Beginner’s Guide to Getting Into Motorcycling

Everything the future woman rider needs to know

Now more than any other time in history, women are taking up motorcycle riding in record numbers. If you’ve found your way to this page because youre a woman thinking of getting into the sport, youre certainly not alone—one in four motorcycle riders on the road today is a woman!

Over the years, we’ve discovered that women often differ from men when it comes to their questions and concerns about riding. So we’ve put together the most comprehensive guide for women who are ready to venture into the world of motorcycling. We believe this collection of articles addresses all the questions a woman may have and the scenarios she may encounter when she’s considering becoming a motorcycle rider.

Sure, there are other guides out there, but like the rest of the WRN site, this guide is designed specifically for female riders.

The eight sections below address the most important aspects of getting into motorcycling. No matter where you are in the learning process, there’s a section that covers what you need to know. So what are you waiting for! The sooner you delve in and start learning, the sooner youll be ready to experience the freedom of the open road on two wheels.

True beginners, start here! This section includes our 10 Steps to Getting Started, a list of common obstacles and how to overcome them, and stories from women riders who overcame their fear of the open road and discovered the thrill of the drivers seat.
Worried about the cost of getting into motorcycling? Its probably not as high as you think. This section outlines motorcyclings up-front expenses and the items youll need in your first year of riding.
The amount of bikes on the market may seem overwhelming, but dont worry—weve got you covered. This section includes what to look for in your first motorcycle and a comprehensive, regularly updated list of the most popular makes and models for new women riders.
Real advice from real riding professionals. This collection of articles from WRNs "Riding Right" series covers what to do if you fail the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course, what to do once you pass, the three riding positions, and more.
Got a need for speed? If youre looking to get started with dirt bikes or sportbike racing, then this section is for you. Weve got the lowdown on choosing the right bike and the right gear, where to find track days and competitions in your area, and lots more.
Everyone has a story, and when it comes to WRN readers, what great stories they are! This section contains the inspiring, touching and humorous stories submitted by readers like you.
The best advice comes from those whove "been there, done that"—and these ladies have! This section includes advice and encouragement from women riders who dove headfirst into motorcycling and never looked back.
Passengers, this section is for you! Responsible passengers are critical to riding safely out on the road, so weve compiled a list of tips for being an effective two-up rider. This section also includes the latest products on the market for the rider in back.

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