PHOTO GALLERY: Femmoto 2008

The best and biggest yet

Photos by Andrea Wilson

On October 3-5, 2008, Femmoto, an all womens demo day on the track, took place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the seventh time. This is the first year all the major manufacturers were represented, as well as some of the smaller ones like Kymco and Triumph. Men were also allowed on the track this year just on Friday to test ride the bikes, and demo rides on the street were available to all riders on some of the models. This is one the biggest outreach events in the motorcycle industry for women riders designed to give them a chance to test ride the new bikes on the controlled environment of a track without the presence of men.

Below is our story in pictures. Click on the images to make them larger.

Femmoto founders, Bonnie Strawser (in yellow) and Monte Lutz (to her right) address the Femmoto participants on the first day of the event.
Getting ready to test ride an Aprilia. The Italian manufacturer has been supporting Femmoto by bringing demo bikes to the event since the beginning.
These are the rider coaches, women who ride on the track with the participants making sure track rules are observed and critiquing riders when necessary. Femmoto founder, Bonnie Strawser, is in the back row fourth from the left.
Riders wait their turn to get on the track. Groups are broken up by skill levels: novice and intermediate.
Test riding a Ducati Monster. Track rules require headlights and turn signals get taped so that should they break in an accident, glass and plastic does not shatter all over the track. Blue tape is used as it removes easily without leaving a sticky film.
Riders are required to wear riding pants, a jacket, boots, gloves and full face helmet on the track.
Femmoto founder, Bonnie Strawser (center), has become a bit of a celebrity at Femmoto with women vying for her attention during the entire event.
Robert Pandya, publicist and marketer, has been promoting Femmoto since the beginning. He was responsible for bringing Aprilia to the first Femmoto when he worked there. Here he directs a rider to the starting area.
Yamaha brought out its line of Star motorcycles for riders to test. The Raider is in the foreground.
A rider in her G Line “Bonnie” outfit.
Hey… theres the rider in the Bonnie suit. Wonder how her ride went?
One of the more popular one-piece riding suits is Spidis black and white Lizard shown here and reviewed on WRN. Just do a search for the story in our archives.
Rainbow of colors we like this shot because of the variety of motorcycle colors in this shot.
The beauty of Femmoto is that the women get the company representatives all to themselves to learn and ask as many questions as they want about the motorcycles.
When the motorcycles are not being ridden, theyre lined up and available for riders to sit on and get a feel for the size.
Harley-Davidson was offering lessons on how to pick up a downed motorcycle.
This woman seems to have figured out the technique.
Way to go! Another successful lift. Be sure to visit WRNs Feature Articles link for a story and video on “How to Lift a Downed Bike.”
Rider coaches wear a pink vest and lead a riding group onto the track for the start of their session usually lasting about 15 minutes.
Rider coaches tend to be very good riders. This woman demonstrates proper cornering technique.
Scooters were also available to test ride on the track. Here a woman is checking out a Suzuki Burgman.
Only at Femmoto will you see such a wide variety of motorcycles brands and models on the track at any one time.
A rider tests the Kymco Xciting scooter on the track.
Riders can even test their skills on a super motard bike on the track at Femmoto. This rider has the technique mastered putting one foot down to glide herself through the turn.


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