AGV Sportmodular Super Light and Compact Flip-Up Helmet

Full-featured premium carbon fiber modular helmet

By Tricia Szulewski, Editor

Helmet Hoarding

I am a motorcycle gear geek, particularly when it comes to helmets. I’ve tested no fewer than 28 helmets from 13 brands in 25 years working in motorcycle media. (Seriously, I have a list!) Add my newest—the AGV Sportmodular—as my current favorite modular (flip-up) helmet.

AGV Sportmodular
I just love the graphics of the Sportmodular in the Matt Gunmetal/White version, and it matches my motorcycle perfectly. Available in sizes XL–XXXL, the MSRP is $879.95 for this color—as of this writing it’s on sale for $615.96, an amazing deal for the premium lid.

Modular helmets have become very popular for street and ADV motorcyclists, particularly touring riders, for their convenience factor. Having the ability to just flip up the chin bar to talk, drink, or just get some air at a stop light is a nice break from the confines of a full face.

AGV Sportmodular helmet
Being able to just flip the chin bar up allows riders to more easily do things like take a sip of water or just get some air without having to remove the helmet.

Lighter Than Most Full Face Helmets

The AGV Sportmodular has succeeded AGV’s prior flip-up, the Tourmodular, which used a combination of aramid fiber, carbon, and fiberglass and was already extremely light weight. The Sportmodular is all carbon fiber, and its shape, vent system, and adjustable spoiler is designed to have 0 dynamic weight at 80mph. For those of you sport riders who have scoffed at modular helmets in the past, this may be the flip-up you’ve been waiting for.

Titanium d-rings
AGV shed even more weight on the Sportmodular by using titanium D-rings on the retention system.
AGV Sportmodular helmet matte gunmetal white
My Sportmodular in medium weighs just 3 pounds, 1 ounce—amazing considering it has extra features such as an internal sun visor, Pinlock shield, and plenty of thick comfort padding.

Premium Helmet Features

The helmet is lined with soft DrySpeed quick-wicking materials which give it an extremely comfortable fit. A very cool feature (literally) of the Sportmodular is its unique reversible crown padding. One side is built for warmth using a soft Shalimar material, and the other side is made of silky-smooth Ritmo for a cooling effect.

AGV Sportmodular helmet woman rider
The AGV Sportmodular is so light and comfy I can keep it on all day long without having “helmet fatigue.”

With a plethora of helmets out there how do you choose one? Everyone has their own opinion about what matters most. I know what features are most important to me and prioritize accordingly when it comes to making that all-important purchase. The following are what I look for, in order of my priorities, and why I love the AGV Sportmodular so much.

1. Certification

A helmet must meet DOT standards as a minimum to be legal in the U.S., but I also look for either ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) or SNELL certification. These safety certifications mean the helmet has been tested beyond the minimum requirements to pass DOT standards.

AGV Sportmodular helmet back
The AGV Sportmodular meets ECE 2205 and DOT specs, checking off what’s truly most important about a helmet—it’s ability to protect your head and brain in a crash.

2. A Good, Comfortable Fit

Certain helmet brands fit my head better than others. My head shape fits within the “intermediate oval” category, the most common head shape for Americans. But, that said, the circumference of my head is 22.25 inches. This can be problematic, as it often falls between a small and medium, depending on the make.

I also need to wear glasses in my helmet. Some helmets don’t allow the arms of glasses to sit naturally where they are. This can make the glasses rise up above the nose, altering perception, or press uncomfortably against the temple. Thankfully, AGV Sportmodular comfortably accommodates glasses.

AGV Sportmodular helmet
The AGV Sportmodular in medium fits my intermediate oval head shape perfectly. Interior pads are available in different sizes if you need to tweak the fit.

3. Style

Who wants to be seen in an ugly helmet? Some are so bulbous I feel like I have a giant ping pong ball on my head. And although it makes sense from a “be seen” safety aspect, I’m just not interested in a hi-viz or plain white lid. I want a helmet that matches my personal style.

4. Lightweight and Aerodynamic

When I started riding motorcycles, I would wear open face helmets and suffer from fighting wind turbulence. I graduated to full face and modular helmets and quickly realized the importance of finding the lightest lids possible. A heavy helmet, or one that fights against the wind will fatigue you quickly and may even cause neck and shoulder problems.

AGV Sportmodular helmet rear spoiler
The spoiler in the rear flips up and down to create the perfect aerodynamics for your particular riding position.

5. Sun Protection

I prefer helmets with a sun visor because I frequently ride into the sun. I head East in the morning, and West in the evening, which creates terrible visual conditions at times. Internal drop-down helmet visors work best since I wear prescription glasses. An external sun visor works too, but creates extra turbulence at highway speeds.

AGV Sportmodular helmet internal sun visor slider
Using a slider located on the left edge of the helmet, the internal sun visor drops down and stays in the position of your choice.
AGV Sportmodular helmet
It’s easy to find and use the slider, even with thick gloves on.

6. Fog Free Shield

I’ve tried many anti-fog products, but the only one that works 100% of the time is a Pinlock face shield insert. I tested the Pinlock when it first came out in 2006 and  instantly fell in love with this product. Today, many helmets now come with the Pinlock included or installed on the helmet visor.

The Pinlock insert works much like a double pane window. There is a seal around the outer edge which traps air in between the Pinlock and the visor. It’s virtually impossible for fog to form in that pocket unless there is a break in the seal.

7. Adjustable Vents

When it gets hot, it’s nice to get some air flow. Some vents work better than others, and sometimes they are hard to open and close while riding. I prefer a simple design with vents that you can feel move with gloves on.

Sportmodular helmet vents
The AGV Sportmodular has very easy-to-use vents. The one on top simply slides back to open and forward to close.
AGV Sportmodular helmet chin vent
The chin vent is just as easy to use—it slides down to open.
AGV Sportmodular helmet chin
On the flip side, when it’s cold outside I want to keep as much wind and weather out as possible. The Sportmodular has a removable chin curtain, to aid in this task.

No More Struggling

I’ve worn enough helmets to struggle with things like a visor that won’t stay up (or down) and cheap mechanisms that don’t work at speed. Or how many of you have had to watch a 20-minute YouTube video to learn how to remove and replace the visor? Yeah, annoying. But you’ll get no such annoyances with this helmet.

The AGV Sportmodular’s visor stays in place in all five possible positions. When fully down, it locks automatically, so no matter how fast you go, it’s not coming up.

AGV Sportmodular helmet visor lock
The lock release is small but is a lot easier to use than some other premium helmets I’ve tried.
AGV Sportmodular helmet chin up
The chinguard comes up by pressing an easy-to-use button and lifting.
AGV Sportmodular helmet hardware
I want to congratulate the folks at AGV for using the easiest-to-use-ever visor hardware.
AGV Sportmodular helmet hardware
It truly takes just seconds (and no YouTube videos) to remove and replace the visor.

More Info

AGV Sportmodular parts included
This is what you get for your money. A premium lid, a microfiber-lined bag, a soft carry bag, the Pinlock, and an extra chin curtain.

AGV Sportmodular comes in 3 shell sizes (XS-S, M-L, and XL-XXXL). Each shell can accommodate four different sized EPS liners for a perfect fit. For more information and to purchase, visit

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