2025 CFMOTO Ibex 450 Adventure Motorcycle

A serious adventure bike at a very affordable price

By Erin Sills, WRN Co-chairwoman; Photos by CFMOTO

Sometimes in our pursuit of bringing you the best motorcycle-related articles possible we get to go on some really unique adventures. And when those adventures involve telling our readers about brand new motorcycles, the job is oh so rewarding! CFMOTO recently invited WomenRidersNow.com (WRN) to the worldwide media launch of its 2025 Ibex 450 on El Nido, an amazingly beautiful remote island in the Philippines.


You may recall in late 2022, WRN’s Sarah Schilke’s first look at CFMOTO’s lineup and how she was pleasantly surprised. I’m also pleased to say the company continues to show that it is serious about bringing high-quality motorcycles at affordable prices to the U.S. The Ibex 450 (known as the 450MT outside of the U.S.), CFMOTO’s newest adventure bike, is one such machine.

Erin Sills CFMOTO Ibex 450
I am pleased with the performance and comfort of the Ibex 450 on the varied terrain of El Nido where 90% of the roads are unpaved.

Off-Road Ready CFMOTO

With high ground clearance, a cross-spoke tubeless 21-inch front wheel, foldaway mirrors, long suspension travel, and a low center of gravity, the Ibex 450 is a serious mid-weight adventure motorcycle.

CFMOTO Ibex 450
The Ibex 450 is shown here with the optional tall and longer front fender that gives the bike a more “dirt bike” look.

The smaller sibling to the Ibex 900, the 450 is very capable in the dirt yet quite approachable for those getting their feet wet in adventure riding. Rare for a bike priced under $6,500, the Ibex 450 also features a 5-inch curved TFT display, LED headlights, traction control, Bosch ABS, and rider technology that’s usually reserved for more expensive motorcycles.

Ibex 450 color options
The Ibex 450 is offered in two color options; Tundra Grey, which features dayglow green accents, and Zephyr Blue, which features pink and white accents.

Taming Filipino Dirt Roads

The CFMOTO Ibex 450 shares its powerplant with the 450 NK naked bike, the 450 CL-C cruiser, and the 450 SS sport bike. The 449cc parallel-twin engine provides plenty of smoothly-delivered power to conquer El Nido’s steep hills and enjoy the small bites of open road available. With 44 horsepower at 8500 rpm and 32.5 foot-pounds of torque, the bike feels quick and nimble when maneuvering due to the low center of gravity and its light weight of just 386 pounds.

CFMOTO Ibex 450 Erin Sills in the dirt
The power delivery is smooth, though the traditional cable clutch is a bit less so, particularly when initially engaged, something I found with the 450 NT as well.

The KYB suspension on the Ibex 450 provides a generous amount of travel (8 inches front and rear) which enables it to smooth out the rougher parts of the Filipino terrain we encountered. It also comes stock with CST Ambroa 4 tires and spoked wheels that stand up to the rocky hillsides and creek beds.

Erin Sills riding CFMOTO Ibex 450 Philipeans water crossing
The Ibex 450 feels at home among the local wildlife and with tall ground clearance it gobbled up the rocky creek beds without issue.
Women rider seat height CFMOTO Ibex 450
I have a 30.5-inch inseam and am easily able to “flat foot” the Ibex 450.

With its minimal weight and low standard seat height (32.3 inches, adjustable down to 31.5 inches,) the Ibex 450 is also quite approachable for a newer adventure rider, but certainly isn’t boring. For those with longer inseams, CFMOTO offers a tall seat which takes the seat height to 34.3 inches.

Give Us the Technology

Despite its entry-level pricing, the Ibex 450 doesn’t skimp on features and technology commonly found on more expensive adventure bikes. The TFT display provides information from its free CFMOTO Ride App allowing the rider to self-check motorcycle systems, anytime and anywhere. It also provides information about the ride, including mileage, speed, acceleration, cornering stats, and more. There is even an anti-theft feature, called Vehicle Seek, that can locate your motorcycle at any time.

CFMOTO Ibex 450 hand controls
At the rider’s left hand are all controls to easily manage the 5-inch curved TFT screen and functions for the CFMOTO smartphone app. Also reachable by thumb is the convenient ABS switch to easily disable rear ABS when moving onto the dirt. An easy to reach USB charging port rounds out the cockpit.

The Ibex 450 features ABS on both front and rear J Juan brakes, and uses a large front disk (320mm) and a smaller rear (240mm.) The rear ABS can be easily turned off with the flick of a switch which is nice when wanting to skid turn on the dirt. The front ABS is tamped down slightly in off-road mode, but cannot be fully disabled and intervenes a bit too much for my taste on some of the steeper downhills.

CFMOTO Ibex 450 dirt riding
I did find myself wishing for a little less front brake ABS activation on some of the steeper, rutty terrain where I’m accustomed to gently applying the front brake to manage my pace on the decline without interference from technology.

The wind protection on the Ibex 450 is substantial even though the shield itself is relatively small. The shape deflects wind from the rider’s chest, and it’s also easy to adjust by twisting the knob on the left side of the windshield.

Ergonomics and Optional Features

The Ibex 450 is well-outfitted for adventure straight from the dealership, but CFMOTO also offers some smart options. Standard on the bike are the folding mirrors for off-road single-track, removable rubber footpeg inserts, a small skid plate, and large hand guards. Options include crash bars to protect the engine and fairing, hard and soft luggage for longer distance travel, a tall seat, and a longer and taller front fender.

Ibex 450 Skid Plate
The Ibex 450 comes standard with a small skid plate to protect the engine and exhaust pipes in off-road conditions.
Ibex 450 crash bars
For riders wishing for beefier protection, we recommend adding the optional side crash bars as well.
CFMOTO Ibex 450 Mirrors
The Ibex 450 is narrow enough to clear even the single-track tree groves we encountered, but for even tighter conditions the mirrors can be quickly tucked in out of the way.
Ibex 450 Pegs
The rubber footpeg inserts add comfort on the road and can be easily removed for more grip when standing.
Ubex 450 luggage
CFMOTO offers optional lockable side and top hard cases and soft cases for those who intend to travel.
Ibx 450 street riding
While the Ibex 450 is clearly built for the dirt, it also provides a sporty quick bike on the road.

Specs at a Glance: 2025 Ibex 450

Engine Size: 449cc
Seat Height: 32.3 inches (adjustable down to 31.5 inches and up to 34.3 inches with tall seat)
Fuel Capacity: 4.6 gallons
Wet Weight: 386 pounds
Colors: Zephyr Blue, Tundra Grey
MSRP: $6,499

For more information about the Ibex 450 and CFMOTO motorcycles visit CFMOTOUSA.com.

WRN Recommendation

If you’re serious about taking on off-road terrain and want creature comforts at an affordable price, the Ibex 450 is your bike. For less than $6,500 this motorcycle takes on the roughest of terrain yet still provides technology we’ve come to expect from more expensive bikes.​​

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