Touring Southeastern Arizona

As we are finishing a preview of a typical Frank Lloyd Wright museum tour, our gracious guide, Kimberly Higgenbotham, tells us that when asked which of his projects was his favorite, Wright would invariably reply “the next one.” It occurs to me that this might be my own response to the question of which is my favorite road trip, but then it is becoming clear that my answer is invariably “this one.”

One Way to Avoid Dropping Your Bike

One of the most embarrassing times for a motorcyclist is the moment when he or she drops their bike. In my 18 years in the saddle, I can lay claim to this embarrassment twice. I wont bore you with the same old story of how befuddled I was when it happened…what I will share with you is something I learned to avoid dropping the bike in the future.

First Womens Organized Tour of Alaska

On a drizzly day in late-June in Anchorage, Alaska, video cameras were running and men cheered and waved as 11 women motorcyclists rode out of the parking lot of a tour company here. With so much fanfare, it seemed like we were celebrities, not motorcyclists. Check out WRN Contributor Perri Capells take on touring Alaska with just women.

Mud, Rain and Curious Locals

If you enjoy different cultures, are good humored about adverse conditions, and have a passion for adventure, youd probably enjoy riding a motorcycle in foreign countries. Here are some things you should know and questions to ask yourself to see if overseas travel is right for you.

Traveling the World by Motorcycle: Part 3

For the last few months, weve brought you a fascinating conversation with 30-year-old Ramona Eichhorn about her around-the-globe motorcycle trip. We interviewed her this past summer as she was nearing the end of her five-year journey. In this, the final installment, Ramona reflects on what shes learned from the trip so far and what she plans to do with her life when she returns. She also has a message to all who are held back from pursuing their dreams in some way. This installment is a must read!

Traveling the World by Motorcycle: Part 2

Ramona Eichhorn and her traveling partner, Uwe (Ooo-vey) Krauss are nearing the end of a five-year motorcycle journey to nearly every continent on the planet. In part two, read about the interesting details of their journey. Whats it like spending all your time with the same person? How many miles do they cover in day? Where do they stay? How do they handle breakdowns? Read about Ramonas history-making journey.

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