READER MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: 2007 Honda Shadow Aero 750

By Marilyn Gazillo, Princeton Junction, New Jersey

Marilyn's height: 5 feet 7 inches
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Marilyn with her 2007 Honda Shadow Aero. The low seat height allows her feet to be flat on the ground.

The Honda Shadow was my dream bike from the day I set eyes on it at the International Motorcycle Show in New York City. I had considered other manufacturers and styles, and had been practicing on a Honda Rebel before taking the MSF course, but once I sat on the Aero I was convinced. Not only did it fit my body type like a glove (Im 5-foot-7 and 125 pounds), but I loved the retro look and the low center of gravity. So even though my fiancé has two Harleys, he assured me that I had chosen the right bike for my interests. I wanted a cruiser for longer travel, something I could keep and ride indefinitely.

The seat height is one of the lowest, which I really like, and the forward controls are great for someone with long legslike me. However, it is the handling of the bike that is amazing. When fully gassed up, it weighs approximately 600 pounds. The Aero is so forgiving and so well-balanced that I can take the slow moves and almost come to a full stop without any problems, especially in curves and turns. It holds the road wonderfully. On the open road, it rides smoothly with no vibration, and the suspension is great when going over road imperfections and speed bumps.

Marilyn with her bike before she added the custom accessories.

Though the bike is a cruiser and by no means a small bike, it is so agile and comfortable. The 750cc is plenty powerful, as this bike has a lot of spunk and speed for a cruiser. I just love this bike. It turned out to be a true dream bike.

I havent changed any of the stock parts, as everything was perfect for me. However, I did put on Cobra floorboards and Cobra engine guards. I added a fender rail (I dont intend to carry passengers, but maybe Ill put on saddlebags one day), a custom detachable windshield, a windshield bag and a Honda front-fender rail guard. I also found some chrome rose flower valve stem caps to add a feminine touch. I love the two-toned paint, which adds to the retro look. I cant rave enough about this bike. There isnt anything I dont like about it.

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5 thoughts on READER MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: 2007 Honda Shadow Aero 750

  1. Hi Marilyn,I’ve had my Aero 750 for three years. Other than the Cobra accessories, what else have you done to your ride? I’m looking at the Viking saddlebags and Kuryakyn sound system. I love old school music, Beatles, Earth Wind and Fire, Eagles, dancing music. Tiene bonito dia. (Have a great day.)

  2. I love this motorcycle! I just bought a new 09 Aero to celebrate my 50th birthday, and I've put 400 miles on it in two months. When I was shopping for a new bike, I sat on almost every motorcycle: they were either too tall, too heavy, too wide, or too noisy — I felt like I was in a “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” story. I was a little concerned about it only being a 750cc, but it easily gets up to speed on the freeway; it feels like there's a lot more power waiting in the wings. I put saddlebags on it so I can carry my purse, and a windshield, but that's it. I'm very glad I bought it. It's a keeper.

  3. My fiance' recently bought a 2007 Aero 750 with very low mileage. It is his first bike, he is short and just loves this bike. I've ridden it several times and although I don't prefer a cruiser style bike, once rolling along I find it very comfortable. I like the fact it sits so low. It also runs a lot cooler than my Triumph, which really heats up my legs. I'd definitely recommend the Aero for shorter ladies or new riders.

  4. I took the MSF course in October 08 and have been looking for a bike, and had looked at and sat on the Honda Shadow Aero 750 and loved the feel of it then. I'm glad to read the reviews from these two ladies. Now I have a little more confidence in knowing that there are at least two other women out there riding the same bike and love it.

  5. I have the same bike only it is an 05. I absolutely love it. It is my first bike and I haven't found anything I like better or that fits me better. I am 5 feet 4 inches with a short inseam. After getting my permit my husband said he would buy me a bike, so we went looking and the dealer suggested starting with this one.

    I ride it everywhere. It is so easy to handle, but big enough to make me feel safe on the highways. My husband has two Victorys but really thinks this a a great bike for me. We ride for hours at a time and the seat is just great. I have replaced several of the original parts because I love chrome. I added saddlebags so I have plenty of room to take things on our long rides.

    I get a lot of looks when we pull up somewhere and have had lot of compliments about the two tone paint and the retro look. I'm planning on having the tank customized with purple roses and butterflies. I think it will look great.

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