Review: TCX Ladies Classic Motorcycle Boot

Protective waterproof boots for women riders who like a decent-sized heel

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
This review focuses on a purpose-built motorcycle boot I discovered this summer that combines two key features I want in a boot (that I’ve yet to find in my 25 years of riding until now): a decent-heeled boot — more than 2 inches — that’s waterproof!

“I love a heeled boot, on and off my motorcycle!”
review tcx ladies classic boot
The TCX Lady Classic Waterproof boots have a 2.5-inch heel (their website says 2.25 inch), and a rounded, pointed toe giving them a classic look, which I love.

Some background: Purpose-built women’s motorcycle boots (like TCXs Lady Aura boots reviewed here on WRN) are constructed with a low heel, or no heel — just a notch in the arch. Some are waterproof and some are not. In the 20 years I’ve been reviewing women’s motorcycling gear, I’ve yet to find a waterproof boot that has more than 1-inch heel, the kind of boot I like to wear when I ride my Harley-Davidson Street Glide.

The two waterproof ladies boots from Harley-Davidson in recent years are low combat style. I’ll wear my waterproof Hennies from Harley if I have to, but I don’t like how I look wearing flats.
I love a heeled boot, on and off my motorcycle. How high? At least 2 inches. This high of a heel can also help shorter women who ride the higher suspension sporty motorcycles reach their feet flat on the ground.
If you’re like me, then you can relate to this dilemma: When I’m riding on a multi-day trip where the weather may change, I’ll wear either my cute brown Red Wing lace-up boots or my aged brown Fry boots — neither of which are waterproof or purpose-built motorcycle boots — and stuff my saddlebags with one of the few no-heeled waterproof motorcycle boots I own, like the Harley-Davidson Hennies, to use if I find myself faced with a long day of wet riding. Yes, I have waterproof boot gaters that I cover my Red Wings or Fry boots with when it rains, but wouldn’t it be nice to have one stylish heeled boot that’s waterproof too, so you don’t have to think about stopping to cover them up or change boots when it starts to rain?
Well, I found the solution: the Lady Classic boot by TCX, made of full grain waterproof treated black leather.
review tcx ladies classic boot front shaft
The shaft length, which measures from the top of the heel to the top of the boot on the TCX Lady Classic, is 10.5 inches, so it reaches just below your knee.

review tcx ladies classic boot gusset
A gusset inside the zipper prevents water from seeping inside. The boot is well constructed, sturdy, and keeps the water out. I wear my rain pants over my boots but with non-waterproof boots, water still seeps in from the bottom of the zipper from the constant splashing up from the road. This did not happen with these boots.
review tcx ladies classic boot zipper
The full-length zipper, which runs along the inside of each boot, is covered by a flap of leather so it’s not exposed, preventing water from getting in. My feet stayed dry.
review tcx ladies classic boot comfort
The whole shaft of the boot is softly padded inside, which makes it so comfortable. The front has this accordion panel that provides flexibility and “give” when walking and riding in a sporty riding position, when the balls of your feet are on mid-placed footpegs that require you to bend your ankles. Without this feature, the Lady Classics might be a stiff boot.
review tcx ladies classic boot stretch panel
More comfort comes from this stretchy panel on the inside rear of the boot, which allows it to “give” when taking a step. The elastic panel also means a variety of calf sizes can fit in them. There is a leather panel behind the elastic on the inside that’s attached to the gusset to prevent water from soaking through the elastic to the inside here … in case you were wondering.

review tcx ladies classic boot sole
The rubber sole has grip areas to prevent sliding, but I could see where after a lot of use these grippers would wear down to flat. I love these boots so much — and I know they’ll last a long time — I’ll probably have them re-soled with a Vibram-type grippy sole.

review tcx ladies classic boot inside
Here’s the inside. You can see all the padding. Believe me, they didn’t chintz on the padding. The black upper area is breathable mesh. Note the rounded edge at the top of the boot as well. This means the edge doesn’t dig into your leg, and again, is comfortable to wear.
review tcx ladies classic boot leather
An important protective feature is that the heel and toe are reinforced. When I use my fingers to squeeze the boot there, the leather doesn’t give, providing very important protection should your feet get caught up in an accident.

The only features missing from this boot that are present in most purpose-built motorcycle boots are a reinforced shifter area on the top of the left boot, and a bit more armor. An extra piece of leather on the shifter toe area would take away from the fashion factor that these boots are trying to attain. And while there’s no formal armor, the sturdy padding and reinforcements in the toe and heel offer much more than a cowboy boot or other fashion-type boot with a heel that a lot of women like to wear while riding their motorcycles.

In my opinion, there’s a fine line between a women’s motorcycle boot being functional and practical, while being somewhat stylish. Most womens motorcycle boots don’t achieve that balance — meaning style is sacrificed for function.
The TCX Ladies Classic finds that balance: The 2.5-inch heel provides the height and leg-lengthening look many women want in classic black leather. The boot will only look better as it breaks in and natural wear creases take hold — all while providing many of the functional features serious women riders like me demand: waterproofing, a reinforced toe and heel, sturdiness, and comfort.
U.S. sizes range from 5 to 9.5 but the boots are listed in European sizes. I normally wear a 9, and it was suggested I get a 41. I told the TCX rep that I wear a 40 in my Dansko shoes so send me a 40. A 40 ended up being too tight so the rep’s initial suggestion of the 41 was right on. They fit me perfectly with a medium thickness sock. Price is $199.99. Visit to learn more and to order online.

Thanks to my friend Leigh Dicks for modeling these boots for me. Gotta love her rockstar nails!

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8 thoughts on Review: TCX Ladies Classic Motorcycle Boot

  1. Could you please send me a catalog of women’s boots?

  2. I normally wear 6.5 for any athletic shoes, but wear 6 for other shoes. Which should I base it on?Thanks!

    1. Base it on the 6.5 size. At least that’s what I did. Use the European sizing chart for size 6, then go up one size. You can always exchange if you have to.

  3. I bought a pair of these boots a couple of months ago after my old BMW boots gave up the ghost. I had added extra soles to the BMW boots such that they looked like Herman Munster’s shoes. The TCX boots took about a day to break in and I love them. It’s great having the extra height with boots that look decent and are waterproof.

  4. Size bummer… I wear a size 11 and the majority of women’s boots only go up to a size 10 so I am relegated to having to wear men’s boots. Wish there were more options in women’s styled boots for us ladies with bigger tootsies!

  5. These are great however please note the site says only a 2-1/4-inch heel. I wonder how long that sole will last? We don’t have options like you around here, no shoemakers left anymore these days. Who knows anything about resoling. It’s sad. Love that they are waterproof, but like you, would like the patch added to the toe for shifting. I have been saying this for years trying to get someone to make a boot similar to this, but no one, not even Red Wing or HD’s vendor would listen. They think every woman is 5 feet 10 inches tall. Thanks for the review.

    1. I did note in the first caption (perhaps you missed it) that the TCX website says the heel is 2.25 inches (same as 2-1/4 inches as you noted that here), but I measured it twice from bottom to where the heel meets the shoe, at the highest point, and it measured 2.5 inches (or 2 1/2 inches the way you wrote it). I wouldn’t let the sole deter anyone from buying these. These are a very sturdy riding boot that looks great. Thanks for your feedback.

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