narrow heel area would concern me, especially if there was even a little loose gravel, dirt or water. For me this would not be practical.

    Good idea with the reinforced toe area! Wish more boot manufacturers would consider this.

  21. I agree with the other ladies, bring me a 1-inch heel and you've got another buyer!

  22. I love these boots and I love the trike in the above pic. I have a Suzuki Boulevard C50 trike. Love it, love it, love it.

  23. OMG, those are so cute!

  24. I love the look but I really can't bear the thought of 3-inch heels. I just can't wear anything that high. However I'd love to see something like this in a 1-inch heel instead. Then I'd take a serious look at them.

    Keep looking for the cool new products for women riders! Thanks.

  25. I LOVE these boots! I have been wearing the tall black ones since they came out over a year ago. I'm actually on my second pair! I wore them so much, I had to throw them away.

  26. So I have to ask, why would they go to the all the trouble to make a women's riding boot that doesn't provide all the same protection the heavy duty boots do? I don't get it. While I think they are stylish, I want a boot I can count on in all types of weather and road conditions.

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