EXCLUSIVE: A Sexy New Riding Boot for Women

A sneak peak at the latest from Icon

WRN has an exclusive first look at The Hella, Icons newest womens riding boot, thats not available until late August. The Hella is an attractive alternative to the clunky, heavy, hiking boot or western boot styles.

The Hella boot, shown in black, is made with premium grade cowhide leather and a sporty dual buckle design.

For those of you familiar with the Bombshell, Icons number one selling boot, youll know Icon is all about making a sexy, fashionable and protective riding boot. The Hella is a lower than the Bombshell ending just above the ankle. Its loaded with the support and protection a motorcyclist needs for street riding.

The Hella boot comes with a metal heel protection plate.

The Hella boots offer easy full zip step-in styling, padded ankle and insole protection, and a wedge heel that distributes the weight evenly. For many riders, the wedge is much more comfortable than a traditional heel to ride, stand, and walk in. The boots have a non-skid, oil resistant sole.

The Hella Boot comes in black or brown and sizes 5 to 10 including half sizes. It retails for $140. The Hella will be available in late August.

The Hella boot in brown.

Thats your peek at whats to come. Well give you an update when we get our hands on a pair! [Editors Note: We did get our hands on a pair; read the full review by clicking here.] In the meantime, see all Icon has to offer at RideIcon.com.

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25 thoughts on EXCLUSIVE: A Sexy New Riding Boot for Women

  1. I love the boot but it does not come in my size. If anyone knows where I can find a sexy boot in a size 11 please let me know.

  2. I highly recommend these boots. Wow!The new Hella boots are awesome!
    I must note that unlike the Bombshell boots which ran about 1/2 size smaller, these do not. Perfect size 10 for me. Love the wedge heel. Same rugged grip bottom as Bombshells, easy on and off, ankle protection is excellent. Love the price. Well worth every penny! ($140).

    The only thing that “bothered” me about the boot is that the front top of the boot “rubs” against my lower front shin as I maneuver my feet on brake pedal, but I think a foot insert to the front will take care of that or a thicker pair of socks. I love the boots. Even women who do not ride will want these boots.

  3. Icon had done it again! Leading the competition with another gorgeous women's sexy as hell boot! I loved the Bombshell boots so much I bought two pair! Will probably do the same with these once I get my big 10s in these babies! Hey, Icon people, I love U!

  4. I have been looking for a pair of feminine riding boots, and these look like they will fit the bill. Any news on the review of them now that you got ahold of a pair? I am just a smidge too short to flat foot on my CBR600, I think these could be perfect!

  5. I am a fashion diva and I need a safe, sturdy and stunning boot. What I have seen with this style and color looks better than any boot on the market.

  6. FINALLY! Thank you for introducing a sexy, feminine riding boot. GIVE US MORE! I'm a short rider who prefers to avoid the clunky, heavy, clod-hoppers I have to choose from. I'm not only a girly-girl, but do not want to be mistaken for a man when suited up either.

    No thank you on pink leathers. Too impractical. I'm seeing more and more pretty riding clothes, but show us a great selection of low-heeled feminine syled boots, too. You're awesome!

  7. How is the bottom of the boot? Is there traction?

  8. The boots are pretty. I am looking for a good pair of boots I can shift with. My clunky boots don't cut it, and I can't shift properly, so much so, it borders on dangerous.

  9. Love the look of these boots! I can't wait to try on a pair.

  10. I have just begun to research on my new endeavor: riding! But let me tell you, I will definitely buy these beauties for me to wear anytime. They are sexy and look comfortable. I wear heels all day, every day and love it. I love biker wear and will surely splurge on a pair of these — especially for the added height. I am 5 feet, so welcome any help.

    BTW: thank you for all the articles featuring those riders who can't necessarily reach the ground on a bike. It helps to see what options are available for when I start riding.

  11. Perfect timing. I just started my search for a pair of really cute pair of boots. I have two pair of Harley boots to wear while I ride my own bike, but sometimes I just want to look like I put some thought into what I'm wearing, especially if I'm riding behind my husband.

    I love your Web site. I tell all of my riding friends to check it out.

  12. I love the look of them, but the solid heel has got to go. Wish the heel was thick, but not wedged. Too bad.

    1. Visit RideIcon.com for a list of dealers near you. We just got word they'll be available August 18 in dealers.

  13. Gorgeous boots, however I'm disappointed they, as well as most other boots made for women riders, have a limited size range – no wide width available. I had foot surgery a few years ago and have to buy my shoes in 8 1/2 W. I wind up buying men's boots to accomodate my “left foot.” I'm hopeful with the increase in women riders, the manufacturers will take into account we come in more than just the average size.

  14. Not only are these boots good to look at, they actually come in size 5, something that's really unheard of. I love all the goodies I find in this newsletter.

  15. It's about time. The boots are gorgeous and why shouldn't we have a choice of something that works well and looks nice when we ride.

    The clunky Harley boots were never my choice, too heavy for me. I chose men's work boots which were lighter and provided the same protection. I've also taken cowboy boots and replaced the soles with neoprene. That works for now, but yes, the work boots do stretch out quite a bit after you get caught in a few rain storms, and the cowboy boots are not made for walking when you reach your destination. Always keep a spare in my saddlebags for comfort.

    Can't wait to try these boots. Do they make anything higher up the leg? That would be ideal.

  16. Nicely done. These look like boots I can wear riding and then into the office, or a nice dinner date. No more need to carry a second pair of shoes.

  17. Interesting boots. WRN has been forwarded to me by Debbie Speicher.

    I'm 66 years young and have been riding about four years. I currently own a 2007 Harley Ultra Classic, and have had the bike lowered and a custom seat built, but still have a “reach” to the ground (I'm 5 feet 5 inches tall). My next solution was to find a boot with a higher heel and rubber sole (skid proof). Don't know how many online boots I've ordered and sent back. Maybe these will fit the bill. Thank you.

    1. Thanks to Debbie for telling you about WRN. I met her in Daytona this year. She's a terrific cheerleader for WRN.

      Way to go to you for riding an Ultra after only riding for four years! That's a big bike, but worth every penny, I think. I rode one on a 4,000-mile two-week trip and loved all the storage, and the wind protection that the fairing and lowers provided.

  18. They make my feet hurt to look at them. Should keep the podiatrist in business!

  19. Oh what a tease! Beautiful boots to ride with and I have to wait until August.

    Good things come to those who wait, I guess. Great article. Thanks for the info. I can't wait to try on a pair next month.

  20. Beautiful boots. I am so tired of the Harley clunky ones. Even the ones they try to market as a fashionable and protective riding boot before too long look cloddy to me. I look forward to trying these boots. Great Web site for women riders!

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