New Bike Review: 2025 Indian Scout Motorcycles

Light and low, the new Scout cruisers offer exceptional handling and gobs of power

By Tricia Szulewski, Editor; Photos by Garth Milan and Tim Sutton
2025 Indian Motorcycle Sport Scout Woman Rider Tricia Szulewski
When Ola Stenegärd, Director of Product Design for Indian Motorcycles, asks how the ride was on the new Indian Scout, I excitedly declare, “I’m having the most fun I’ve had on a cruiser in a very long time!” I’m shown here aboard the brand new 2025 Indian Sport Scout.

Indian Motorcycles’ Flagship Cruiser

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since the iconic Indian Scout was reincarnated from its original form. Since the 1133cc liquid-cooled V-twin cruiser was introduced, it’s offsprings include the smaller-displacement Scout Sixty, sporty Scout Rogue and Rogue Sixty, and Scout Bobber. The Scouts have drawn riders—many new to the brand—into Indian Motorcycle dealerships, creating relationships that are credited to the company’s success. The task to make this highly successful model even better seems daunting, but … they did it!

Indian Motorcycle 2025 Scout Classic woman rider Aya
Women have been an important part of the Scout’s success, finding the bike to be a great fit with plenty of power and easy handling for cruising and touring. The 2025 Scouts share these attributes and more. The Indian Scout Classic is shown here.
2025 Indian Scout model lineup
For 2025, the Indian Scout line is replaced with five new models: (left to right: Scout Bobber, Scout Classic, 101 Scout, Sport Scout, and Super Scout.
2025 Indian Scout Bobber
MSRP starts at $12,999 for the lowest cost Scout, the Bobber. Each variant comes with trim options and upgrades, and Indian is ready with a full catalog of accessories that fit all models.

Indian Scout Revamped

As the sole woman rider at the world press launch of Indian Scout in San Francisco, California, I go in for a close look of the five new models. The bike’s profile looks similar, but step back and notice subtle swoopy lines and how the new steel tubular frame allows a thin radiator to almost disappear. Each new iteration features Indian’s new SpeedPlus engine, which has a smoother look and boasts better performance.

I’m drawn to the sporty and delicious paint scheme of the Scout 101. Performance is part of Indian Scout's DNA, and the 101 showcases this best. Some of the 101’s premium performance components are highlighted in gold, such as the inverted front forks and dual piggyback rear shocks. Less noticeable are dual disc front Brembo brakes. At $16,999, the 101 is the new top-of-the-line Scout.

2025 Indian 101 Scout
While the 101’s Sunset Red Metallic is simply stunning, the Ghost White Metallic is equally mesmerizing but doesn’t photograph quite as well. Ola explained that the designers couldn’t decide which was more beautiful, so Indian decided to offer both versions. Now you have to choose!

More Powerful Scout

The heart of the new Scout platform gets its power via Indian’s next generation 1250cc liquid-cooled V-twin SpeedPlus engine. Delivering 111 horsepower and 82 foot-pounds of torque, you immediately notice the 11% more power and 14% more torque than the previous Scout.

Indian Motorcycle SpeedPlus engine
Available in chrome or black, the new powerful SpeedPlus engine combines with a new slipper assist clutch which keeps the power well balanced and shifts buttery smooth.
San Fransisco Lombard Street Indian Scout
Small crowds gather to watch as I smoothly slalom the Scout Bobber up San Francisco’s famous Lombard Street—a once-in-a-lifetime experience (thank you, Indian!) Forward controls are standard on all the Scouts—but not so far forward that they are difficult to reach for most riders. Personally, I prefer mid-controls, which are an optional accessory. In fact, more than 30 accessory options are available for riders of all sizes to get the right fit.

From extensive customer input, Indian made many thoughtful changes to the Scout, including more maintenance-friendly features. A new oil sight glass replaces having to use a dipstick to check oil level. Scout service intervals are now 10,000 miles and accessible valve covers make removing them much quicker, ultimately saving owners money on service.

Updated Technology

Modern technology is offered in three trim level packages or can be purchased “a la cart” directly from dealers. The modular system allows purchasers to pick and choose desired features such as keyless ignition, digital round display, ride modes, and more.

Indian Scout analog display
The standard trim includes a keyed ignition and an analog display with a new fuel level and fuel economy readout. All the new Scouts get LED lighting and ABS.

The Limited trim adds premium badging, traction control, cruise control, USB charging port, and 3 ride modes: Sport, Standard, and Tour.

Limited + Tech trim is the top-level which gives you all the tech bells and whistles. This includes a 4-inch round touchscreen display, like the one riders may remember from the Sport Chief we reviewed last year.

Indian Motorcycle 4-inch touch screen display
I am in love with Indian Scout Limited and Sport Chief’s 4-inch round touchscreen display. Cycling through some of the menu options, you get an idea of how much information is right here front and center.
Scout keyless ignition button
Tech features, like the keyless ignition shown here, can be added “a la cart” from the dealer, which makes sense for new owners who may not care about paying for everything included in the trim packages.

Scout Fit

Based on performance with customizers in mind, builders will be able to more easily modify the new heavier steel tubular frame which replaces the former Scout’s aluminum one. The frame and rear subframe is universal throughout the line, so accessory parts such as seats, backrests, and saddlebags are interchangeable between all the new Scouts.

Each model offers slight variations to the rider’s position. But all are low slung, with 25.7 inch seat heights for all but the Scout Bobber’s 25.6-inch seat height. Three inches of rear suspension travel offers all but the Bobber a comfortable ride. The Bobber's minimalist two inches of rear travel is quite noticeable on more significant bumps.

2025 Indian Scout seat height woman rider
The Scout Bobber (top left), Sport Scout, and Scout 101 each have a moto-style handlebar, but 6-inch risers bring the bars up on Sport Scout (not pictured) and Scout 101 (top right). The Super Scout (bottom left) and Scout Classic (bottom right) use traditional pullback chrome handlebars. You can see how easy it is for my 5-foot-6.5-inches to reach the ground on all the Scouts.
woman riding 2025 Indian Sport Scout
I love the Sport Scout (pictured here) and Scout 101’s slightly forward reach, but would love to try mid-controls for a truly sporty ride. I'm wearing an AGV Sportmodular helmet and Alpinestars Stella RT-7 Drystar boots.
2025 Super Scout woman rider
Offering the only real wind protection and comfy pull-back bars, the Super Scout is ready for light touring duty. It's the only model that comes ready for a passenger. Even if you don't plan to take a friend along, the passenger pillion offers nice lower back support to the rider.
Super Scout saddlebag
Super Scout’s water-resistant rigid saddlebags can accommodate a jacket, gloves, tools, and more. They open easily with a pull tab but they aren’t lockable.

How's The Ride?

Remember what I said to Ola? After two days of riding along the beautiful west coast scenery on various roads, from highway to long sweepers and tight corners, I want more. Indian presented the perfect amount of time to get to know each model enough for this review, but the problem is, I had too much fun.

Scout 101 woman rider
All the journalists clamored for the 101, and it clearly was the bike of choice. Besides its premier suspension and braking components, I noticed right away how much more comfortable its seat is.
Scout 101 Seat
Indian’s 101 Scout gets a custom-stitched gunfighter-style solo seat that has more cushion for long-term comfort than the other models.

Smooth and Responsive

Riders will love the Scout’s refined transmission. The bike’s smooth, responsive gearing and power is steady and ready. I’ve been on many press intros riding California’s fun twisty switchbacks. The roads are phenomenal, and riders get a great sense of what the motorcycle can do on roads like these. Usually, I find myself shifting between second and third gear to take the sharpest turns while keeping up with the fast-paced riders. Often second gear revs too high, but third gear feels bogged down without a lot of shifting. The Scouts are geared perfectly to avoid this.

2025 Indian Scout Classic woman rider
Whether in second, third, or fourth gear, the Scout’s gearing always feels relaxed but with plenty of available torque and power. The Scout Classic, shown here, is easy to identify by its more significant swoopy fenders.

Spending time testing the ride modes, I’m happy to report that the Sport mode on the SpeedPlus engine is much more user-friendly than on Sport Chief. If you recall from my review of that Indian, I found it difficult to control slow speeds even in Standard ride mode. The Scout is a lot easier to make smooth take offs in both Standard and Sport mode, and I actually prefer the Sport mode overall for its instant throttle response.

Super Scout woman riders now Tricia Szulewski
With more power, more fuel range, updated technology, and more options for customization, the new Scouts are better than ever. Which one do you like best?

WRN Recommendation

Women and men looking for a great-looking low-slung American V-Twin with modern technology, plenty of power, but smooth and easy handling look no further! The five different models and three trim levels is a great starting point, but ease of customization is a key factor in the new Scout’s redesign for precise fit and finish. New owners can dial it in, so they are paying for exactly what they want on their Scout without compromising.

Specs At A Glance

Scout Bobber
Engine Size: 1250cc
Seat Height: 25.6 inches
Fuel Capacity: 3.4 gallons
Wet Weight: 542 pounds
Colors: Black Metallic, Black Smoke, Sunset Red Smoke, Spirit Blue Metallic, Nara Bronze Metallic
MSRP: Starting at $12,999

Sport Scout
Engine Size: 1250cc
Seat Height: 25.7 inches
Fuel Capacity: 3.4 gallons
Wet Weight: 547 pounds
Colors: Black Metallic, Black Smoke, Storm Blue, Nara Bronze Smoke
MSRP: Starting at $13,499 

Scout Classic
Engine Size: 1250cc
Seat Height: 25.7 inches
Fuel Capacity: 3.4 gallons
Wet Weight: 553 pounds
Colors: Black Metallic, Silver Quartz Smoke, Ghost White Metallic, Sunset Red Metallic
MSRP: Starting at $13,999

Super Scout
Engine Size: 1250cc
Seat Height: 25.7 inches
Fuel Capacity: 3.4 gallons
Wet Weight: 587 pounds
Colors: Black Metallic, Black Smoke with Graphics, Maroon Metallic with Graphics
MSRP: Starting at $16,499 

101 Scout
Engine Size: 1250cc
Seat Height: 25.7 inches
Fuel Capacity: 3.4 gallons
Wet Weight: 549 pounds
Colors: Sunset Red Metallic with Graphics, Ghost White Metallic with Graphics
MSRP: Starting at $16,999

Check out the new Indian Scouts and take a test ride at your local dealership. Find more info at

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