Review: ProTouring 2 Motorcycle Riding Boots

An all-purpose boot with a heel!

By Liz Jansen, photos by Tricia Szulewski

A pair of ProTouring 2 Ladies’ Boots completed my BMW touring suit ensemble that I reviewed earlier on WRN. As with any of my gear choices, I look for apparel that will protect me, be comfortable and take me through any weather I can withstand on my motorcycle.

pro touring 2 motorcycle riding boots Liz Jansen Yamaha Tenere
I put on a lot of miles, and my Yamaha Tenere is high off the ground. I want to be confident that when I put my feet down, no matter what the surface, my boots are going to grip and support me.

“Tested in weather extremes, my feet thanked me for these boots
from BMWs rider apparel collection
review pro touring 2 motorcycle riding boots bmw
The cowhide exterior with Gore-Tex membrane stands up to the rigors of the road and protects against wind and rain. My feet stayed dry after days of riding in rain. I’m used to wearing higher boots and found this mid-shin length more comfortable, especially in warm weather, while still offering a high degree of protection.

The foam-lined plastic ankle protectors give me lots of security when I’m holding my big, high bike upright, or moving it around in a campsite or tight parking lot, yet the boot is flexible enough to walk in, although they’re not meant to walk around in for long periods. They’re motorcycle boots after all. The removable insole that wears over time, can be thrown in the washer and replaced as necessary.

pro touring 2 motorcycle riding boots black
BMW makes these boots easy to get on and off, and adjust to your fit. The long zipper opens to almost your sole so you can easily slip your foot into the boot. The 1 1/4 heel height is nice to have on a touring boot.

pro touring 2 motorcycle riding boots adjustable calf
The gusset behind the zipper prevents water from getting in. Just make sure the gusset is properly tucked in before zipping up the boot so it doesn’t get stuck. The large Velcro closure holds your setting securely in place.

pro touring 2 motorcycle riding boots adjustable calf
The boot top is lined with soft velour fleece, which is comfortable against your skin if your socks don’t reach that high. I wear wicking material leggings so there’s always a layer between the boot and me. An additional Velcro closure at the back adjusts for calf fit, and can be undone for even easier boot removal. Once I was comfortable with the fit, I’ve left it alone and just used the side access. A bright heel reflector adds a point of conspicuity so you’re seen.

pro touring 2 motorcycle riding boots reinforced gearshift area
Much thought went into the foot design. The flex zone at the ankle allows you to adjust your foot position without compromising ankle support. The reinforced gearshift area protects the integrity of the surface. The toes are just a little muddy from walking on spring grass softened by days of rain.

pro touring 2 motorcycle riding boots bmw heel
The boots are very comfortable and offers me the dexterity I need to shift, brake and move my feet around on long rides. The knee protectors on the TourShell suit extend right to the top of the shin guards, giving me protection from knee to toe.

pro touring 2 motorcycle riding boots Liz Jansen
As I’ve mentioned in other articles including my review of my riding jacket and pants, my purchasing decision is based on what’s right for me and the kind of riding I do. These BMW boots are ideal for touring on any bike, and you can see from the photo that they go well with any outfit.
pro touring 2 motorcycle riding boots black leather
And putting dirty boots in flowers always make them look cleaner!

The price for the Pro Touring 2 Women’s boots is $339, and like my last pair of BMW boots, which lasted for more than 150,000 miles, I expect these boots to take me safely and comfortably through many adventures. For more information and to find a retailer near you, visit

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