Women To Watch Episode 3: Tabitha Fielteau, Co-founder of Chic Riot

Designing fashionable and safe garments for female motorcyclists

By Kirsten Midura, WRN Marketing Programs Manager

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The Women to Watch audio series celebrates tomorrow’s pioneers: those who are breaking from tradition and finding new ways to set the stage for future generations of women riders. From emerging designers to racers, community organizers, and ordinary people starting extraordinary things, join Women Riders Now as we learn more about these incredible women and what they have in store for riders like us.

Episode 3: Tabitha Fielteau, Co-founder of Chic Riot

“I’ve always been the independent entrepreneur and designer, which is challenging because you don’t have the backing that a big company would have. It’s hard to get in those doors, as well. But I really wanted to showcase things that I wanted to create. I wouldn’t be able to do that with a big name brand” —Tabitha Fielteau

Tabitha Fielteau, Co-founder of Chic Riot
Tabitha Fielteau, Co-founder of Chic Riot

A self-taught bridal designer by trade, Tabitha shifted her focus to women’s motorcycle gear once she started riding and saw how few options women had. Tired of seeing “pink men’s jackets,” Tabitha threw herself into the deep end, studying abrasion-resistant materials, learning about the weights of different leathers, and finding the balance between safety and fashion for her company, Chic Riot.

In this episode of Women to Watch, we learn about Tabitha’s lifelong path toward cutting-edge fashion. With the many hats she wears as a designer, an entrepreneur, a mother of four, a wife, and a teacher, Tabitha discusses how motorcycles have brought a balance to her life in a way that is literally unimaginable otherwise.

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