PRODUCT REVIEW: Thumbnail Extension for Small Hands

Why didn't we think of that?

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor

This is one of those products where you say “why didnt I think of that?” Well, Chris Robson and his team at the Robson Company solved a problem when one of their women rider staffers was having trouble reaching her motorcycles turn signal buttons. Her hands are too small to reach the turn signal on her Harley-Davidson without having to move her hand off the throttle or clutch which is not a good thing when youre riding. So the Thumbnail Extension was born.

Thumbnail Extension for Small Hands Motorcycle
Demonstrating how my thumb can easily reach the turn signal with the thumbnail extension taped on.

The plastic extension piece tapes to your existing turn signal button so those with small hands can easily reach their turn signal without having to move their hand off the throttle or clutch. The product is a little piece of plastic with double-sided tape on the back. Instructions on the packaging say to clean the surface of the turn signal button with alcohol. Theres an alcohol packet included. This is so the surface is free of grease and dirt so the tape will stick better.

You simply remove the film off the double sided tape and press the turn signal extension onto your existing turn signal. The tape is pretty strong so the extension stays on. The time we tested the product we never had problems with it coming off so long as you dont apply more than normal pressure to it. Its only tape, so if you want to remove it, you can.

There are two extensions in a package, one for each turn signal. They fit 1996 to current Harley-Davidson models only. They come in black ($10) and chrome ($15). You pay for shipping which is estimated on where you live. It cost me $5. Visit or call 814.774.5914. Definitely a problem solver for those with small hands.

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16 thoughts on PRODUCT REVIEW: Thumbnail Extension for Small Hands

  1. Can't say enough good things about this product. I could “manage” to get the signals on but this makes it so much easier and convenient.

  2. When I first started riding I had no idea that putting on my turn indicators could be such a task. I have small hands and had to look and move my whole hand just to turn on the indicator. What a mess and dangerous too!

    I found these thumbnail extensions and bought them right away. As soon as they came I walked right from my mailbox 10 feet away to my bike and put them on right then and there. I took my bike around the block (OK, further than a block) and was so surprised how comfortable they were. No more looking down. It made me feel more confident. My son (5 feet 11 inches) got on sometime after and was amazed at how much closer it made it for me. Comfort and safety. Thanks guys!

  3. Great article. I have the same problem. I'm ordering mine today. Thanks to the comment on the smaller grips for Harleys too. Great idea, I'm going to get a set of those too. I'm planning some longer rides to womens events this year and it will be nice to be more comfortable.

    I also just wanted to say what a great site you have. Super information for new riders as well as experienced. Thank you for your effort and insight into womens riding issues. It's so nice to have a site of our own.

  4. I just bought these, and wow do they make a huge difference. I used to have to actually pick my hand up to put on the turn signal, now I can reach them easily. In fact it took a little bit to get used to not lifting my hand off the grips! Love 'em. Thanks.

  5. I purchased the thumbnails from Chris Robson and love them. I have very small hands also and I was always fumbling and having to look for the turn signal…not any longer. It puts it right at my thumb and it is just awesome!

  6. After reading all the above comments and you still haven't ordered the product…DO IT!

    I had this on my Christmtas wish list and was thrilled to have them in my stocking. Hubs chuckled about them, however installed them the same day. I experienced many of the same issues as the other riders who commented. These little inexpensive extenders make all those issues dissappear. As one rider mentioned — you don't even notice that it is an extension.

    I have now purchased several for other female riders and they love them just as much as I do.

  7. I, too, have small hands. All during my first year owning and learning to handle my 2007 Dyna Low Rider, if I didn't “look” for the turn signal button, I would end up clicking the horn button rather then the left turn signal. I, too, hated having to move and “re-grip” every time a turn came up.

    I saw these in a magazine and decided to ordered a set. They were very easy to install, and I've got to say, it's one of the best investments I ever made. I don't have to take my eyes off the road or move my hands around trying to find the switch — and no more horn honking! The other thing I did for my small hands, was get a set of Harley's small diameter 1.3-inch sized grips. It's helped reduce my hand fatigue and it feels better than the 1.5-inch standard grips.

    Hopefully, the mfg's will start offering more aftermarket products that fit a woman's physique.

  8. I just want to thank you for ALL the information this site brings. I have learned so much. Being a new rider and vertically challenged I have the same problems as some other women. My hands do not reach the turning signals and I hate having to remove my hands to use them, so I don't.

    I will be ordering these so I will now feel safer riding. And will be able to use my signals. Thank you again. Women riders rock!

  9. I am a guy with weird hands. My palms are really wide but my fingers are really short. No company makes gloves that fit me. don't have to remove my hands from the grips to activate my turn signals, but it is a stretch for me. I am considering adding a pair of these extentions to my controls. Thanks for the article.

  10. This article came to me after I had already ordered the thumbnail extensions, but had not yet received them. I really thought I was the only one having this problem. (laugh) It's nice to know, I'm not alone. Since then, I have received the extensions and put them on my 2008 Sportster Low. What a difference! It makes me feel safer and more comfortable not to have to move my hands from the throttle or handgrip just to turn on my signals.

    Another plus, you really can't tell they are there unless you take a closer look. These are the best things I could have put on my bike (so far). Thanks Robson Company for the thumbnail extensions and thanks WRN for keeping us women in the know!

  11. My husband always fussed at me and asked me why I let off the gas when we change lanes or turn and it has always been because of using the signals. It took me a month or more to figure out why he always said I slowed down. I kept saying I was not. When I told him the reason, he did not believe me. Now I have proof. Thank you.

  12. As the owner of On the Road Again motorcycle school, and being lead instructor there, I work with many female students who have the same problem. Just this weekend I ran into one of our graduates who was raving about this ingenious little product.

  13. I saw the ad for these on your site and decided to give them a try. I got them late in the riding season, so I've only used them for a little while, but I really like them so far.

  14. I also have very small hands and had to take my hand off the throttle to use my signal. I purchased the thumbnail extensions last season after seeing them advertised in this newsletter. They are great and are very easy to install.

  15. I'm also a fairly new rider (2 1/2 years) and I also have to move my hands in order to engage the turn signals on my 05 Dyna Super Glide. My male friends and fellow bikers tell me that they had never heard of anyone having that problem. Of course they have larger hands than my XXS. This is a great idea!I just ordered mine and am hoping they arrive in time for my next ride on Nov. 8th. Thanks much!

  16. This is so funny that I came across this about the thumbnail extension. I am a new rider – passed my MSF in Aug 2008 Yeehaw! Got a XLH 2003 Harley Sportster. Love it. I was just telling my husband that I could not reach the turn signals without letting the throttle go. He said I was crazy. Well, I guess I'm not crazy and I have the article to prove it. Thanks so much. I have been reading your Web site from the day I got my bike. It has really helped me a lot as a new rider.

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