BMW GS Rallye GTX Motorcycle Jacket and Pants for Women Riders

Protective, stylish, and comfortable all-weather riding suit

By Erin Sills, WRN Co-chairwoman and adventure riding coach
BMW GS Rallye GTX suit Erin Sills
For eight years, I’ve been required to wear BMW motorcycle gear while on the job as a coach and tour guide at RawHyde Adventures. This means I’ve suffered through many seasons donning gear made to fit men, until now. The BMW GS Rallye GTX women’s suit fits perfectly!

BMW GS Rallye GTX Women’s Suit

At 5-feet-7 inches tall and 128 pounds I’m arguably an athletic and boyish build. Yet wearing gear designed for men means the pants are too long and the legs are too baggy. There often is no accommodation for “the girls," and I commonly have to wear the smallest size men’s boot available. While this gear usually offers great features (i.e. abundant pockets), the sizing and fit is a frustration. Well, frustration no more! The BMW GS Rallye GTX suit is now offered in a design made specifically for women, and I love it.

Erin Sills BMW R 1300 GS Rallye GTX Suit
BMW got it right in the styling, fit, and features of its women’s GS Rallye GTX suit. Shown here with the GORE-TEX jacket over the base suit.
BMW GS Rallye GTX suit Erin Sills riding
The BMW GS Rallye GTX was my suit of choice and perfect companion for the rainy launch of the BMW R 1300 GS in Andalucia, Spain.

Getting the Right Fit

The women’s GS Rallye GTX ventilated jacket’s waterproof GORE-TEX outsert protects against wind, bad weather, and dirt. The highly abrasion-resistant polyamide-cotton material, together with NP3 joint protectors, also ensure a high level of safety.

2024 BMW GS Rallye GTX jacket red white
The women’s GS Rallye GTX jacket is available in sizes 34 to 48 for $999 in black or red/white.
BMW GS Rallye GTX jacket back
I love the jacket’s full length coverage and the reflective and stylish details.
2024 BMW GS Rallye GTX pant
The ventilated and watertight women’s GS Rallye GTX pants are offered sizes 34 to 48 for $799 in dark blue or black.
BMW GS Rallye GTX pant waist
The pant’s adjustable waistband allows you to cinch in a bit tighter when wearing just one under layer or let the waist out a bit when you have more layers to tuck in. The metal clip at the waist is more secure and rugged than a traditional snap or button.
BMW GS Rallye GTX pant leg Velcro
The GS Rallye GTX pants have a very long zipper at the ankle that goes to the bottom of the knee and three long strips of Velcro. This allows for easy on-and-off and accommodates many different styles of boots. You can adjust the Velcro just once and use the zipper without having to readjust the Velcro every time.

GS Rallye GTX Features

For 2024, the GS Rallye GTX comes in two color options for the U.S. market: all black, and dark blue with white and red. Personally I like the styling, the clean lines, and the placement of the reflective BMW roundel logo and Motorrad branding.

The GS Rallye GTX jacket has four large exterior front pockets, one back pocket, and a clear sleeve pocket. I like to put my baseball cap, extra snacks, or a visor towel in the jacket’s large rear pocket. Additionally, there are two waterproof interior jacket pockets.

BMW GS Rallye GTX pant pocket
The zippered, slanted thigh pockets are deep and secure, suitable for a cell phone or other items while riding. The hip pockets are comfy and convenient while walking around off the bike.

BMW GS Rallye GTX—Breathable AND Warm?

BMW claims the GS Rallye GTX suit is a 3-season jacket “suitable for hot to medium temperatures, with GORE-TEX Outsert (rain layer) also for cooler temperatures.” It definitely can handle all that, but I think they’re selling themselves short. The ventilation is excellent, and with the rain layer I found it a good performer from 90-degrees down to sub 50-degrees. With a heated vest and the rain layer, this suit can certainly handle a cold wet riding day.

The jacket and pants both have a perforated mesh lining for breathability. There is raised fabric in the back of the jacket allowing for ventilation of the back protector.

BMW GS Rallye GTX front vent zipper
The GS Rallye jacket has two options for the front zipper closure. On hot days the front can be zipped to reveal a ventilation panel that allows air flow from the front.
BMW GS Rallye GTX vent snaps
The GS Rallye GTX jacket has vents throughout including front, back, arm and underarm. It also has handy snaps to hold the vents open—helpful on particularly hot days.
BMW GS Rallye GTX jacket arm vent zipper
The BMW-branded zipper pulls are long enough to be easy to find and use with gloved hands.

What About The Rain Layer?

Unlike some ADV suits with layers that zip in under the base jacket, the GS Rallye’s rain suit is a waterproof GORE-TEX outer layer worn over the jacket and pants. I prefer this design because the jacket stays dry, and it’s easier to take on and off when weather conditions change. The outer layer can also be used as a wind layer to add warmth even when it’s not raining.

I love the GORE-TEX rain pants’ extended side zipper which makes putting them on quick and easy at the threat of inclement weather. It’s also smart that the GORE-TEX outer jacket has a thin hood designed to go under a helmet in wet conditions, preventing water from seeping into the back of the jacket. The hood is tucked away in the jacket’s collar pocket when not in use.

Protection and Safety

But of course a motorcycle garment cannot be judged on looks alone. Protection is the most important aspect of any good riding apparel. The BMW GS Rallye GTX is made of abrasion-resistant cotton and includes removable CE Level-1 armor at the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and back. The GS Rallye’s CE Level-1 armor is easily removable for laundering once home from a dirty adventure.

BMW GS Rallye GTX interior zipper connection
The GS Rallye suit provides two options for zipping the jacket and pants together. The shorter zipper is handy when you want more airflow on a hot summer day.

Just Plain Smart Design

In addition to fit and protection, sometimes it’s the little touches that make a piece of gear extra functional for the ride. The BMW GS Rallye GTX does not disappoint when it comes to numerous thoughtful bells and whistles for the adventure rider.

BMW GS Rallye GTX jacket hydration port
BMW knows that hydration is paramount while riding so it includes a pouch in the back of the jacket for a hydration pack. The bladder hose comes out this port and snakes through a loop on the front of the jacket for easy access to water while riding.
BMW GS Rallye GTX jacket sleeve pocket
The GS Rallye GTX includes a clear pocket at the left wrist, very handy and quick to access for identification, medical information, directions, or business cards. The outside of the jacket sleeve is slightly longer than the inside, keeping the wind from blowing up your arm while riding.

BMW GS Rallye GTX Info

The BMW Women’s GS Rallye GTX Women’s jacket costs $999 and comes in sizes 34 to 48 (US size 4 to 18). It is available in black and dark blue/white/red. 

The BMW GS Rallye GTX Women’s Pant costs $799 and comes in sizes 34 to 48 (US size 4 to 18). It also comes in black and dark blue/white/red. 

There are also fully ventilated (non-waterproof) versions of the Rallye suit, called the “GS Rallye Air.” Shop for BMW gear here or visit your local BMW Motorrad dealership.

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