PRODUCT REVIEW: Kids’ Riding Gear

I’ve always enjoyed taking passengers and sharing my passion for riding motorcycles. But when my young daughter, Kaia, started asking me to take her for rides, I would immediately dismiss the idea. It’s one thing to accept the risk of injuring my own body, but to put my own daughter at risk was unimaginable.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Waterproof Riding Boots from Harley-Davidson

No matter how you slice it, women riders are still motorcycling underdogs. For years, I wore men’s boots because women’s styles just weren’t available. I’m talking about real riding boots with reinforced and sturdy waterproof material, ankle protection, and nonskid soles. All I found on the women’s shelves were boots with ridiculously high heels and frilly adornments.


The average female in the United States is about 5-foot-4—the average male, about 5-foot-10. The average sportbike rider is (overwhelmingly) male. You can see where I’m going with this. If you’re an average American female, go out and find a stock sportbike you can reach the ground on. Go ahead… I dare ya.

REVIEW: TCX Womens Sunray Gore-Tex Boots

I recently tested a pair of TCX Sunray Gore-Tex womens boots and reach for them now every time I hop on a motorcycle. The Sunray boots arent just smaller-sized mens boots. TCX engineers designed them specifically for a womans foot using a specially designed last, or foot shaped mold, that reproduces the differences in the instep, heel, and metatarsal zones naturally found in womens feet.

A Riding Jacket That Carries A Hydration Pack

As the long days and warm nights of summer quickly approach, women riders can gear up for the open road with new styles of boots, helmets and a jacket from Harley-Davidson. New riding gear technologies and performance enhancements combine to create a collection of footwear and apparel ready to be worn on your next road trip.

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