PRODUCT REVIEW: Harley-Davidson Sunglasses and Gloves

How they stack up for real-world riding

By Pamela Collins

Gloves and glasses. You can wear mens sizes, but why when Harley-Davidson offers styles and sizes just for women. Here are two of their latest offerings we tested.

Contributor Pamela Collins modeling both the Harley-Davidson Destination Women#39;s Full-Finger gloves, and the Cycle Diva sunglasses.

Destination Full-Finger Gloves
Becoming drenched when riding through downpours is bad enough, but taking off your gloves to find your hands semi-permanently imprinted with black dye that wont wash off adds insult to injury. Consider your black, wet paws a thing of the past with Harley-Davidson Motorclothes womens Destination Full-Finger Gloves.

These genuine leather gloves really keep your hands dry, thanks to an exclusive Gore-tex waterproof, breathable liner developed for Harley-Davidson.

I wore them in really hard downpours only to have my hands slide out of them nice and dry and not looking like prunes. The lining doesnt bunch up and slide out with my fingers either (as many waterproof gloves do), and my skin retained its normal flesh tone instead of various hues of black dye.

These comfortable wrist-length gloves have pre-curved fingers, amara cloth panels (a durable suede-like material) on the fingers and palms for grip, a zippered closure down the outside of the hand, and reflective strips for better visibility during cold, dark riding days. They also make nice windproof cool weather-riding gloves.

Destination Full-Finger womens gloves come in sizes extra-small to extra-large and retail for $75.

Cycle Diva Performance Eyewear
If youd like to add a little bling to your motorcycle ride, the Cycle Diva glasses could be just your ticket. These fashionable motorcycle sunglasses feature rhinestone trim on the frames just enough to add a bit of glam to your attitude.

A bit of feminine glitz catches the light at the temples of these Cycle Diva sunglasses.

But on the serious side, these black, glossy wrap sunglasses feature Italian craftsmanship, metal hinges, and smoke-colored lenses to provide the truest picture of actual light along with UV sun protection. While my sensitive peepers prefer goggle style glasses to keep protected from the air, the Cycle Diva glasses did an adequate job of protecting my eyes with little air creeping in. Theyre worth checking out to see if they fit your face. Theyre fun to wear and will definitely invite compliments.

Harley-Davidsons Cycle Diva Performance Eyewear with the smoked lenses retails for $75. Visit to find a dealer near you.

Pamela Collins is a regular contributor to WRN, as well as a freelance motorcycle journalist for Keystone Motorcycle Press and Roadbike magazine. She began riding 10 years ago and has a Honda 919 and Kawasaki ZZR 600 in her stable. Pam likes nothing better than taking off for a couple days on her bike to explore and learn about new places or to revisit old, favorite ones. She divides her time between Pennsylvania, Florida and New York and especially enjoys riding the scenic country roads around her Pennsylvania home and in the Finger Lakes Region of New York.

1 thought on PRODUCT REVIEW: Harley-Davidson Sunglasses and Gloves

  1. I bought these glasses but in the transitional lens. They are the greatest pair of glasses I have ever invested in. I don't have to carry two pairs of glasses, dark for the day, clear for the night, then end up scratching one or both pairs. I'm one of those folks who get a new pair every season because they end up getting scratched.

    There is a small bit of air that gets around the frames, but they fit well, nothing like goggles, though. The frame design is very appealing. I just love them. For the money, I would go for the transitional lens and not have the worry of changing glasses when dusk arrives. What I spent on these was well worth it in the end.

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