The Motorcycle Gear That Saved Our Lives

Watch WRN's recorded Facebook talk show now. See Q & A below.

Our first Facebook Live Show had more than 4,000 views, thanks to a great conversation between Tricia Szulewski, WRN Assistant Editor, and Brittany Morrow, WRN contributor and nationally-recognized gear expert. Both are Motorcycle Safety RiderCoaches. They talked about their motorcycle crashes and the conditions that caused them. More importantly, they went into details about how their gear protected them and what every rider should have.

Thank you all for making this a successful first show!

Below are some of the questions from viewers. You can ask your own questions here:

Gear Questions and Answers

Q: I have problems with getting pants and boots that fit. I have small, wide feet, long legs, and hips with a small waist. I’ve tried on what I can at local shops and can’t find what fits. Ginny Boies

  • A: Keep trying! Worse for Wear will custom fit you for the jeans Brittany talked about. And you may want to try men’s boots. They are typically wider than women’s. Tricia
  • A: Yeah they just don’t go down to my size. I have some Icon 1000 Elsinores but they are really big. I wear a woman’s 7.5. And men’s only go to a 8. Ginny Boies
  • A: There is a company called Wesco boots that makes custom-fitted motorcycle boots. It might be worth your time to Google them and see if they have what you’re looking for. Let them know WRN sent you! Tricia

Q: I have never been in an accident but if I was to go down what or how should I do to my body? Should I ball up or just let go? Kim Armstrong

  • A: Kim, one of my students asked me that once. I have no training on how to fall. I was only traveling about 45mph when I crashed, and even at that speed, I had no control over what my body was doing. Id say, try to keep your hands and arms close to your body, tucked in, and just roll with it. The most important thing, though, is to try to get away from the bike as soon as possible so you dont get tangled up with it. Tricia

Q Thank you for this video. These are good lessons. Could you please list the gear you both talked about? I have been researching gear but most do not review about during a crash or effect after crash. Also, my audio went out after the talk of red helmet, so I did not hear everything on jacket and pants. Thank you for doing this. It is a lesson to us all. Gina Gonzolez Wilson

Q: What was the type of gear that you recommend? I know you said RevZilla was a good place to get it. Trish Brown

  • A: Trish, that will depend on your riding style and weather mostly. Thanks for your question! Brittany
  • A: Revzilla has lots of choices, but I always encourage riders to visit their local shops and dealerships and buy there if you can. That’s how they stay in business after all, giving you a brick and mortar place to meet other riders, sit on motorcycles, and try on gear. Many will order the gear you want to try even if they don’t stock it. My BMW dealership will even get several sizes for me to try, and I’m not obligated to buy any of it if I don’t like them. Tricia

Tricia’s Recommendations for Safety Gear at a Great Price

Here’s the complete protective “outfit” Tricia mentioned, put together from what she found on Revzilla for only $367-376. This includes:

  • AFX-90 full face helmet for $80;
  • Joe Rocket Cyntek women’s gloves, $45;
  • Tour Master Motive jacket, $143; Read Tricias review of this jacket
  • Icon Hella2 overpants, $99; or
  • Fly Fortress jeans, $108.

Brittany’s Gear Picks

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