New Motorcycle Riding Gear Combines Style with Function

ATWYLD line features abrasion resistant Kevlar and Dyneema and is comfortable on and off the bike

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
A new generation of women ridersis demanding motorcycling riding gear that not only meets their style factor, but protects from head to toe. A new apparel line named ATWYLD aims to fill a void as the women behind the company are creating what they say wasnt available to them.
Jaime Dempsey, Corinne Lan Franco, and Anya Violet (shes also cofounder of Babes Ride Out) came up with the idea for ATWYLD while out on a ride. The three were cruising the famous Angeles Crest Highway in Los Angeles. Anya says, “We stopped for lunch at Newcomb’s Ranch and as we sat down to eat, we noticed that all three of us were wearing black skinny jeans with zero protective qualities, and fashion leather jackets that would likely split right open in the event of an unexpected slide. We talked about how proper technical apparel for the female motorcyclist was severely lacking when it comes to versatility on and off the bike. Each of us had varied backgrounds in the apparel industry and we decided that day that we were going to fix this problem immediately.”

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Here’s a preview of some of ATWYLD’s signature pieces.

new jacket pants combine style function alltime jacket
This rider is wearing the Alltime Moto Jacket, a classic asymmetrical jacket, made from 1.3mm thick buttery soft cowhide leather. Instead of armor, Kevlar is sewn into all the impact zones. This gives the jacket the versatility the girls are talking about.

new jacket pants combine style function jeans atwyld
The riders are wearing the two pants in the collection, the Shred Moto Jeans and the Commuter Moto Jeans. Both are lined with Kevlar in the impact zones while the Shred Moto’s have removable knee and hip armor and leather down the front. Sexy yet protective!

new jacket pants combine style function atwyld alltime jacket
A close up of the Alltime Moto Jacket and Commuter Moto Jeans. Visit the website for more photos shot in studio plus descriptions. The link is at end of this story.

The ATWYLD collection also includes an armored shirt and leggings, overalls made from super strong Dyneema, and a lifestyle collection. Visit to browse the whole line and order online.

And in case you were wondering what the name means, “The word ATWYLD is something that we created to represent the single moment that exists between fear and thrill. It’s that moment when you are on the absolute edge of your comfort zone and your adrenaline is pumping. Riding a motorcycle is, for us, about reaching this ATWYLD moment as often as possible.”

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