Review: Worse for Wear Crosstown Slim Riding Jeans for Women

Protective abrasion-resistant motorcycle pants with a custom fit

By Bethany Fitzsimmons, San Diego, California

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I first heard about Worse for Wear (WFW) motorcycle jeans from a fellow rider here in San Diego and was immediately impressed not only by the style and fit of the jeans (they fit her perfectly), but also by her overall experience with the woman-owned and -run company that makes riding jeans for women.

I had previously purchased Kevlar motorcycle jeans from a company that makes women’s gear designed by men and I was extremely dissatisfied with the fit. I thought I would forever suffer ill-fitting, scratchy, uncomfortable protective gear until purchasing Worse for Wear’s Crosstown Slim jeans.

review worse for wear crosstown slim riding jeans for women triumph bonneville
I chose the Slim fit version of Worse for Wear’s Crosstown jean as it was most appropriate for my 5-foot-8-inch, 155-pound frame. I normally wear a size 29 or 30 pant, but went with a size 34 based on the company’s size guide. WFW altered the inseam to 33 inches for me so they’re long enough on my legs while riding my Triumph Bonneville.

review worse for wear crosstown slim riding jeans for women fit
As I slipped into the Crosstown Slims for the first time I could not stop smiling. They fit like a glove. The waist nips in at just the right place and hug my hips perfectly—no handfuls of extra fabric like the riding jeans I had previously purchased. The rise hits just below my belly button and they come up high enough in the back to keep my backside from hanging out when riding.

Worse for Wear’s Crosstown Slim jeans are made from ARMALITH 2.0 denim, so instead of having an itchy Kevlar liner, the material the jeans are made of is abrasion-resistant in and of itself. They come with SAS-TEC CE-approved hip and knee protectors that mold to your body so they don’t look or feel bulky. It’s magic how there’s room for the hip protectors to fit comfortably inside the jeans while making my butt look amazing!

review worse for wear crosstown slim riding jeans for women seams
Worse for Wear double- and triple-stitches every seam, so in case of a spill the seams will remain strong. And the extra length keeps my ankles covered when in a bent riding position.

I really appreciate the styling of the Crosstown Slim jeans. I sometimes commute to work on my motorcycle and it’s so nice to dress for the ride and not have to change when I get to work. There are no obnoxious logos, embroidering, whiskering, or stitching to make them look like typical “riding” pants.

Worse for Wear’s commitment to making stylish and comfortable protective gear is evident in every pair of jeans and in every interaction with its customers. I’m extremely happy with my purchase and can’t recommend this company highly enough to women riders of all shapes and sizes.

I can’t emphasize enough what a difference it makes when dealing with people who understand that every woman’s body is different and who are committed to providing the best fit possible to every customer.

The Crosstown Slim riding jeans are available from Worse for Wear in size 25- to 40-inches and 27- to 36-inch inseams for $349. Visit to order.

If youd like to submit a motorcycle product review, either with video or photos, please read these guidelines on how to do it.

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7 thoughts on Review: Worse for Wear Crosstown Slim Riding Jeans for Women

  1. I have the curvy fit jeans and love them! Not only has Laura created a jean with true abrasion and impact resistant materials and construction, but she has also ensured they are actually wearable and well-fitting!

  2. I own one pair of Worse for Wear Curvy jeans and I love them! They are comfortable and fit like a glove and are seriously flattering. I was hesitant to spend that much on a pair of jeans as I’m really frugal. But I had several friends who owned a pair and they looked awesome on them and I like the idea that they can protect your skin God forbid something should ever happen, so I thought that alone could be worth it. Besides, I could spend that much in other protective gear, why not jeans? When I went in to get fitted, because these things are made for you as an individual and not a mass-produced jean that puckers in the back when you sit, everything I wanted in a jean was taken into consideration, from the taper at the end of the leg to the length of the leg, through the thighs. Still, I was skeptical. Fast forward a couple of weeks, I get my jeans and I am instantly in love. The fit is perfect, the comfort is perfect, and I can wear them to work when we are able to wear jeans (I’m in corporate America) and not have to change and—I feel good in them. They are my go-to jean now and I can not believe that I stood in my own way for so long procrastinating the purchase of these jeans. Best money I’ve spent in a long time.

  3. These jeans are amazing and the customer service is outstanding. They are absolutely worth the money, not only for the extra protection, but for the comfort as well! Laura Smith, the owner, personally did my measurements.Similar to Bethany (the lady in the article), I chose the Slim fit version of the Crosstown Jean. I am also 5 feet 8 inches and normally wear a 30 or 31 pant, but went with a size 34 based on my measurements and trying on a couple pairs at the store location in Richmond, VA. I ended up losing some weight, so Kim at Worse for Wear altered the inseam to 33 inches, so they fit perfectly on my body. I couldn’t agree more with Bethany, I absolutely love where the waist of the jeans hit on me and there is no worry about showing any crack.Now that I have these jeans, I don’t think twice about what to wear when riding—they will always be my go-to gear. I’m looking forward to buying a pair in black as well and I can’t wait to get a vest too.

  4. As the owner of two pairs of WFW jeans, I can say these are totally worth it. Protective gear doesn’t work unless you wear it, and first and foremost these are a pair of super high tech protective gear. You are going to pay for that next level technology (again, totally worth it), disguised as the most comfortable and stylish jeans that you own.I was reluctant to get motorcycle pants. My excuse was they always make women look like they are wearing a potato sack for pants, or even worse, were just heavy denim sold as gear. Not too flattering, especially if you have somewhere to be once you get to your destination or if some unscheduled dismount happens.I can wear these to my corporate job and no one is the wiser that these are not jeans until I knock on the hip pads. I use jeans as a misnomer because this fabric is made from solid Kevlar threads hidden behind a denim wrapping… there is not one inch of your bottom half not protected. Throw in a smudge of spandex to the weave, and they are the most comfortable pair of “jeans” that I own.I just got done riding Illinois Route 66 on a Harley-Davidson rental, and had to immediately jump onto a flight home. These pants are that comfortable—I can spend hours sitting in a plane without a second thought. I routinely do this on plane flights to places I am going to ride. They are just that amazing. Think of the price you would pay for custom made-to-order high fashion jeans, and then for gear that will save your butt (and other parts) in a fall, and the cost is more value than you initially think. Gear you not don’t wear, but want to wear.

  5. As a newer rider, I have done the cheaper gear just trying not to break the bank. But investing in these jeans was the best thing I did. All of the other gear I wasted money on was ill-fitting. I was constantly pulling up my pants and worried about plumbers crack.Since I bought these, they are the only riding pants I wear. The cheaper gear was exactly that, cheaper and a waste of money. Invest in quality. Worse for Wear custom-fit the jeans to my measurements, and they are super comfortable. Without the pads, it feels like a regular pair of jeans. Highly recommend.

  6. I am wearing my WFW jeans as I type this. I was out on my bike earlier running errands. I have ridden eight hour days and I also hop on my bike for the quick run into town to get coffee or pick up some groceries. I actually think these jeans are perfect for the recreational rider. The risk is the same if and when a rider goes down, and just as I would not recommend a less than ideal helmet for a recreational rider, the same goes for any other piece of gear. I won’t skimp on my helmet and I don’t want to skimp on my skin either.What I love about my jeans are 1) the protection 2) the fit 3) the look. The protection in these jeans is top-notch. This isn’t a typical jean with armor inserts and Kevlar patches. Every bit of this garment is designed to hold up in an accident. The abrasion-resistant fibers are interwoven and integral to the fabric. The seams are triple stitched and the thread itself is military strength. The fit is phenomenal. Because of that, the jeans hold the armor in place for safety, are comfortable, and also look pretty dang good. I wish my fashion jeans fit this well. I can squat next to my bike to clean the chain and have no “plumber’s butt.” These jeans are as comfortable on my Triumph Thruxton with lowered handlebars and rear-sets as they are on a BMW GS. They are subtle enough that most people have no idea I’m wearing gear. I’ve owned my WFW jeans for about six months now and they are wearing in nicely and are more comfortable every day.Before I purchased these jeans, I spent loads of money on slightly less expensive, but horrible fitting ‘moto’ jeans that offered much less protection. How I wish that I had run across these jeans earlier and made just one purchase. Can you tell I’m a huge fan? Seriously, if you want to wear jeans when you ride, whether you operate your own bike or ride as a passenger, these are the only jeans I would consider.

  7. What a great idea and sounds like a great product. Cost is a bit of an eye-opener. It’s realistically just not affordable for a recreational rider.

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